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4-Hour Body Introduction


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4-Hour Body Introduction

There are many reasons I did it for our body the first was I have actually a lot more experience with physical stuff then with before our work week stuff no record almost every workout since age sixteen I still have all of them you notebook two notebooks just like eight eight feet of notebooks and the second piece just for people who are thinking about whether it's branding building a career what have yu was so that I wouldn't be the four hour workweek guy forever although that might not work you know we'll see if that works but I don't want to talk about like auto responders for this my life because I'd want to so uh this was a good opportunity to test the waters and see like, will people follow me for the way I deconstruct skills? Will people follow you for the storytelling takeaways as opposed to just for the work stuff and it worked so the for our body is uh guess right off the bat and even now in some cases selling at four, five times your first book, which people don't realize uh...

but we have I believe few examples case studies that I would love to highlight wait, we have amanda before and after, uh which is awesome, so no, no it's great it's great, so maybe maybe you could just explain to me sort of the changes that you saw before and after what were some of the changes you always stand up way? Well, that was, like two thousand ten it was thanksgiving two thousand ten, just like my youngest was, like a year old and just normal mommy stuff, you know, did not make any time to work out, um cooked like big, fantastic meals, but not, you know, necessarily healthiest stuff, and it was sort of a process, you know, I got the book for christmas, and like I read, I read constantly, and I just, like, I think I read it like, like, twenty four hours just read the whole thing loved all of it, and I liked it because it gave me really specific, weird kind of things to try, like, okay, I'll go buy some ice packs that sounds cool, and I'll get a like, okay, I can scramble eggs, like, so like, the things, the ideas that were in there, it was just a couple of simple behavior changes that as I started doing that, it sort of just built upon itself, and then I started, I start doing yoga and yoga for me was the key because it helped me be more mindful about, like, the food choices I was making so already had the tools. And so it took me maybe like, a year to really get all the weight often announcement like a year and now I think it was like forty pounds from that. Now congratulations. Thank you, it's. Awesome. So, uh, we'll get to some of the steps like the simple stuff and explain what some of those takeaways are because it's really, really straightforward. Uh, and we'll jump to another case there in a second. But what I think is important for people understand is that in many, many businesses, whether it's like fitness magazines, fashion magazines, whatever not everybody but a lot of people follow a model that is complicate to profit. If something's really simple, you put yourself out of business, some things really complicated, you can keep people coming, and so my counter to that would be there is always simplicity in the chaos that you can find elegant solutions, so we'll get to a couple of those in just a minute. Uh, sergio, those were good. Same angle before and afters make you so happy. So how much weight did you end up losing? Currently lost two hundred twenty and still going it's awesome way we've never met before, right? You haven't met before, no, okay, uh, could you tell us a little bit about, uh so what the trigger was and I talk about this in the foreign body is that like the hard juco moment like coming to jesus moment where you finally reached the point where or you manufacture that experience so that you take the necessary steps? But how did you get started? It's money just quick side comment on the hard juca movement you know, I've had friends obviously coming to me afterwards wanted to see how they did it or how I did and how they could do it and for some of them they only wanted to lose like ten, twenty pounds and in some ways I told them in some ways it's harder for you because I had a very profound hard yuka moment and for me and I'd struggled with wait revel life and and strangely my test every three or four months and the doctors are always baffled they'd say how can you be this overweight and have great cholesterol great sugar, great liver function that's weird toe but what happened was I started having a compound ing health issues with my sleep apnea was severe. I would have a waking event every every minute I slept and mice by uh my blood oxygen would drop below thirty percent at some points in my sleep and so the doctor said if you keep doing this, you will die and even then that wasn't enough I had a back issue which I went through physical therapy and one of having the surgery and then even then that wasn't enough what really came the moment was when my slim's my same sleep therapist told me you might want to talk to bariatric surgeon for a console and that was a psychological eagle thing that said, you know, I've always prided myself on being immensely tough bastard on how did I get here now where someone's telling me you're going to have to have a surgical or solution to this? And I said no way your book was actually on my shelf for a while a very good friend of mine gave it to me a year before when she said you really need to read that book and it changed my life awesome to have you here I'd probably I had actually seen I had come across your stuff before and I'd seen photographs and what not and I'm not sure if we have do we have any of your before way have some showing tell way have some show and they were going to jump into some really highly prescriptive stuff in just a minute like the shirt by the way, that is great I hadn't seen that in just a minute ago, phil so these air two jackets that I used to wear okay, my original suit size was a fifty four regular you can see wow, I could for this you know myself that but not only that when I guarantee you tim could fit in this coat way off that is uh congratulations. Thank you. Well done that's so awesome. All right, so, uh those are two examples on I like to point out these types of examples because there have been hundreds of people not just one or two who've lost hundred plus pounds and I've never had any contact with them all right? So trainers can be helpful but ultimately the decisions you have to make our yours and to get started it's it's helpful to have a few very simple starting points ideally one behavior that you change so typically, for instance, my dad had to lose ninety plus pounds. I didn't start him off with like going to the gym four times a week changing all your mail's wet center because too many behaviors just like when people try to learn how to cook like I mentioned earlier like grocery shopping prep cooking cleanup loser for five new behaviours you're going to fail if you try to do all that it wants doesn't work with my dad it was thirty grams of protein within thirty minutes waking up look, I know you're not going to change your breakfast I know you're not gonna change your lunch so instead like not ideal that I'm gonna have you have like a mile plex just ready to drink in the fridge one thing when you first wake up that's it and that's looking from the five pounds of fat loss too seventeen point eight five in the first month and then pretty much lost all the weight really took off the last twenty with exercise so this low carb diet is really the the first prescription that I have for people so whether you want to feel better look better have better blood profile I have seen many people this is not medical advice just a statement of fact who have been able to reduce their insulin dosage is by seventy eighty ninety percent in some cases get off of insulin by fixing their diet if you want to lose fat diet is a ninety five plus percent of it alright so slow carb diet is really simple because complex fails all right so you see you start with the big white screen um and then you get to rule number one avoid white carbohydrates all right so all of these rules apply six days a week come back to that white stuff if it's white or can be white bread pasta rice yes sorry don't care if you're asian don't give me that excuse so people are like it's my culture like no you just are I don't want to change so you can make do without it and super easy uh no white carbohydrates there are a handful of examples like collie flower vegetable find like no milk, no white stuff remember to eat the same few meals regularly. So this is another one that kicks up a lot of resistance. People are like, oh, that sounds so boring oh, my god, I could never do that. What about the variety of like, what have you had for breakfast for the last week? Every day tell me like nine times out of ten it's the same thing every morning, maybe two things, but I'm asking to do the same thing. You just finding new default meals really easy and after four, four, five, five or six sessions I five or six days you don't think about it just like nicki plus all right, so the way that you would combine those meals is let's say proteins, legumes, veggies uh, the leg ian's way could we get into this but it beans or lentils, etcetera? All right. The reason this is important for most people is that when you see diet failures with let's, say low carb diets, people go from like a baked potato five hundred to four hundred calories, big rib eye steak, big something else with but like mac and cheese like eight hundred calorie meal and then they go to like a fillet of salmon plus leafy greens and the one hundred fifty killers so of course they're hungry and miserable you cannot be hungry and miserable or won't work and an easy way to get around that is by using legumes so beans lentils do you have to have them every meal no uh and there there is wiggle room but speaking very broadly proteins fatty is fine just get a good source legans veggies each meal mexican makes it really easy mexican food just get rid of the rice and the tortillas thai food makes it really easy do you have any like go to meals that you used yeah time mexican so people like what time travelling come on like there's a mexican place or thai place every airport every town easy super super easy and is for us like cost goes you like what I have to say about like the rice and it's an extra three bucks I'm like I really, really like that is you're like six pack tax or like not dying ten years earlier attacks like spend the extra two bucks if you have to sub it out all right don't drink calories no fruit juice, no milk just like tea water the allowance that I make is but one or two glasses of red wine tonight and there are some examples of dryer winds lower residual sugar content uh than others but we may go into that later so don't drink calories again six days a week dhoni fruit were to kind of touched upon this uh your ancestors did not eat florida oranges in december and they survived just fine self its fruit is not something you need everyday. Secondly, fruit has been engineered and bread so that it has five to ten times a sugar content and did fifty two hundred years ago. And fructose glycerol phosphate body fat I need to know is who eat a lot of fruit, especially fruit juice you're going to stall out or really inhibit your fat loss, but the good news is take one day off per week. All right, so this is cheat day, which has become somewhat infamous and famous. Some people call it dieter's gone wild day. Some people call it fatter day because I recommend scheduling it on saturday and you can go nuts you khun go, you can eat in a bear claws until they come out your eyeballs fine with me on like I like chocolate croissants I like pizza like all this stuff saturday. Great! And if you're if you're if you need something to keep you going through the week that proceeding your cheat day right from sunday to friday night keep a list this is something a lot of people do is they'll have like a little notebook and everything he's like, oh, I just want to eat pizza with wild nettles and egg on top chocolate bar okay till saturday just have to wait six days I'm not giving this stuff up for the rest of my life chocolate barbeau and this is sustainable been doing this for eight to ten years myself there people have been doing it since the book came out if you really want to lose whether it's the last ten pounds for the first hundred pounds this is it need not be complicated uh and that is it we have we have a guest coming out very shortly but I want to see if they're any questions related to this whether it's the audience from the interwebs hi, my name is maura and my question is I don't eat sugar yeah, but I love fruit and I see all the stuff that says eat more fruits and veggies so theater stuff very doable the fruit um yeah, so what I would say is if you love fruit, I'm absolutely for veggies, so I have a high vegetable eat more vegetables and those vegetarians I do it's just the fact of the matter, but uh if you can't do the fruit can't do the fruit I mean, like kitt, give it up well to me it's about like, if you're going to be preparing for a bodybuilding competition, you're trying to get down to five percent body fat sorry, no fruit. If you're just trying to lose a little bit of extra stuff down here, then you can keep the fruit. All I'm gonna say is it'll be suboptimal, but if it'll be sub optimal results for fat loss, uh, and also for certain blood markers, I won't get into it, but there are a lot of things in the world the nutrition that are repeated so much that they're accepted this fact, but there is a consensus does not mean true, and I'm part of a nonprofit called new c, which is first really independently funded group of scientists and researchers were tackling a lot of big questions because, like, food pyramid, etcetera, etcetera does not have any basis in inhuman biology, our evolutionary biology uh, so yeah, I would say, like for keep the fruit if if I were being militant now trying to get you to have the highest per week or per month fat loss that I would minimize it one day a week, you know, eat blueberries until you take a power nap, you know, like really fun, but absolutely huh six pack and like a, you know, a barrel full of strawberries, whatever obviously don't eat yourself to death, but that would make me really unhappy, but yeah, you get nuts

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