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Drawing Basics Series

I have been drawing for years, but didn't realize the relationship of the shapes I have been looking at. Amy teaches fundamentals in an easy to visualize, non-judgemental manner. She sets up a framework of skills that build to each more complex concept and gives real world application. Loved it!

— Ariana Graf


Color Fundamentals

I had previously learned basic color theory, but this instructor took my knowledge beyond with layered instruction about value-contrast-complements-hierarchy, etc., and she does it in such a fun way with her own examples of work and great stories! I like her poise and confidence and think this series is a terrific value.

— Robin B.


Illustrating Characters and the Stories They Tell

Such a great class! MJ is really inspiring and encouraging. I've never known how to approach drawing characters, but now I feel much more capable... hoping to one day write and draw my own children's book!

— Aimee Nicola


Drawing the Everyday Every Day

As a graphic designer who also dislikes drawing, I found Kate's class very enlightening. Sure, she doesn't show you how to draw, that's up to you, but she gives you a very broad spectrum of themes you can use to start drawing. It doesn't matter if your doodles or drawings look childish or perfect, the idea is to let go of what drawing is ""supposed"" to look like and just start.

— catandraven


Drawing Hacks in Illustrator CC

I'm really sad I didn't learn this stuff in the degree program at school I paid $30,000 for, but grateful to be learning it now. Thank you!

— a CreativeLive Student