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James Altucher

James Altucher is a successful entrepreneur, chess master, best-seller writer and host of three high ranking podcasts. He's started and sold many businesses, and has been involved in advising over 40 companies, several of which sold for large exits. James has also been inspiring people in person through hundreds of events around the world, through his books, and through weekly Q&A Twitter sessions, speaking on topics including: jobs, wealth, stress, fear, anxiety, business, love, money and relationships. His writing has appeared in major national media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Observer, Tech Crunch, and Thought Catalog.

His incredibly candid blog, The Altucher Confidential, has attracted more than 25 million readers since its launch . He is the author of 17 books, including WSJ and USA Today best-sellers: The Power of No and the motivational self published WSJ bestseller: Choose Yourself. James hosts podcasts "the James Altucher Show",  and "Question of the Day" together with NY Times Best-Seller co-author of the internationally celebrated book Freakonomics: Stephen J. Dubner.

Join James at or on Twitter @Jaltucher or you can text him a question on his personal cell phone number: 203-512-2161.