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A Positive Mindset for Business Success

Tara-Nicholle Kirke

A Positive Mindset for Business Success

Tara-Nicholle Kirke

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Class Description

What does the next season of your business look like? As the country begins to open back up, many small business owners are still dizzy from the turbulence of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Are you hopeful about the future of your business? How well is your inner wellbeing? Are you able to handle the inevitable anxiety of small business ownership while still staying on course and focused?

Why can some entrepreneurs thrive in times of crisis while others sink? Whether you struggled to stay open, are ready to move onto a new endeavor, or committed to build back stronger, success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset. It’s time to stop reacting to everything around you and get your head back in the game so you can develop a strategic vision for your life and your business.

Creating the business you want to create, achieving the success you are looking for, relies on a positive mindset. Join master coach and CEO of Soultour Tara Nicholle-Kirke as she walks you through the same mindset exercises she shares with her clients.

In this class you will learn to:

  • Metabolize the experience of the shutdown and shift your story of struggle into a story of insight
  • Create an inventory the internal and external assets you bring to your business
  • Identify your zone of genius
  • Audit your alignment to ensure the next season of your business is primed for success


Tara-Nicholle Kirke is the author of The Transformational Consumer: Fuel a Lifelong Love Affair With Customers by Helping Them Get Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser.

She is the CEO of TCI, a marketing, content strategy and leadership development firm that creates transformational experiences for conscious leaders, businesses + customers.

Tara is the former VP, Marketing for MyFitnessPal and Under Armour Connected Fitness, where she led a team that grew the platform to over 100 million customers through brand, growth, engagement, content and digital/social media, and media relations. During her career in Silicon Valley, Tara has created brand, growth, media and content strategies for brands like HGTV, Trulia, ING Direct, Lookout Mobile Security, Chegg, Eventbrite and many, many more.

She has been featured in The New York Times and was recently named the #1 woman Silicon Valley tech companies should be naming to their boards by Business Insider.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Wow, I totally love the positive vibes of Tara-Nicholle and her clarity. The „Farmer’s view“ is a brilliant tipp - and so true! Thank you so much for offering so many great inspirations! 🙏🏻😊

Maya Harish

I was lucky enough to have my business grow through the pandemic, but loved and appreciated this class asking me to take a moment to reflect and realign with the lessons I've learned, and reconsider my goals for the future. Really lovely short class!


Wonderful course. Inspiring, practical and simple - she provides tools for you to process negative experiences and feelings, reframe your struggle stories and ensure your business is in alignment with your values and genius. In this way, you can step into the next season, stronger, more focused, and with lightness and eager anticipation.

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