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June 11th - 12th from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


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John K. Coyle takes his innovation expertise, leveraged by dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and attacks some of life's larger questions. Step by step, John applies creative destruction to our standard operating procedures and assumptions about strengths and weaknesses, stress and resiliency, and time and "chronoception" (how humans experience time). The program includes science-backed data, real life stories, introspective self-analysis, and personal roadmap planning and development. In these sessions we will leverage design thinking to re-frame 3 questions to achieve a fully self-actualized life.

  • Instead of "How do I fix my weaknesses," ask "How do I design for my unique strengths?" (hacking flow)
  • Instead of "How do I reduce my stress to perform better," ask "How do I perform even better under greater stress (and learn to like it)?" (hacking the limbic system)
  • Instead of "How do I achieve more years in my life," ask "How to achieve more life in my years?" (hacking chronoception)



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