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Neill Barham

Founder and CEO of Cinegenix, LLC the global leaders in mobile video technology. Our flagship product, FiLMiC Pro is the 2x iOS Video Camera App of the Year (Tuaw and Best App Ever Awards) and recently has been featured in Apple's recent "Your Verse" iPad Air campaign. 

Self funded entrepreneur, who grew Cinegenix and FiLMiC Pro from preliminary concept to 1 million+ users in 148 countries around the world. Now we are partnering with some of the most interesting companies in the photo/video/audio/journalism/cloud creative collaborative space. 

Primarily interested in changing the dynamics of content creation to a broad, democratic, universally accessible paradigm. Passionately committed to empowering more and more digital storytellers every day. Circom, a consortium of 182 EU news organizations has been training its staff on mobile journalism and FiLMiC Pro for the past 3 years. 

Recently, Bentley Motors used FiLMiC Pro as part of their web based "Intelligent Details" campaign and scored a viral hit with over 800,00 views. Contact us to find out what FiLMiC Pro can do for your business or organization.