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Using Vignettes

Lesson 8 from: 10 Tools Every Beginner Needs in Photoshop

Colin Smith

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Lesson Info

8. Using Vignettes

Lesson Info

Using Vignettes

Okay, so we want to do some vignettes. These air, both Durham pictures again. I get a lot of drug, which I do shoot other pictures, by the way. But this is my flavor of the month right now, so I'm gonna show you how to get rid of my watermark. Now, I'm not, um there's two ways of getting rid of vignettes We're going to get rid of, get rid of venues, adding vineyards, you know, vignettes like another one of those things. Like textures. It makes things look artistic. And what it does is it darkens around the edges and draws the eye into the most important part of the photo, which in this case, is the boat in the water, you know. So camera, Roy, I love camera roots. Great switches filter, and we choose the camera raw filter. And there's the camera. Raw filter right there. Awesome. So there's an awesome tool in here. It's called the post crop vignette. And if we go to that's under the effects and I just pull it down and we can do it very simple. So let me show you what it does. It's easy t...

o see if I take the feather and I take the feather down. You can see what it's doing. You know, people do this in weddings, you know they do it. Nine. A feather in this, like, so dreamy. Um, so we can get this way we get dark and my life Oh, man, that looks cool. All right, so same way. So you can play around. Let me take a feather there you can see what it does. So the midpoint just basically changes the size of it. It's like a James Bond movie. Did it as ago. Um, he wanted about the new unity and in a guess, wrong and in James Bond appears. Or it's the end of, like a movie, you know, like one of the sub b movies. But anyway, so that changes that the rounds changes the shape the midpoint changes the size. It's only does, and any amount changes that lightness or the darkness. But when you get the feather turned up, it's not necessarily so obvious what these do. So what you do is you want to darken it down, just kind of moving around, and it just kind of ads, you know, little ads or something to the picture, right? You had that you got before you got after. It's artistic. All right, So we're gonna move on, and we're gonna grab another one. So what if you for some reason I don't know why you wouldn't? You don't want to do it in camera. Maybe you were working on sort of ship. See if six or nearly every is in a fetter shop or you're just your camera was broken. Or you You just decided you don't want to do it in camera, Roy. You want to do it by hand? Here's another way to do it. We can create a new layer using the adjustment layer. We're gonna grab a solid color. Sit at the Black Sea that tell a picker Solid color black click. OK, sweet. What did I tell you? Better adjustment layer earlier. No destructive. And comes equipped with its own layer mask. All right, so we can use that to our advantage. So let's choose the lamb us. We're gonna click it, drag around here, and I am gonna go there and fill it with black. So that's option backspace, and I'm just gonna do it. So now we've got a frame if you want. You know, a nice little frame. That's great. If you want to turn it into a vignette and all we need to do is go to the on the window. We go down to the they turned around the tough gun. What is called, um, options thing? Um, I'm looking right at it, and I can't see it. It is the options where you options. I'm serious. Sorry, guys. Properties, Thank you. All right, So probably spent the reason I couldn't find it is because in the old days, until just like very, very recently he would double click on their toe, open up the properties panel. But now it launches the selective mass workspace. So I used to always just double click. All right, so here we are. So what do we do? We can change the feather so we can feather that mosque. Look at that. And now we can just do that to creative. And yet, And if you wanted a different shape, you would just cut out a circle. And if you want to change the opacity, you can change capacity. So that's how you can do it directly within Feder shop

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Rakhim R

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