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Rachel Stephens

Rachel Stephens is one of the premiere Boudoir Photographers in the United States. Her life's been the stuff of good novels and shows like a masterpiece by Van Gogh; vibrant, soulful, truthful and bursting with color. A survivor of domestic violence who taught herself the craft while struggling as a single mother AND working full-time, Rachel specializes in making a connection with each client, capturing them with an honesty that lays bare the beauty in every woman.

Sought after for her camera work and revered among her peers for her Photoshop skills, she's been nicknamed The Queen of Skin. She was featured in a recent issue of Self Magazine. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Rachel Stephens finds herself in high demand, shooting upwards of 500 private boudoir sessions a year. Still, she finds time to organize a Breast Cancer Survivor Program connected to her photography. Husband Seán O'Riordan, stepped in as her business manager in 2009. He brings skills in media relations, public communications and marketing - specifically Facebook marketing expertise - to the team.

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