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Newborn Shoot 2: Layla

I just you know yeah not determined and john john nice to meet you I believe how old to ship thirteen days oh hey feeling good yeah yeah getting any slight little bit a little bit yeah first baby yeah you got that's a big change yeah, what she's beautiful yeah so I mean I want you to see this just mind just here so we've got this beautiful sort of pinky I recall carnation and there's a petted considerable peta jump it's kind of a dish you know but it's really soft and it's all bolted onto this box which is bolted onto this table on dso or she's really pretty isn't change did you choose for them she's just lying there and gel now will be standing right next to him when we fired grab and you'll be able to see her and you'll be able to see the image on the screen okay, so come sit down relax yeah just mind you're still going through all that we find out there? Yes I often never see them with their eyes opens pop from the photos that you you send in it that you don't hear the opposite indu...

stry it was beautiful don't um it doesn't matter with this one whichever why she's can just doesn't matter I know you feel comfortable with here what's are you happy with your sense? John yes descend so we're not going to have issues. But wait. I've got a hot water bottle under this cloth because my hands always called. You want it's just just just a hands while I know just a hands on film crew are you gonna go? Okay? Thing. Just wait. Just wait on. You coming to me? Yeah, yeah. In the middle of a tiny wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Get this way. Oh, that's. Good. If you could just hold her just like she likes a stretcher, she thanks, mom. These damn it's. Really funny when you put your finger on you like blisters on my fingers from that little guy who was working on it. You put your finger inside the pacifier way? Yeah. In australian museum calling dumb it's just his way around a background. Comfortable like that way. Putting stuff like you. Just it's. Not the government should not. Joyce gets under way. Fabulous german girls, ivory in the scales that we did in san francisco. Yeah, the little african wrong are beyond my car. And I'm putting in additional is like, this is never gonna work that way. Just yeah. He always looks basement and you just adjust your auntie and anti god anti e way back way, way beautiful. Just one sort of way. District way. Stand by with that double sided. Um, let's. Just get a couple of ways, you know, um, come around to take you got you write in fade. They're going to catch of machines and you got when you talk you here, you come under that and use your right hand on my count. Got out, you're here. Come around with the right hand under here hit. Uh, what is your fear? You like this? Okay, I got that. Just got under that pitch. Just wait. Just a little side of that. Good stuff. Good stuff. Way e I just get a look when you're ready, george. Let's, get a look at that need to go up. It actually needs to come down in front of that judge don't say that britain front just cut it off. Which meant that that there is any chance we get a couple let's. Just watch here. Don't says, I just want a scythe. This's, why don't you stand back here doing just watch? Ok, ok, this is a little bit around there was constant don't feel too much, don't you want e just like this first yeah no way that's it that's it let's just get that way you take any position he's going way, way, way to pacify natural big blue pacify rotten looking beautiful file of this is going to be able to see just gonna tear your face let's just get that now come on don't fiddle no I'm changing it all the time met so don't worry e tracking her job very seriously she gets that from my dad I know you're very good what's that you say yes you are you all right with record a beautiful shot e that's just with dr e oh look at you look at your tummy thanks wait wait three things going for the cream and then we know we've got it yeah okay yeah I reckon come back said she's really loathe twenty one which is okay what's your myers was nineteen or something so she's longer than him oh wow you guys aren't really told you know six feet that she should be right thiss beautiful perfect in that color how are you going? A little bit of a shit europe thank you. Just love to meet you and congratulations. Thank you. It's works were don't take it too seriously e I was just kidding about uh no, I wasn't going to see you later cold gets hot don't have looked off what did you take it out oh it didn't do a pipe I'll come on my felt don't look at me like that you know what we can do it later huh it's just like being expecting the scythe the real thing right I think she was really long shows are twenty one twenty two inches long wait so we didn't expect that some it's interesting with some babies because they don't look like their long in the back but yes she wants she was going to movies that dish a law on dh she really filled it um but she's perfect color and everything for them nice so so we've got to make you feel good about this color so are we going to yeah I think what dawn is suggesting that we put the next baby and here's well that I think um you know owner but with about coming on I think we're used to go to the crane and then I know I've got three yeah and then we can decide which one we want to change out if we were going to get it's pretty ambitious I'm just sitting here thinking to do three babies out of five in in these three different set one day we're going to call you on tv I just said to me dad on downing it awful I'm just I'm just saying I'm going to be all right you know things kind of be all right how cool it is it's very cool how special it is and that everybody is able to watch it it's really nice to obviously work with beautiful babies but when you got props like thiss it's just awesome to think that you're putting something beautiful together you know and in fact I was saying to my husband I saw it because we head of thirty second wedding anniversary yes congratulations we wouldn't have patron salad extorted high talks will start tired but anyway over saying it's you know, one of the great things that I get to do is, you know, work with this subject matter and also work with people who really talented and you know, to have a great team that and any born contributes to it it's a really fantastic things very, very rewarding so that way we talk a little bit more about why tell me when you ready joan and you just gotta do this. No, no, absolutely. That comes first about what it is about newborns about babies, about new life as as here we are celebrating mother's day that is so important to you. Why did you keep going back to it? I'm a mother myself of two girls who are now thirty one and twenty eight and I think every mother remembers the moment they found out that they were pregnant and the miracle on bay awesomeness is pregnancy and creating new life is just incredible and you know I photographed a lot of pregnant women through my career and just that concept of growing and other human being within your body is is it's a magical really and when you give birth in the first time you see your child and everything that that child represents to you and to your family and to outsiders as well I mean if you when when a newborn baby is in the room it completely changes the whole environment and you see people are invariably smiling and in particular six month as you know I mean everyone just everyone loves babies and but there's so much more to witness what they represent new life and promise and um our eternal chance that new beginnings so that's something that I'm always in order off you know make a newborn babies just done the most perfect thing absolutely especially when there's like I'm gonna step a step off we've got john coming in we can see what what you all are doing over there yeah yeah I'm going to take a plate off that apricot flower which I've got to do it yes um and then when we photographed the cream flower we're going to move the background a little bit um across so it's on the darker side of the background so well you know I think with photo shop sincerely if you have the right ingredients in the beginning which we do have good to go niko here and we shot a flower before he went live you know get a balance of the light on the background and everything to make it not just easier for him but to make it perfectly integrate which I think it's doing you know it's it's really nice to I have a team of people who are working to create thean result for you guys um on a swell is for their own satisfaction so great one more to go and then we'll have two more that will be extras if it isn't no that's cool off just a little bit that's sticking up yeah I've run the left there not this one here e e you don't have a choice but this is probably in there when we changed the lighting before started so that's saying focus way so yes thanks don't change after the crane um say niko the fight and a couple of well they're all of the girls they're pretty much the same place that I just took the last one was in focus let's have it up shoot we're the last ones probably basically we had to pay a lot from the way this is yours here, right? Yeah right yeah super long. Okay, thanks. I'll just give these to nico and mrs layla layla last perfect so I might go over and see what nikos joins you're right they don't you're good looking it's pretty good I want a hat and removes the hand cleaned up the hair fixed the background over here that was probably the most difficult part of all this you know because I should have made the background I didn't it only works when I'm moving over to the easier stuff cleaning up the skin on blending the edges a little bit and then I'll start working on painting over this to kind of blend in the background with uh foreground over here with actually cheered for colors you seem pretty so what anything that we can do going forward that's gonna make it even better are said pretty good writers were pretty good like that was really easy just a little time because I mean to go through and kind of mask everything out it's really interesting to look at it on here this is a little warmer this yeah that monitor isn't quite as correct this one is going to be the one that we're I look at for color but this look of this way can think about at the end so like that kind of it's more of a flowers a little bit warmer you know we're letting lets you wait that's perfect antonio you've got layla oh uh well grab that one uh where do you want her to be where she no she's on your hard drive or she, uh, which reported that one in seven e I didn't even notice that you go back thinking way color on there, you watch no one, no one of sleep in the crane flower. Now we'll go through. Three of them have, like, no, sorry who's in there now, but from what my boys and girls be lines, three boys, okay, yes, gents, molokai and ellis on jones is the closest to sleep, okay? Jones likes to be undressed, so, uh oh, it used to be pretty, because what we're shooting a little bit colder that I like quite like those sort of old times, a little bit faded, that's, beautiful, like I won't breathe down your neck for them, you know? Yeah, but I'll be back. I think you should wash my hands while I'm here.

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of the special bond between mother and child and there is no better person to capture that magic than the world’s most beloved baby photographer, Anne Geddes.

In A Mother's Day Card Shoot, you’ll watch Anne Geddes at work as she creates one of her iconic images. Moms, crafters, photographers, and fans of Anne can watch as she prepares and shoots an image that will be transformed into an unforgettable Mother’s Day card.

Anne Geddes produces one-of-a-kind images that celebrate the “beauty, purity and vulnerability of children.” In this special class, you’ll get a glimpse into how she does it.

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