A Mother's Day Card Shoot

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A Mother's Day Card Shoot


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Hello and welcome to creative live my name is ken klosterman and I couldn't be more excited to have all of you with us here today today we are celebrating mother's day with and gettis and what an amazing person to celebrate mother's day with today you are going to be able to see and and her team take a concept and bring it to fruition into a mother's day card and and is of course an iconic photographer has been celebrating life and birth and babies and mothers for her entire career of thirty years and you get to join us today this is an studio here in our seattle studio at creative I've and of course we have opened it up for all of you to join us. So first I want to tell you a little bit about how today is going to work again that we have how we think it's gonna work everybody and gettis and ok that's true, whenever we are working with newborns, of course anything can happen but we're prepared and that is what you do best and we're going talk everybody through that how you are so prepa...

red so that when the moment is right I'm just going to sit is when the moment is right it all comes together magically and and you've been here previously at creative life and we have been working on the continuation of the zodiac calendar certainly heard. And it's been fantastic for the last couple of days. It's just been awesome, it's, like you're back at home. Yeah, it was great and the team here is fantastic. I feel like this is my studio, so we're pretty relaxed and looking forward to today. All right, it's. A big day, a big day. It is a big day on I've been I don't often well hardly ever do this live in front of the world in front of the world. It's the photograph created a special mother's day card with five babies, and I'm hoping maybe three babies in the image and then work all the way towards a completion of photos. Right? That's, right. So it's a it's going to be a big journey. So I hope everyone enjoys today and who knows what's going to happen so and that's what I want to share with everyone. I want everyone to feel as if they're pot off my day and let's, just put it on there and yes, exactly, exactly. So I want to tell a little bit more about how today is going to work for people we've got our set over there we go lighting set up and we'll see it the way that it works is that she has already prepared that again the focus is we're going to talk a lot about all the preparation that goes into the shoot so that when we have this sleeping babies are we going to get the man out? We are we've got our dj tech matt over there we're going to be meeting him in a bit and the way that and works is with tethering so that you can see exactly what you're shooting and make sure that you've got the shot we're going to see that we've got meat go over here and nika was already mika has already been working on the background of the image right do want to talk a little bit about that yes well what we're doing out I'll explain what what I'm actually babies are ready I just got word so there's talk a little bit and then we'll so you turn to rush me alone you know it's all about the base very body I know what I'm going to endeavor to create today is three beautiful little babies as carnation flowers because I I've done quite a bit of research on the internet and it seems as if the carnation is the typical mother state flower and you know I'm from australia and new zealand and is chrysanthemum apps down their brains so I was a bit surprised about a nation right tonto and and I said no conditions and because it never liked conditions but these are looking beautiful really very beautiful on dso we've created a background if you got up there nic I know he's working a bit on, eh? So what I thought I'd do is have this sense of a old fashion greeting card you know from like the thirties forties with a little bit kind of faded lots of character and so what I've got here is a background that's sort of a dusky pink modeled and it's from one of my shoots that I did look, I remember where somebody backgrounds now I think it's from the meningococcal project that I did last year but it's great because it was an original water color and it's been painted on a two and then we you know, a bit skin and weaken printed fairly big so they're beautiful background here and we've got three stems for carnations which have been done in a pencil sketch by leoni who does all my backgrounds here and there's this interesting for me because um I know a lot of you do your own fighter shop and I don't and for years and years and years all of my work has bean better shocked by one one woman who's in open new zealand I'm really used to sitting next to her kind of reading each other's minds I mean she knows what I like and and everything so what you're going to go through today with me it's a new experience of working with photoshopped artists and always like to call them artists because that's what they are that I haven't used before but niko and always sat down had a check last night and yesterday and you know we've had a little play with what we're doing here to make sure that the kind of shit is going to feed on the steams in everything so yeah this's the whole nose thing is really get it is this realistic it yeah on dh what we're going to do once we have the beautiful conditions on top of this stems is drop into the background various languages in terms of how how you say mother yeah, I think I think how do you feel should we get started? But we want to show this sketch really I know, but people want to know where I say this this is I am a terrible sketch but that's how it's kind of a problem yeah, well, you can all tell country right three little carnations we've got a beautiful cream one here beautiful pink tones here and move here and here's my little bits and pieces that represent the words for mother should I hold it still you guys got a look at that that's ok so maybe we should just send this out to everyone and don't you know I think people would love your sketches and as well the minus the final print so shall we go your baby's going on and you can talk as we walk about what we're going to see in the babies for everything that we're doing and we're starting to get some of these how people where people are joining us from and how they say so we've got brazil and way have may is how you say that in portuguese a m eighty and then way have in georgia moderate new york city mob so people are new easy you know way have someone joining us from italy so oh all over my morning and works all right here we go feels like a reality tv show I know it's not normally like but I'm not normally followed by camera crews and all sorts of things so what we need to do is just forget that everyone's there yeah um and I just wanted to introduce myself I mean and thank you all for coming today I don't know how much you know about what I'm actually doing you know it's a mother's day card yeah so and this is a new thing for me as well because what we're going to do is we're alive so we'll forget that all these people are watching on dh I'm creating a mother's day card and the concept is for three little carnations right thiss doesn't look like is that you have to get it kind of so we've we've already got the stems and we've got the background we've got everything ready except the babies and eh? So what we're going to do his photograph all of your baby is if if they're sleeping we've got five babies here and we need three in the image so I don't want anyone to be under any pressure you know, particular with newborns so but I will shine photograph everybody yeah, but what I do want to say is oh haven't got here's my come have a history for me please this is my baby my oldest baby this thirty one you forgot newborns and ice to remember what it's like to get out of the house with a newborn baby so and particularly this early in the day so I really really appreciate it what you're doing it's very important that you guys have a nice relaxing morning, right? So anything you need just ask because pat from hot drinks around babies and things like that so I want you all to just have a nice time yeah, and you've met jonah, whose illness and she's the one who's going to be standing with the babies on sit stephanie does all my social media and produces my shoots and does everything else that mr big covered stuff yeah, she does stuff yeah, yeah and so you'll meet don mcgahn inside who does all my props and styling she's made this beautiful carnation flowers and the babies are just lying in little shapes and you know, being babies but she's worked with me for twenty five years now and so you know, I walked in here this morning that's fist almost saw that carnations and I was like, that's so beautiful yeah, and you'll see them all when you come in so what we'll do is we'll bring the babies and wondered a time when you're so and I'll have a chance to say hello to you all individually when you're in there and we can have a chance you know, everything got everything covered yeah, so good I'll see you guys in there yeah okay take care should have introduced you cannot that's right from the host out there just the host so that's there calm and that is always how you like to have the studio where you know it's interesting when there's quite a lot of people in the u s and so you know, people get anxious about whether the baby is going to sleep oh, no and that's really important to kind of try and reassure everyone that john yeah and also just again, I we've seen how we can walk over to the set how you're always because now I've been able to be with you for a number of shoots, the respect that you have for the parents, for the experience that they're having this is their newborn baby, they're in a vulnerable place, and you're so attentive to that I'm very attentive to it and it's it's something that I have really paid quite attention to over the years because, you know, I and during this all the time, and I never want to slip into the a white of taking things for granted. And so this these little babies is sold under three weeks of age, and so sometimes often it's their first time out of the house. Yeah, and so it's, really nice that they come into an environment will really feel comfortable and safe and valued and so that's fine or just reassure them all, and and so you guys might find or you will find that every time parents come into the studio when they bring their babies in, I was spending time with them, and I make a little bit repetitive with questions that I asked them and because because it's, I don't want to ever forget sh to us, the important things in our and earlier in my career, when I first started doing interviews and things like that I used to exhaust myself by trying to say something different every time when really what I'm saying to these parents is the most important thing for me to say so I'll just keep doing it so I don't forget exactly what do you understand? You're absolutely I mean it's once there's no need to reinvent the wheel once you've got it down on the sincerity that's exactly right so we haven't even met don yet but I see this beautiful carnation over here you know should we go in? Yes yeah donny here she is saying hello hi. Did you ever like night last night? Yeah, yeah. So how long have you been working with dia? How many times have I asked you did you have, like, not hundreds and hundreds and kind of choices because I don't know why, but sometimes things end up last minute because don't don't work don't listen oakland right in new zealand and I live in new york now and we've worked together for that long that thank goodness the skype because we spend hours on skype organizing all of this and so don came over a couple of days ago so it's been really full on and so we started with ease conditions like yesterday afternoon and with a glass of wine being creative but don't have worry about this beautiful fabrics and beautiful colors and shoes put this together literally in the last twelve hours and this is quite you know that sense of urgency and desperation sometimes thinks that claim yet exactly got too too much time over working right now so I do hear that we do have a baby that's ready but but what I think is so is so amazing don is that while you're physically putting it all together at the end I mean you've been creating this together for so long and so that's what way wanted last oh that's true that's right way dawn dawn electrical dawn over here you want tonight we're talking about these connections and you know it's very interesting if your creative and you're dealing with someone who's creative and it's like dealing with a photo shop artist everything after he really clear as to what is in your mind and weaken generally read minds each other's minds across there still sometimes and dawn in her mind we're seeing totally different colors and everything and obviously she totally gotta and so I flippantly emailed her this photo of these beautiful dancing women in this renaissance painting going beautiful color stone but don't panic and about five minutes later I got this email what what I'm penetrating you can't do that because what literally a week and a half ago way have a baby oh so wait from you and I'm gonna step out yet okay

Class Description

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the special bond between mother and child and there is no better person to capture that magic than the world’s most beloved baby photographer, Anne Geddes.

In A Mother's Day Card Shoot, you’ll watch Anne Geddes at work as she creates one of her iconic images. Moms, crafters, photographers, and fans of Anne can watch as she prepares and shoots an image that will be transformed into an unforgettable Mother’s Day card.

Anne Geddes produces one-of-a-kind images that celebrate the “beauty, purity and vulnerability of children.” In this special class, you’ll get a glimpse into how she does it.

Get a free PDF image of the card: www.mothersdaycard2015.com