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Newborn Shoot 1: Jeremiah

I have hand warmers exist it's my hands are always really cold and so are yeah um so wait when you wash your hands too must come jam I fall by your name is written britney and gave your grandma nor your e is this your first grandchild? Are you third and it's your first babies okay. And how old is it? Um a little under two weeks um how you feeling? Good. Yeah, getting any site? Yeah e so you're you're living in under the same roof at the moment or you know she just kidnaps me that's no, I can't wait to be grima because then they sleep in someone else's house yeah that's the good stuff let me show you what we're doing this is probably a lovely color dawn yes, jeremiah yeah do you want to come in and have a lonely here? Jonah you wanna go through and I'll explain just be careful here so we've got a little bowl this is there about you going little ball here, right? So loving and it's all bolted onto the table and there's a little bit of green underneath there which is going to be the steam...

for this flower and jesus needs to be blowing in the bowl that's just what I think and sleeping yeah um and john is going to be standing next to him what we're doing this thing is a little bits of ok where's the camera we want to show people this there's little bits of glad wrap our fantastic for popping under babies because, you know, told her arms up and things like that because they're instantly warm andre mold to the baby shape so a little full of glad nobody caught in here coming feel cling film oh sure longer shred yes ok, I have to get used to the like continue tio thank you that's great. So you guys need to sit here on the cheer, make yourselves comfortable can go wash my hands if you watched you okay, so you can see him on sit and you'll be able to see the image come up on the screen a swell just come wash my hands we don't want to hide all that beautiful hair do it already so this is going to be uh okay, I think we're pretty right? Yeah, just in terms off the positioning of the computer world could you have? Because it he's very long he's among you couldn't get it right. All yeah, yeah it's gonna patrol um okay, well, yeah, my baby sort of killers back that way say their head yeah, that'd be nice on your streets were going over the bridge yet this head that way I don't mind okay, I don't mind actually hit support because that's a big front we're currently hold. It'll get ammunition. Is this his or ours kiss? Beautiful. So many iraqis got way. Put it over there, you might think is any snuggled down years on top way? Our number eleven damn lettuce bottom go down. You might have to under his diaper. Sorry. Yeah, thanks. Wait, take it comes out, I think that's about his cell phone. A stunning sink because it's clear that they're like one and pretty nice time waits for funds. I take it. You know what? John looks beautiful. Just thinking no, she could put a finger. You gather holds on my on his head if you hold his head researcher on this side, you don't need a doctor. We're gonna cover hand in under the flower. Yeah, you've got him. I got him. I'll just leave that he's still. So tax handler that made from that booth flowers are you want to match because they're different from me? Just kind of looked so yes, but actually under that. Put that. I'm just one mile flower. Gorgeous going, can you can you just put a little bit there? Yeah, we need to just move the flower down at the front. And this little foot coming through to the words of front looks really pretty that's pretty way inside the pedals way way way way way way back and I'm just really a way to understand a little bit kind of local promotions you won't get a final right down pending your bank e no it's pretty good if he's training to place the camera no no yeah that's north we'll lose that god that's near you dawn yeah when you go when you move hold him couple can I just get a five story I know I'm gonna go in different areas of the thing you just turned his head a little bit of time well out of that front pedal there dona joana yes can you just kind of move away from that that's it thank you know when we take him out I'll photograph the flower and that why we can feel where your hands been I'm talking to myself e e e e ware just a fake one but you could take a hand up is the spice okay huh this is faisal it looks really beautiful the colors look really lovely in the front is some isn't it's replacing you and not just that people be about it that's it you wanna put some hundred don't no no I think you'll be like I just got to that's no nothing I think it's good that down yeah maybe it just looks down sideways in the back like it's lying on the pedal and ten yeah yeah that's nice focus is still good always doing it ten years here already maybe if his head's lying in your hand jonah and then the right hand then weigh it looks pretty good just way way so there's you think he's gonna fight about flower way get ahead get that hand off just lower that flower in front of this the people in front of the spice store so just more elect pick that up and just what shit angle yeah he's listed down easier than yesterday that high I could go higher and still keep that angle so that you don't see your back this yeah it needs we need a couple of more than just talk that down time yeah that's it that's it perfect that's it oh yes ok uh bullet it's coming back if you see that told that at the back no no not that one that one yeah can you just tuck it in without tickling him? Ok nice e doing go go tidy title little bit just to all this just a one in front of this nice young men are going to get this is a little soft yeah time's going getting straightened everything doesn't wait wait let me try to focus nice speech let's go right into alexis foot pushing just sneak round of acceptable pedal it just it just needs to be pulled down that one no no don't know all right not too far I think we caught it surely we can take him out there we should get going because everyone's really sleepy and mommy is too beautiful right at that time they take him and I'll just do that well he's gonna be tall yeah I can't just let me get this side yeah that's way do this weighing on minute just let me do this flower holder now hang on joe mellon on say goodbye and just mark that one is the play for where jonas hand wass congratulations yeah grandma nice his beautiful thank you take care bye jeremiah I feel positive thoughts it's coming in a way yeah yeah fantastic that's good let's talk about how that went it was great look it's really nice to you know I haven't had a quick a fashion it's good shit I've always said but to start off that way is really great doesn't necessarily mean it's going to continue in that way but now we need to decide we've got five babies they changed it to get three different colors to start with and then we can come back you know that's great so you feel good about this one here going to then go to got three different props, right? Yes we've got three different flowers about this move one on dh we've got to be a fold sort of apricot pink a combination and a cream beautiful creams and and does he think so all the flowers lead together and really subtle way so what we're going to do because we have tio you know create this image by the end of the day is all go through quickly here with jeremies images in all choose one and what we've gotta hero played a swell so you could see where jonas hand was coming in the side of the flower monica will be able to just replaced him with the age of flour so I'll do that quickly now on dh saying that one of you nico and get him to start re touching them fantastic so just have and as you do that I just wanted to mention to everybody again about how the property bolted and oh yeah yeah absolutely don't ever look oh no you can see if anyone wants to watch um course everyone wants to watch me while I'm choosing the image you're going to be bolting this box down and there's a hole in the middle of that picture glass table just quickly go ahead here this plexiglass table I've used this place a glass tables being invaluable and we brought it over from australia it's got a hole in the middle and so dawn this is going to both this box onto the hole and then everything is really rock solid that's really, really important when photographing newborns and jonah is always with them on set so you can create a thank you for another baby comes in uh I think I think look ok e way from bikini his hand starts to come out a little bit here. This one that's really nice but is think that's the last okay, so make our you got a second is that way. Um, jeremiah in flour and then we're taking him out on dh that's replace jonas hands with that. So maybe if you're going to cleaning up the skin and all that sort of thing yeah, maybe even yeah, you will take out a little scary things in your bones often have sort of peel the skin you don't think overcooked looks beautiful in you know it doesn't look right. You got it? Yeah, yeah. Ok, good. That this is gonna be beautiful. Apricot pink carnation is going to be the highest in the three, some keeping a sit camera position. And so we've got sort of a similar perspective on all of them. Do you think we should put some, um, h got there are numb head cover. You can people here, john are saying, wait a police so you can everybody hear jonah yeah, got a waterproof section underneath and it's actually really country big, yes, much, john so when someone coming in terms I know I just came down to see thiss baby ready but with fun could get so um hurt who's ready? Okay all right someone who suits pink so what have we readjusted again for this is that we've got thisa dish here that's bolted all of my throat to this box and obviously stiff for years and years and years and don't support it over and it's covered in fireman and fabric and it's got a little dip in the middle set so comfortable for babies and so we're going tio use this for a few of the babies and because we're doing there we've got different cover get all the time so it's really important that we're very, very careful on this five babies and sometimes get a bit rushed to make sure that you follow all the rules and clean clean covers and everything inside the dish and everyone washes their hands between babies that's right? Yeah, just what I'm not going to now. Okay, great. Yeah. Pleased too. This is so cool having this they scream they were on the phone. Oh, you guys must be used to this. This is just awesome and I'm never whoa! So what are we doing over here? Look well, I was steering it and admiring this great um yeah, well, niko is just going to start working on jeremiah and jeremiah or the baby you're ends up being in that mode flower you're going to be on the right right inside so you know he's gets going to start working on it and you know I find one of the hardest things to do is choose the babies in the end but it's nice to you know have too many babies to choose from teletype that happens today absolutely we'll keep knocking on wood but they with the five babies in there at the moment if a few of them are sleeping we really need to keep the place going yeah yeah like this oh wow yeah that's cold oh, I understand that is just awesome yeah so where is this is this the place now this but that's the plate here and so you see we've got a little bit of green at the bottom of the of the flower so it will fit onto here when nico does this magic and then we have romans arm that will be taking out waking us yeah I think it's photoshopped wise this is going to be um not an extremely difficult thing to do I mean it's fine for me to say but there's not a piddle said we can you know challenge on ground but I mean the colors they're just magnificent in front of all the lovely creams and pinks that air going in there and what can I tell everything with photo shop is if you look at that and go our that's. Gonna be awesome. Been it's going to come together really well? That's, right?

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of the special bond between mother and child and there is no better person to capture that magic than the world’s most beloved baby photographer, Anne Geddes.

In A Mother's Day Card Shoot, you’ll watch Anne Geddes at work as she creates one of her iconic images. Moms, crafters, photographers, and fans of Anne can watch as she prepares and shoots an image that will be transformed into an unforgettable Mother’s Day card.

Anne Geddes produces one-of-a-kind images that celebrate the “beauty, purity and vulnerability of children.” In this special class, you’ll get a glimpse into how she does it.

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