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Tobi Shinobi

Tobi “Tobi Shinobi” Shonibare is an award winning international multifaceted photographer and videographer based between London and Chicago. His work extends from high profile events, product photography, architecture, interviews. Best known for his work on social media, he has an excess of 190,000 combined followers. On these online platforms, he mainly displays his specialization in finding beauty in often gritty urban landscapes. His distinctive focus on detail, perspective, geometry, and symmetry allows for appreciation for architecture. His passion to push creative boundaries has led to many world renowned collaborations with Audi, Adobe, Sony and recently Samsung. Tobi is a Sony Global Imaging Ambassador, an Adobe Lightroom Ambassador and a Senior Content Creator in an award-winning, fully integrated, creative agency. There, Tobi provides social strategies for an array of digital content from video to photos for brands. His love for creating and storytelling has led to his starring in an award winning documentary, “I Take Photos”.