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Newborn Shoot 3: James

But this this is testifying for away never trained one so is that a radio have corrupted a few favorites in my time I'm warning you that the higher man flavia fly again my mom lay a congratulations justice first grand drone yes oh doesn't speak much alright yeah yeah but um your first baby yes yeah yeah has it going it's going good yeah how old is that he's going to be three weeks on tuesday so yeah little for two weeks yeah he's a good sleeper we're getting off our hour stretches at night could have been in russia, huh? He's a good sweet yeah we'll see right now right come through and have a look andi I show you what we're going to do this's a little soft dish that we've got here and it's all bolted onto this box which is bolted onto this table so it's all really strong and so we're just going to have him lying on this okay soft little cloud yeah sleeping on dh general be standing with him the whole time yeah and so you'll be able to if you sit on these chairs will be able to watch hi...

m and you'll also be able to see the image on the screen great, so sit down and relax yeah yes I should do that some all right so I'm just going to do a play color is a beautiful dog so again, I'll take it just a bit more about it, like another foot john who's on the other end, don't you? Yeah. Ok, that's. Good. Perfect. Thank you. Way need to make sure that we've got is the petals away from the fights. Yeah. Jonah, can you just give me a hand? I'll put a hand with here. Where? His head? Yeah, that they're just like this. Yeah, I got it. Thanks. And just yeah. Bottom ages. Clear. So they should be soft. We should the shop just in the middle. There looks like here e just a beautiful person with cracks. All right. Oh, you could be on his side. Um, tell me to fund your clippings. So this time on your side for this hit down this way. Do you want to be sure of that? You want to send it to my hand? Wait a couple. Little bit. Cool. He likes to be out. We owe you. No, wait, wait. Just not around the space, it's. Not a real smooth six and movements of people conceive. You see on actually got tonto going from around his hands and do what you want under its yeah, look it's under his cheek clothe wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You're putting anything over the top. We'll just do this first. First I don't know if you want to talk about any sort of incoming cry sister. Yeah, I just want to see spice can for just a basis for my scythe pieces. Standard clothe can you just hold this little thing coming until the next standing by? Just made me sick going just gonna use maybe head don't still loathe that's pretty thinking needs something over around the bottom you get another one like that way it's more you want just just just in case we unsettling way sometimes wait, I haven't done one way, districts gradually doing sometimes stuff just take over this way. You can just hold up that look let's, just get this going your way in just a little bit that you know that's. Nice. Yeah. That's really pretty smooth. Yeah, and some of them behind his head. That way you can describe what about around here around the back of his head and be nice to have a money, things just a just a okay, so ok, I mean, it's, just not good at this. No, I think it's just extra think just like a single suite around oh, right, I said just the same way I think this is a way that's nice but get it to stay that way come on just one more way that it's probably not snow haven't changed it forsythe dominant its incarnation don't need to have a lot of kids great years for with back here I think one of those ones that we've got before it's nice and so we're pretty good what was his positioning okay that hand drawn by that yeah yeah give it a go wait yeah yeah boy let me just do another movie that e yeah thank you think beautiful yeah thank you for coming in is your is your mom's dying for them yeah I should say until july also curl it over three months yet lots of help built his good fantastic take care bye bye ok I should this just before yet dawn if we can just clear away underneath when there's a live this here yeah now that we will work backwards yeah ok so this is from the beginning thiss this whole good parking right back that's nice there like the back okay I really don't need to play because there's no hands that's true ok we'll leave this here some I'll give this to nico yes incoming nico great this's going so well two more babies to go so what we're going to do is leave the cream flower here and put the next baby on there um I wanted all nationalities to be represented so we've got another little african american baby and I'm not put him in the mo flowers well which will force me to choose but um I don't really see another way around it so let's let's see how we're going yes I did thank you yeah we did that's great I'll go see how the colors are looking with niko I think what I'd like to do don't have look here on the a scent of flower let's have a look at james in the cream and I'm just wondering if we need tio I think the center plans a little bit flat way can build it up behind or the next baby that we photographed invisible then you have something yeah that's colors are beautiful you know what you want to flip him what you mean it could put the cream on in the middle could not quite nice I know I just think this one year just needs puffed up yeah hey looks quite member should move to the little one again here so well actually I need to find out if the little african american baby is going to be next okay so because I'll do the little african american baby in the purple flower can so we've got all different nationalities represented people this should get the pink one sit up here and we're happy with and lacey I just need to know jonah I thought you were in your already now that we're going to have a look at you know that we've got the three babies I mean I know that the boys in here I mean I looked just like whoa um hey looks great in there and the flowers good hey looks right in near but the other little african american baby will have to rough on here so we've got the different knowledge nationalities represented so I I need to know who you're going to bring in next if it's mr maliki molokai malik I well going near and the other baby we might put in this this here thiss the bicycle pretty much the same second grade level so whichever when you teo I tied this to this one point and building up and then we know that we're definitely got three yes yes ok great how's it going to go good let's go make the mate background across for thanks john here we need to move it back yeah coming up a lot we just have to move the background um back to the center because it's a lighter area in the middle and we're going to do one's going to reset the apricot pink flower that's really pretty yeah nice colors I think what we what we might do thiss in the final card had the outside borders as well I think it's nice of frames of yeah looks like an all positive you know the old positive images but for travelers who are like my age yeah so beautiful so we might put the each of the water color into the final mother staying image I think you look really pretty you know I saw the dice I don't know what a famous a tape so I've got a famous of take o you're well equipped you like tonight second but which and you want to hit it before I put that down this one yeah around oh america what nationality is oh well, what nationality is malik are so beautiful so we're done jack joins come out a car we've got a job with one stone I can't look leftism ellis it's really have alice chains so we'll put ellis here and we'll put malik are in the other on the purple yeah all right, I wish I had an extra player but that's what we're about to hear about your um john let me have a look make sure it's you know we need to focus on the other end I'm going to miss daniel going up on the other end of the oh um I need to go over towards daniel work that's it that's it that's good. Thank you. Okay, not so much from that angle maybe a little less oh, you mean kind of body lies bottom lower than well you know like not straight across the shot in that dark dank and just have a look at the new guy can you just show me all three on the screen just are here well, I don't I don't mind the way um a little baby sign that's just I think it just makes it just needs more at the back yeah you've got a new plan that's cool a new plan yeah, excellent what would that be that would be telling the element of surprise we're going to plan all right yeah, I just sit right back here in my team you know how many nationalities of mom do we have what have we got in terms of more name students in commuting implementing the new plan? What is the new but we don't know what you know and you still don't know what the linus do they do this a lot. Yes elinor surprise, which is pretty actually cool and when I saw that happen that you guys have worked together for so long and that you trust your teammates you trust what they're going to dio the additional living the additional nationality that came in in terms of where people are watching us from and how to say mother is the irish gaelic which is maher pronounced maher so we have this list of all the different ways that people say it so that what you're going to deal with people who are just joining us is an additional part of the card will be those words right you'll see you said that we're going to run this words in a beautiful text across the background behind the three flowers yeah and so once we've got the three flowers and niko and I will think about where they were going to have the words in slightly different colored tick store or whatever but that will just be we know dressing after yeah right it's this kind of big right I can tell it's him looks are beautiful well after having been with you for for several shoots like it's a really cool to feel the energy that you have especially when you know that you when you're happy with what what you've created with your team and you know that's that's what I want couple this morning I thought no pressure in you know, people watching and and you know look, you know further thirty years and I've been photographing babies it's so so rhea that we don't get we come out of something with an image it's really really really in fact if you count the number of times on one finger it's really yeah it's just thinking it's right yeah it's really really right yeah yeah so it's nice to know that we've got it and now the next two babies who were just it's important you know it will just be because you never know because you are seeing on the right you never know what next time will be no, I think that's something that's really cool that you've talked about is problem solving and tell us again about your you have no no fears about with the ability to create all right when you see your vision look I said this before you know weigh all lose sleep over a lot of things and I don't know what the audience makeup is a lot of you photographers or artists in some way or people who are interested in arts and crafts or or just people who really want to watch one of the chutes but you know we all worry about the things that we worry about that one of the things that I never worry about is uh the creative process and for instance I'm shooting the signs of this idea and you know, I talked to you about this yesterday was shot an image for a little yeah little baby for the scorpions star sign and it was a scorpion so when I first thought about tidy ecocide going through all the twelve what would be the most problematic and scorpio was probably one of those you know, nasty little critters and how we make a scorpion cute you've been to me it's kind of like oh, well that's quite thing I think about you know and so it never comes across this negative and that's what I really love about what I do and my own creative process it's like how do we this there's always a way is always a way and I love a good challenge in that regard well, I would think after you've been photographing for thirty years right here and so in order to stay energize yes right I mean having any problems like that for yeah, keep moving forward and love what you do and I love the subject matter, you know, people have said to me, oh, you know why babies and, you know, for thirty years so I couldn't think of a more important subject matter really? I just I honestly couldn't understand their amazing amazing do you see the grandma's face when we're a photograph we should peace? I couldn't see it over there but of I could I could when they would turn and look over here on the monetary side is so important like it's it's just a wonderful moment for them and the little african american baby who was here what was jeremiah jeremies mom was sitting here and her mom was sitting next to her coming here on the back with her does with the baby started a it's a really nice moment there it is to be a part of this and you know I just really love the whole sense of inclusiveness is great you love it so I've gotten word and that is that another baby is ready as soon as good on is ready so you're sure enzymes osha hands go everybody's worst along its smell was now we got two minutes keep us posted I um yes oh way will really show and icing on the cake which is what I really love well let's go in while we're waiting and you have to talk I mean people really care to don't wash these people are very curious don about well materials very womanizing and on dh just what these things are made of for this particular shoot pigs this's the new this plan plan oh right she could play on the pig most of its so called gansa okay that ninety percent of it on dh then there's a little bit of polyester against for a little bit of twenty people in there cream one drink this one is oh silk and I've had painted the ages of this one and then I don't present oh yes on dh ironed all these strips ahead scooter before she got on the plane to come over here just small jobs just took in the whole day and probably watching and don't increase thermal again what did you what did he deal and so they were also scrunched up so he had been I think just the whole day to do it by the way, the baby is coming. So they have put a state a spray starch on, and and I and it's sort of scrunched up like this and just put a sign on it. There's. An instant plate, beautiful, I notice there, below. Come, now. We're really getting leon. I think everybody got a little double sided types around the plastic cup toe. Hold the pedal, very high tech.

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of the special bond between mother and child and there is no better person to capture that magic than the world’s most beloved baby photographer, Anne Geddes.

In A Mother's Day Card Shoot, you’ll watch Anne Geddes at work as she creates one of her iconic images. Moms, crafters, photographers, and fans of Anne can watch as she prepares and shoots an image that will be transformed into an unforgettable Mother’s Day card.

Anne Geddes produces one-of-a-kind images that celebrate the “beauty, purity and vulnerability of children.” In this special class, you’ll get a glimpse into how she does it.

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