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Shoot: Nude Dress

I'm gonna shoot this beautiful new dress straight into the back light so I'm gonna turn this around to here and create the v the other way that's it thank you stop building and actually you know what go back the other way so that we've got room for the camera that's it stops bringing around to me yeah they'll do yeah just to hold it up perfect I'm going to do the same with this one so guys position wise I'm gonna be here that's okay me this way perfect thank you you take your boots off tim we can take you big stuff you know clumping around go real wig okay it's quite like I say it here that you happened to that this is beautiful gosh such a beautiful dress okay thank you wish he had a professional pena yeah, I just walked around us like excuse me wait a minute so I had a professional pray now I wouldn't have been walking to the bar last night with my scare tactics is for my friend comes through here okay, so um just so you know, last night I arrived in seattle at the airport and I got ...

all the way to the buried baggage carousel before somebody informed me that I had my skirt tucked into the back of my tight so I walked through the entire seattle airport by five who in my tights with my skate detect into my ties so I liked hearing my embarrassing stories with my clients because it makes them laugh for the rest of the shoot me that please uh two funny okay, I want to shoot you straight on just I just want to hit this light and see what I get it's so beautiful I mean, stress is just crazy gorgeous come towards me christian into the reflected light okay, I can open that up just a little good girl take a step towards me so just yushin either side tiff just to clean up um and just maybe even still bit of fullness through here just I wanted to get teo just open up through the face that's perfect. All right, so now that you're getting used to it, obviously you know that you're holding a teaching and you're lifting your eyebrows. I'm always saying reelection mouth right so really big difference when you do actually relax your mouth so just staying conscious of that and, um because I just keep saying it over and over again just a little drunk. Yeah, just the difference is is if you tell people to open their mouth order and I call that fish face it's more of a relax mel say better and then you bring all of your expression up through the eyes, okay? What I want you to do here is I want you to come up onto this toe and kick this knee cross the cane. This is what could she shape into body so you can push it onto this hip and then I want you to come up here like this and I want you elbow to go around. Good girl. Now pin that elbow down. Yeah, so further than you think it can go and take your hand to the outside. This one here does exactly the same thing. That's. Exactly. Right. So I just want you to let this go and just pin the album on this way. That's it now. Soon as you pin your valves in your shoulders going up so that when you drop him down good, gil and lift up. Really tool through your neck and shoulders and push your chin forward and down. Okay, bring your chin around to me. Stop. Okay, relax your mouth. Good girl. I need you to pen that elbow and push your shoulders down. I could go. I could bring your shoulders down a little debt, the wind pushing it in forward stop! Not too far. That's a girl. Bring it down. That's the one. Okay, what I want you to do here is a tiny little smoke that's the one smile right down through your eyes that's so I'm a little less than that. Good girl stay there okay what I'm gonna do is I'm shooting into the slight but I just want to drop us to any so if we both go down to here okay you can start in the same shape in your body so I want you to kick that hip out that way and you consider your knees if you need to. So either way you khun sit like this all this that's it so if you're gonna go that way then that goes around your booty there that's one and let's just bring this up to here okay? So just two outside underneath you here so I can't see it that's the one now bring your chin back to may stop always square the case I'm I'm always trying to push your body square that's the one that so I don't move and then push your chin for don't move that's absolutely perfect good girl and now I'm going to shoot from here okay relax that mouth chin down that's one stay there okay from here bring your chin bag it's going to go this way can't you see that camera top lift there can I push that down at all that camera back could gil this is beautiful, right? This is where I want to be okay said just that said stay there okay relax at mouth perfect okay from thea I want you to bring this hand to hear that's it and I want you to tune your body this way just to gnaw on your knees more more okay and I want your hand to come down to hear that's it and I just want your chin to come all the way around to may yeah that's perfect okay from the er chin all the way around uh can I concede it fan plugged him can I give me a slight tip this way more okay the fan plugged in like a chain around its going in their beautiful okay what I want it's more shape into body so I need you to bring this ni forward so that you can kick your booty back that's the one I need this hand to be natural so that's it and any judge chin no don't bring shut up yet on either chin around to me first square face first so if that's it if you tipped that way bring your chin this way stop then your faces square that's it okay I need this hand to be bella hands good girl now work the shoulder now kick the body out of the back that's the one stay there and then I want your hand to come down straight down to here with your shoulder actually now I open it up okay hand here so not in the front around to the side of it more don't pin your oberbeck I can't let it go all right and then just work the shoulder up okay stay there lots of shape and argento your bag good gil tip this way slight chin this way that's it understand that horse until and I want to shake this this way you stay there just give me a slight tip in work the shoulder forward that's the one that's the one that's the one chin top of your head that way a little bit more crystal chin this way stop don't move again not to match with that shoulder forward that's a beautiful big smile go scratcher okay from here is go straight back to the war got lots of beautiful life senate sit down seattle turned on a beautiful day for me today just that top it on the side actually it if yeah it's perfect just open up through his cheek no one's watching this just made no I don't want you to tuck here friends up I want you to bring it forward night this bit the hope yeah it's really important we don't hoop it up, go back and then for there and then we'll open it up through here okay from there I want you to or just a little hook can you sit comfortably like this? Okay, so if you just bring this nay around here a little bit more better little bit more little bit more more keep coming around until I see the hourglass in your waist to stop then this hand comes towards me that's it this hand comes onto your thigh and I want you to slide your rubber back don't move okay now what I want you to do is work the shoulder towards mae and I want you to straighten you hit up to me first if we bring your chin this way that salon keep coming keep coming keep coming stop now I want you to drop your chin down okay don't move absolutely beautiful now nothing moves but this knee I want them together to mother in a teacher okay turn this way working your shoulder good girl don't move relax that mouth love that could go yeah I won't bug you hear big big tall that texas here e love takes his head and I beg no I like it there it's framing that's really framing but just a little bit bigger through that bottom but not the top keep that down there that's beautiful no no don't drop it I love that okay this is a very beauty shots I'm right up into your face here I'm make sure really short lean so I want you to work your shoulder towards me okay without turning your body away from me and I want your chin to square up to make it and more more stop okay now that's it good girl see you doing it on you right now whenever you see a camera that's what you know dio for the rest of your life I couldn't stay there and I just want you to relax your chin down look like j lo it is really what you just rest out ok tin around stuff not that far bring it in square to me bring your shoulder to me that that's it don't move don't move good girl okay chin down a little wee bit okay relax your eyes reflect your brows good girl stay there just a looking down like that I like it chin down down stop beautiful okay I need this with a huge big smile guys okay chin down a bit more I can't stay there chin down eyes down that's a huge big smile guy I love that if I didn't get you on the out sorry relax chin down relax your eyes and I really want the shot chin down get it not yet no yeah not yet try and visualize me with my pants tucked into teo or not and that they're okay tune your body towards me lets it stay there kick your body at this way that's it stay there use this arm like it actually what you just did do it naturally elbow in okay now I like your body position but I don't want you here positions who sit up tall now keep you showed us there to straighten your chin this way slighted the hat's the one okay from there there stop election mouth lift out really tall three shoulders good girl turned down a chance to touch a little bit more okay I've just lost your head angle stop there it is chin down a little touch of that good girl okay and just because we hear and I can I'm just going to get you to sit up against the wall so bring your feet towards me yeah that's exactly right push it albert back until it touches the wall yeah both sides that's the one bring your chin forward I need a reflector that I need that took keep coming says that tip stop kicking me susan stop okay long chin stuff chin this way if you could bring this one in that would be cool just don't want that camera that's it perfect exactly right they go beautiful light long chin towards me all right push that elbow back girl long chin around this way okay don't get a short neck so lift up really tall bring your chin all the way around to me this way more more that's it and chin down stuff that's one turn down a bit more you gotta love that stay there just pumped it up chin around a bit more down that's the one love there and tip away from the wall chin down now that's it chin down a bit more beauty arch in this way this way start left that tall that's it beautiful big smile go ok from there let's stand up now I know that you love the dark backdrop so I'm just going to take you straight into the black backdrop describe that we'll pull back because I'm very interested to see if I can get some sparkle movement in a black and white on this dress on a dark background so we'll bring this in and water please okay yeah all right you told me it's taking me out if you need a drink you sure uh have one if you want take this off and put it over your elbows severe in the hook around the other side and I'm just gonna sit you up into this you know no it's okay it's it's okay I just have to keep replacing it I want you to hold your elbows with that staff and I want you to take a step away from me and I want you more take a step back and I want you to cross your foot over like this and put lot to shape into body this way that's it so we got hollywood glam sparkly dress big here don't move right back thank you. This new remote on the mac d on the five day max resource um it's um that's enough there's no tea there it's all right shoulder forward chin down relax your mouth good girl is going to shift my focus there it's the one now krista I need you to work your lower body a little bit more for me so let's kick away from me like that so working the shoulder that's the one long chin that's it stay there stay there now chin up half an inch and just dropped that bottom looks good girl we've got that perfect okay from there what I want you to do is bring the shoulder around even more stop chin all the way around that turn don't move don't move ok love that it could go chin around a little bit more stop okay let's just hold the scarf. Yeah so maybe at the top like this sparkles out yep too about to hear upside down that's when and what I want you to do is I want a little bit of movement in this so I want you to wrap it around your body and then just look back at me like this and when you look back so wrap it and then yeah that's it and election mouth that's it so I want a little bit of movement in this all right to put your hands down and when I say you're just going to wrap and look okay, but you gotta hold it look for me so would that shoulder I want you to go out there and I want you to go like this that's it ok that's gonna go around your elbow yeah and cross it over that said that's exactly right but I want to try get some movement in that skaff okay and look okay don't do this okay so when you wrap I just want you to look back that's it that's it it's just a very dental movement go okay do it again okay that fast that I could kill and big smile doing it go their heads the one one more time go like it don't turn away from me too much so tune back this way and come back to the halfway point a case of open up and then come back to the halfway point and I don't go all the way back all right so drop it down better and go ok big smile that big smile and shoulder that's one do it again go oh I like that okay from here what I want you to do now is I want you to flip this way and inflict this way ok just flick this way inflict this way stop with each one until I get the shot that I want ok go shoulder, chin, shoulder, chin smile, smile you're turning away to match it they go that's it I got it okay in from here put it over your alba's um yeah and put your hand on your waist yeah exactly right so both hands on to waste so let it fall over your elbows and we'll blow this up that's it just talking to her about the bet but nice and low said just taxing yeah good anymore link from the other side okay hands onto the waste that's it and I won't even just kicked forward like this that's the one and okay stadia and I just want your chin to comfort stop don't move there it is beautiful alright tiff I made a little angle here more keep coming give me that tip go turn around to me now okay don't lean forward too much straighten you hit up to may bring it in this way with you shoulder good girl perfect here we got a huge big laughter ok this one this's for you I always make my menu but it's and then I start laughing because I think let's make it pops up behind the o e okay again e has been this way and lots of shoulder big laugh okay otherwise been the other way I love it stay there stay there stay there both hands after here let's sit like that hands into your thanks that's it stay there and I just want you to cook for that's one guy's big laugh they turn around to be this way last thing isn't fix his right. Turn around to me a little bit more. I think I got, yeah, ok, love that. Thank you very much.

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Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.


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Sue always educates and inspires. This course, like most if not all of Sue's other incredible classes teaches us how to connect with the client to capture the most income and the best images for the client. A win win relationship!