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Basketball (special guest: Rick Torbett)

I have always been extremely insecure about basketball and I may be too nervous now but I did make a few shots beforehand and watch the video trailer I also make a shot in there but the point being I had a junior high p coach at one point tommy is that you dribble like a caveman you should go back to wrestling and I did and I just quit when I was like I've got no vertical I can't shoot airballs embarrassing I'm not gonna do it and then in front of my navy who was one of the co creators adventure hacks also angel list told me about better best call another time I was yeah basketball uh thanks but no thanks and I came back to only for the for our shop so I asked myself, what am I most afraid of? They're swimming, which I was terrified of for so long tackled that then there's basketball so for the first time in my life is actually able to make some foul shots and even some three pointers and we had no in person coaching at all it was from a system that you've laid out so I would love for ...

you to talk about just a little bit and then we'll jump right into the how to but just the origin of the system and some of the results you've had would be great so great well um by the way thanks. What an honor to be here. Okay? Last session my next video is gonna be better baking maybe better barbecue jets in brazilian todo that was actually, uh I'm gonna need two days just to download the ideas from this it's great what an honor to be here. Uh, this story when I was when I was coaching, uh in the offseason mainly uh, parents came to me with their kids and asked me to train him and the first mistake I made is, uh, you know, success can breed a myth, right? So I was a good shooter. I thought I'll taste them shoot the way I shoot, right? No, it doesn't it doesn't work, we're all made a little differently. So the system that I got really result of about about fifteen years of a lot of private train and just looking for common principles, what works? What doesn't science behind it in that time? And I mean, you've worked with a lot of individuals, a lot of different teams to improve their their scoring percentages you've also had some pros come in, demonstrate in your videos as well. Oh yeah and what's what's wonderful to see is that there? You can always still improve remember one thing you told me about your negative motion when even pros would do that and we'll get to it but using your legs to propel the ball not your arm right in your arms toe to really refine the accuracy so let's let's what out suggest maybe it's just focusing on a basic foul shot okay or free throw but what I would like to talk about it's just how you what what's the progression would you start someone because we'll get to it but the eye dominance blew me away so maybe you just walk us through like the basic form position, the progression that you recognize actually the secret their progression is the word and you're right I wouldn't start the free throw line I wouldn't start the three point line I'd start right about here one that okay, so the and I'm going to hit on several component parts of a shot and then I'll come back we'll put them all together I'll bounce around between him okay? But the first thing we've got to do is get a grip get a grip on the ball okay? And the best way to start this is to set it in the waiter's position like you're a waiter in a restaurant and I liked what you said that ninety degree angles are your friends, right? I like that uh nine degree there nine degree there so this is parallel to the ground this is a particle to the ground, okay I'm headed toward my stroke because I don't care what you do with the rest of your body great shooters all great shooters they may have the difference in timing and their feet and but they all have a great stroke from right here to the finish they have a great stroke and that's only gonna come with repetition I'll get to it in just a moment but the beginning of this is to set it here now what do you do with this and I don't like calling but we can't because it does a lot of things okay but it basically goes up on the side sounds like it on the side okay, so my fingers a point if I didn't have a ball these are pointing to the ceiling okay uh my time's point toward my eye okay when I'm sitting in the wider position but from right here all I wanna do is bring this down and don't violate the right angles that I formed so this is my set position this is where the shot begins in front of my numbers on my jersey okay uh now back to this we can do is guide hand this is really a pickup on hold hand and in order for me to keep this wrist set which is important when it comes to negative emotion I've got to be ableto pitch the ball a little bit and push the ball back against this hand to keep it set so it's actually, these two fingers or three fingers form a little bit of a pinch here they pushed the ball this way so it may look like my hands on the side and it is okay, but these fingers were providing a force that keeps it keeps the ball cocked and set. Okay, I won't say you're great just shows how I'll explain this is a really important point and so I have broken and damaged both wrists really badly, so that is about as much rage emotions I'm glad you said that, but what really is not that yet? But what really what really struck me is that if your hand isn't back, it can't go forward, right s o I was shooting very much like this, then I couldn't get the proper stroke alright and so it just taking it back even a few degrees was really helpful for me that's pretty good that's that is good like thank zio, but I want to go back so far just go back that for and but all that you continue with the state team to take something that I here for so long it actually feel like it's, right comparable place those shots just before we started all it's between you and a great shots repetition now because you've got uh, you know, and if you are going to take a journey it's important to plan ahead of time, ok, if you want to go as far as you want to go. So, um, this show it's not a shot for a horse or for target shooting? I've got I'm trying to establish a base from which I can take any shot him again, which is usually on the move. Okay, it's got to be quick, it's got to be, um uh instinctive. Okay, so this foundation part is extremely important if you want to go further into the game. All right, so that's my grip, right? This is my grip now toe work on the stroke. We can actually take this hand off because we're not moving, okay? And we can waken get to the edge of a backboard or we can I'll show you my two favorite guys to get to the edge of a backboard here and just work on this stroke. Okay, now I'm going to have a relaxed full extension with more relaxed, not super flex but relaxed full extension like this. I don't want a broken arm like this to finish. Okay? And the reason for this is if you ran the game while we take this back spin for granted you know, when you're throwing a baseball, you're not putting a backspin on when you're throwing a knife it's got top spin on it, you know when but a basketball thing about this I'm sending the basketball in this direction and yet the spin is backwards that's that's when you're starting out with the kid that's uh that's strange to them so we're going to actually stroke the ball like this and when I stroke it, these two fingers basically keep the ball from falling side the side it's three thes three that wind up stroking given forward motion in a little bit of backspin my next favorite is just to get here uh in arm's distance away, sit this in the white house position and just go over the front of the room okay and just get used to just get used to that stroke and in my mind what I'm saying right now is just over the front of the round I don't want to get any room I just want to go over the front of the room that's a miss for me, okay? For me to touch the room should be a miss okay? And I used to drive my mom and dad crazy because I'd lay on the floor on my back at home and practice this stroke which if my back was on the floor I'd be pushing this way right so I'm pushing the ball up to the ceiling and just I just want to nick the ceiling you know and I did you know, we got marks over our city will love that box the lamp that's why I developed the shooter stroke you know, you could get a lot of reps that way um the uh and I'm gonna come back to this but uh we can't shoot with just one hand in the game because you've gotta be able to pick this up and guide it while you're on the move right? But, uh there's something that most shooters do with this god hand that if they made this simple correction that's either person just go up and it's this I'm going to shoot two you okay? I'm gonna let it bounce once between us ok, so you're the girl, right? So when I take this shot, both of my arms are extended you see this I don't drop it like this I don't drop it like this okay? I don't bear my oboe out or anything like this both arms heir extended and the reason for that there's two very good reasons for it one I want is I want to frame the go on my finish okay, so all my finish that just stay right here if your head was the girl actually won't let me just move in here like this I want to frame his frame this is on the top of the window frame. This is on the side of the window frame now there goes a little higher, but this is where I want to frame to go from wherever I'm shooting. I want to catch just like I'm catching your face between the goalpost here. I want to catch the room between my forms here. This is going to be on top. This is going to be on the side, okay? And the ball is going to go where your hands finish if I was shooting to the studio audience here and I do this kind of stuff, right? How can I expect the ball to go there? Right. The ball will go where your hands finish. So we used the gold to catch between our wrist and the top of our window frame should never be below that little white square it's. Probably gonna be a tte, the top of the backboard pointing down into the go. Okay, so I think, uh, the success of this progression I have is rooted, in fact, that I'm not gonna judge success for awhile. Made shots that takes too long. Okay, I made shot is gonna be the result of shooting the ball correctly, so I actually stay away from the goal for a long time. All right could I jump in here please? So this is something that really helped me a lot and I wantto wantto just explain some of the parents she was talking about knife skills and and no stakes practice where you're not racing to prepare something for a meal you're actually just cutting salaries and say it let us knife that breakthrough for me was not going to a crowded jim or I'm shooting on a basket feeling embarrassed every time I miss but actually going to a wall and finding a line and just trying to hit that line or standing at a line which is an exercise from you and shooting to have it hit the line bounce off and come back to me and the concept of left right deviations being miss but forward or backward deviations being make a long as your yes aiming in the proper direction was a huge breakthrough for me that allowed me to practice and really add the repetitions in a kiss not not to interrupt but that was a huge breakthrough for me well psychologically and we're going to come back and touch on that because uh what he's alluding to is this look if I miss shorter long the ball still has a chance to go in that's just a function of repetition okay it just takes time okay and I must give you some um uh good good exercise is there for a distance? Okay but if you miss left and right you got no chance and missing left and right is a function of bad mechanics and the first if I could just leave you with one of two big things the one thing would be framed ago and keep this arm up while we're here with with the frame uh if I drop this storm watch this I'm square to you correct to the studio on its right so if I drop this arm I have a tendency to talk because I'm shooting with this this shoulder leads and it turns my body actually my feet land pointing here not at you this throws the ball that way so if I miss and just if you're a geek like me and you record games and look for this stuff you're gonna find that when people miss that right hander misses to the left mother go you can rewind and look and you'll see their body talking and turning and the way you can stop that is keep this arm right up here with this hand now I can't talk I can't it takes some of that torque off okay uh clue is if you see yourself following through like this you see how I'm waving over here not to go the reason you're doing that is intuitively your body knows wait a minute I've got a vector that sinning above that way because of my torque I've got I've got a correct it this way and hope to some sends it down the middle that's not a very uh uh consistent way to shoot so that's a clue that you could just tell the person or tell yourself hey, I got a frame and whole and keep both up and stop myself from twisting and talking and one of one of my favorite principles that you introduced me to shot line yeah, I never thought of it before on and s o I want to correct me where I'm s sure, but just envisioning a vertical line that the ball never deviates from it when you're going to take this shot okay? But a lot of coaches is where the deconstruction comes in teach this incorrectly and so they peg it I guess what the inside of the right foot if your right hand on the shoulder and lead the opposite and what I noticed was always missing shots like whether you miss a shot by that far that far if it bounces off at least in my mind like a failure failure, right? And so what I would love you teach these guys is that my dominance test? Because this blew my mind I'm right handed, you know, shoot right handed if I'm doing marksmanship right billiards right hand okay, fine, but I was always missing the shots until I made eight literally one inch correction okay so what's the eye dominant stuff sure this comes from and you already know this to be true when you see people hitting a golf ball what did I say to do with your head at this point keep your head down keep your head still right when you are shooting there's a god coming with archery right? I promise you when he lets go here his head doesn't move when you shoot a gun you don't hope well if you want to increase accuracy you eliminate access motion but especially the head when you pull the trigger now for us pulling the triggers at this point so some players I found were shooting and and you could see them move their head like this at the point of moving their head here's why um they instinctively lineup uh go uh triangulate right with their eyes what happens a little more dominant than the other ok, so there's an imaginary line from this dominant eye to the goa and we want to start the ball on that line move the ball up that line and finishing frame on that line I mean this finger on that line okay uh now that's all fine and good if you're right I'd and right handed so the ball winds up being set in fashion studio owners here and this is the traditional line right? This is kind of coming up my ride on here, okay well here's the problem what if you are right handed but left eye dominant? Then you'll find yourself if you're taught to bring the ball up this traditional right side, you'll find yourself right here going there like that you don't you don't even know what was missing was like I didn't I had no self awareness right? Because I also didn't have any background terrible but uh so telling the solution what's the solution now I'll show you howto find their dominant well guess insulation this is a small soldiers is was wild, so the solution was some here there's a few things you know that we're really critical, so realizing and just in the interest of time I mention a few things that you can maybe go back to getting to the hot into the habit of always doing a tiny little jump shot even if you're really close to that, I want to cover that big time using your legs to propel the ball your hands to a right but I took my shot line literally from here, right, right I to hear like a half inch let's move coming up here instead of here because I found out that I was left eye dominant and right handed and it went from like bing bang dong ping to but why? Because your head doesn't move you know once this ball passes your eye, our line and get you tombs had doesn't move okay he doesn't move it like that and that's what was throwing it off you know it would be like if I'm gonna shoot about a narrow to you er bona you don't hold it out like this right you put it on your shot line and when you were shooting like this where the left eye dominant that's equivalent to holding a gun out like this trying to shoot but very almost imperceptible movement that you were not aware of so let's let's let's uh let's show okay you could do this from there right if you just form a circle like this stick it out in front of you as far as you can inside my nose just go with both eyes open with both eyes open get his nose right in the middle of that sorrow or to you by the way I can look at each of you and francis your left eye because you're left accidentally I I can see through your home but how did you find out all right now close your right eye did my head move okay then you're right I domino okay do it again theo do it again open both eyes find close your left eye now if I didn't move again your right eye dominant does that make sense how you could go the other way uh uh nut site with both eyes okay close your left eye now if I move, if I've moved, you are left eye dominant. Is that right? So I can see your left eye, but they're there. All right, so but the correction is simply not here. But here, it's. Just a matter of inches. Basically coming up the center of your body before we run out of time. How do you shoot a three here's? The biggest myth. If I could dispel this, these are used for distance. These are used to god, the ball. Okay, this is fine. Motor control looms here. They don't get the ball there. It's. Not a matter of this. Okay, what gets the ball to the goa? Is this power that's generated from the floor up through your feet and we'll come out of your hands. Okay, so the way to do that for you? I'm not gonna do it with tim. Tim let's not even do it with the ball. Okay, pretend you got a ball and get set now for him getting set means, uh, this is the easiest way to learn what gets said. This is been your knee's been your butt. Keep your back straight and hold your hands straight down if you can touch your kneecaps like I'm I'm set, don't go deeper, I'm ready to gook so there's hiss set I want him I hope he took his coordination pills because I'm going to ask him to just leave the ground and I want him to time breaking this wrist with his feet leaving the ground okay farr okay now I think you said let's do it again let's just watch him see if we can time these two something having challenging far good so till is not jumping hanging testing wind and then shooting right okay you know what he's doing is get set on his way up there's a power away that's coming up good go up slow motion and as this power comes up through him writing when he breaks his wrist that's what's gonna send the ball to the go that's all your distance your distances your legs in your corps and your hips okay these need to be relaxed because that this is fine motor control they simply guide the ball has a quick example uh tim look I'll keep my body straight and I've done this a lot so I'm a little stronger than most of my wrists and my okay but look from right here that's about as much distance as I can get and I'm I'm straining okay? I shouldn't be here if I'm gonna have any heights to it that's about what three four feet distance okay that's the most my hand can or should do I don't need to ask it to do distance okay, so my legs were going to get me the ball to the goal, all right? And, uh, the way we get this three point shot to means we start, I start in really close like this, and I have the kid to get set just like this, and when I say fired, they're going to frame the goal, try to go with the front of the room, and we're just gonna start slowly working our way back to the three points that I wanna get. Damon uh, j j yes, judge heretic reddick, amazing shooter and correct me, if I'm wrong, we'll start right here and do like, twenty five, fifty step back. Twenty five, fifty and this is one of the best shooters in the game. Yeah, ok. Thea other thing that really struck me and I was like, huh? I really thought about that you see, guys hit shots from way back here they don't, they don't come three feet off the ground, right? I mean, a lot of these guys, when there's just bear clearance yeah, they don't jumped to shoot over people. The job is to get the ball to the go, ok? And so I've I've been ableto with this man that I've been able with a little time and repetition move seventh grade girls after the three point line and hit threes effortlessly, you don't seem straining you don't see their head jerking because they're trying to get the ball there it's all a matter of where you're getting your power, so if I could just leave you with two things to big think it would be break your wrist when your feet leave the ground okay and frame the go and keep both arms extended it will cover a multitude of sins if you could just do those two french this really about thirty seconds to go all I've worked okay, just in the interest of behavioral change and if you're tackling something, you really fear no stakes practice, so I spent tons of time I'd actually not done that before on the side of the backboard just great, but I actually did all the wall wasn't I was nervous, but basketball players like like I'll be over here and I would just shoot bounce and I wanted to bounce and come back and hit the line that I was no straddling do that over and over and over again when everybody else left, I'd go over star proxy here, they started going in when they start going from the start and we do have a gift I believe gives for all of you on encourage everybody check this out we have, we have ah dedicated an entire section two two ricks approach to teaching this in the former chef but we do have some gifts and maybe you'd like to tell them what they're getting we absolutely would everyone in the audience is getting copies of richt orbits better shooting and better ball handling dvd no way it's full of little tips I mean I'm not gonna have one more and then we got to run but just for instance, like if anyone passes you the ball again, this is from the standpoint of a novice but like catching and then stepping into it to get a little bit of distance and I'll tell you this I am actually not a basketball player I actually don't have any desire to be a basketball player, but I find it relaxing to shoot hoops and the reason I actually took it seriously is because I have friends are really big lakers junkies they forced me to watch games and I want to enjoy watching the game I didn't know what was going on had no appreciation and now I see this like kinesthetic ballet and I enjoyed basketball I don't ever have to play it's just one time can tell us one mental yeah I mean a really quick mental that's did it three s and I still this from a friend of mine named spencer would ice marks athlete is his website if there is a mental aspect of shooting okay that if you're playing defense rebounding you want a high emotional content because that recruits you're gross you're major muscle groups but when it comes to shooting or anything on offense you need a lower emotional content and that's why you hear people saying that while he's just got ice water in his veins you know or oh they're such a cool shooter that's because they've learned that they perform best at a lower emotional kind content okay on offense so rumor these three acts when you miss okay when you miss in about a half a second these three f's has got to go through your mind you gotta flush the emotion it's over with us done going I can't I can't beat myself up on this I've missed flushed the emotion because emotion changes your next action okay next fix it how did I miss I miss to the right oh I got a friend to go right oh I missed short I got to get a little more legs into this okay it was half a second and flush fix and then forget it because the next action is coming and we got to be able to play flush fix and forget when you and you wind up mentally becoming ah little higher percentage shooting that was basketball plus two screwing up making a fool yourself in spanish applies to getting thrown on your head by dave camera trying not to get through it on your head. Thank you very much.

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