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Nino Batista

Nino was exposed to photography through his father, a professional photographer.   He assisted him in his portraiture work but eventually became a professional graphics designer, video producer, musician and photo retoucher.

Based in Houston, Texas, Nino works and teaches all over the United States, and is expanding to an international audience. His classes include glamour photography lighting, shooting and retouching.  He has continually worked to create glamour images that transcend the all-too-common stereotypes while keeping a distinct business focus. He also is known for his exotic automobile photography.

He is a Senior Writer at Fstoppers, and also produces a weekly web series about photography, video, modeling, travel and gear ("The Backyard Show") and a related podcast  ("The Backyard Podcast") and

Nino is a single father of three amazing children and manages to balance shooting, teaching and parenting.

Connect with Nino online: Website | Facebook | TwitterThe Backyard Show | The Backyard Podcast | Fstoppers | YouTube