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Want to meet award-winning leaders face-to-face?

Seats are limited. Apply for your spot today! As part of our live audience, you’ll get an exclusive all-access pass to meet the world’s top experts in person and take part in a dynamic learning experience. Breaking away from your everyday routine will give you the space and time to focus on your personal growth and dreams, and you’ll be in good company! A vibrant community of students, professionals, career-pivoters, and life-learners committed to the hustle are eager to meet you, too. Don’t miss out.

People look after you and make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. And you get connected to this great community that you wouldn’t otherwise have.”

-Zoe Litaker,
CreativeLive student

Behind the scenes of a live course taught by Sue Bryce.

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You’re in for a treat or two, or three...

  • FREE. Yes, you read that right. :)
  • Face-to-face interaction with our world-class instructors.
    Ask questions in real time!
  • High fives. Fist bumps. Make new friends and walk out with networking opportunities in hand.
  • Come hungry! Breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages are all on us. Oh, and hang with us at the wrap party, too.
  • Want to rewatch a segment? Take the class with you! For your participation, we’ll send you home with forever access to the class you participate in – FREE of charge.

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who are we looking for?

We welcome students from all backgrounds to join us in our Seattle studio or on location. Ideally, you’re committed to learning new skills, passionate about accomplishing your goals, and game to step outside of your comfort zone. (Don’t worry! No formal exams here.) Some of our past students have included: full-time designers, photography hobbyists, and small business owners.

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Got questions? We thought so.

Does CreativeLive cover travel?

You are responsible for travel expenses to and from our studio in Seattle or to our live recording location. (We’re happy to be your excuse to travel! There’s so much to see in Seattle and explore in each city.) And don’t forget, you can expect breakfast, lunch, snacks, and more snacks. We’ve been hitting the road more and more—New York, Las Vegas, Sacramento. Keep an eye out. We may be coming to your town next!

What is the time commitment?

Class typically starts at 8 AM and wraps at 4 PM Pacific Time. Occasionally, we offer classes and special events that run outside of those times.

How do I know if I’ve been chosen?

We’ll inbox you with all the details. (Our production team, to be exact, will send you an email closer to the date of the class.)

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