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Shoot: Vintage Beaded Dress

What we're going to do here girls is I want the blue rep that she's got it's not for the dress yeah I'm going to try and do what I did on the outside shoot that I've just done I've just discovered this cool thing I was actually in a chute on location I haven't released it yet because it's a surprise and I had this rap and I decided you know me I always want to throw fabric and make something gorgeous happened but I decided what I would do is um use it behind here so I actually held it up into the back light and shadow in front of it so I'm gonna try and recreate that on dh see if I can't get the same look which looked really beautiful so girls yes if she's okay I'll get you to come into here right rodriguez a month to get this show on the road the fastest changing clients okay girls I want you to hold this up with this we can just going to see what I get I'm going to use the back light I need you to come towards me okay and I need you to hold it up his highest if good look and then pul...

led it tight okay so coming to here krista and stand in front of us the case I'm shooting into the back light but I'm going to use this fabric is a blue veil over the backlight I've only tried this outside so if it doesn't work or kick it but what I loved about it was it this mood and for the girls it's like a tristate work out but yeah so don't see me the chiropractor bill chin forward and down is so with it okay from the others is beautiful all right girls come closer to here that's a little bit more that's it I'm going to bring this reflector and try and get us much close in you can open it up tough otherwise it'll fall that one and let's open this one up because I always wanna reflect light the face, not open it up to here so it's not going to the side of here it's going to the front of the ultimate in the way if I shut you down too much guys sorry. Um I can bring it here if that helps but that's about I need all the light I can get in a camera no that's it. Thank you. Ok, nice and high girls let's see what I get here so what I wouldn't mind is maybe a little bit of light I'm going to start off with a tune because I'm going to always do a one eighty so to end this way more he going more okay don't tip your head back tip it forward that's it and I want you to shake your hand on your body so it's always here always working around good girl bring your chin this way don't move okay from there I need some movement on your feet because you got no shape into your body's here so if you move your feet this way that's it not sorry work you shot a forward it took chin around don't move I can't nice and high girls that's it stay there and what I want you to do is bring your chin away around to me I never would have considered shooting into a different colored fabric like this turn around until I just did it sort of by mistake and now I'm kind of feeling it when I hit a cityscape behind me I really loved what it was doing chin around a little bit more keep coming around to me chris a good girl I really loved what it did, teo all of the hughes in the alleyway that we're shooting on sight um also come back to me in the front let it stay there okay lot to shape into body this way so I want you to kick your booty back I want you albert that's a girl perfect I want you long chin chin ford reelection mouth the arms like a lady's seen I need to go to the gym just just work work here relax him out oh I like this chin square to me that I could girl okay from the chin down a little stay there and ice down huge big smile go okay from here I wouldn't mind relax your arms a bit okay I wouldn't mind a little bit of yes if you could play me and I'll hold it this is one of those play things you can't do without an assistant clinic to two people on the other side at least they bring somebody to the shoot okay build it doesn't matter if it moves the fabric to speak nice and close to here yeah okay all right so from their tune your body back to me square no stadium ticket out but tune it back that's it comes up and back that's the one and I want you to push your chimp wait you've got very obedient here street yeah okay from here kick it out fall into it this way not to match that's it letter now relax your mouth like a girl's not long now down a little philbin theall burn and do it in a way feel the band failed there has to be a personal trainer like a long chin stop too far halfway could go spiritus can we drop that down a little wee bit girls that's it stop down a little bit more start to to load up that's one could go gotcha I like it but I'm not loving it I don't think it's making me go wow let's get down to our knees and see if I can eliminate someone does girls in heaven will try sit right okay all right can you sit like a cover girl position like you were doing before that tip hands under there and I want you to push your chin forward that's the one stadia I just want you to drop those shoulders down girls come closer with the fabric that's it and drop it down just a little wee bit stay there perfect a kate long chin drop shoulders down its executive action down just a little bit more turn down just a little bit more stuff lips together tiny little smoke that's it both hands down so I want your hands down to here and elbows back not shoulders good gil push it albert back long chin towards may turn down I can't drop those shoulders they pushed too far back just push it and make a little weed but that's it because you're coming forward too much nice I like that a lot. Okay, chin down, stop and turn down a little bit little half smile for me go just give me that fan again I'll see if I can't a little bit on the way long way it will be that okay before I hop out of this dress that I uh to fight to get one more shot so girls if you take it away and maybe get me some pink flowers because I haven't only flowers and not going to do a lot of back light with crystal because she really likes the darker shots but we can't not take a flower shop because it's so beautiful uh let's go do you hear here this is such a beautiful dress okay thank you yeah yeah yeah yeah sure is I think maybe more so now isn't it? Yeah that's matthew these are my favorite ones this one's got a pretty good clip just gonna cut a flower into you here I'm really into flowers right now I do tend to go through phases where um use them all the time but you suit flowers maybe the pink this one it's hot can you take that down lower neither pin headed perfect sorry you just touched it they don't want to dig in teo um it's really hard to find good flowers but I'm always on the hunt for beautiful flowers and ones that look really he's wonderful handmade hear me? All right, so the idea with this I'm gonna shoot you into the white light okay bring your chin towards may and bring these shoulders and so pushing to be blind I'm there to go and there let him work there shoulder a little way that more for me stop okay longneck lifting up nice and tall dropped the bottom look that's the one stay there perfect you can never do that again I'm going to pump it up like a chin down just attack you got it right down nice and place it's very m so close but stay there for election mouth they're exactly right okay it's gonna open you up here bring your chin square back to me this way don't move chin down stayed here perfect okay chin forward and down a bit more that's one and very gently come around this way yeah just show me round that's one war more that's it and bring this hand on your thigh slide it back and they bring it to ally round goodness like took this will bring it in a way around that fan stadium kitchen all the way around to me now he going would you show a forward short afford shoulder forward and relax mouth cooking here? Okay, relax there. Gotcha. Sorry got a little bit of a blanket around election mouths touch perfect okay tip chin election mouth with the shoulder just bring this hand for a little bit more on what? Your shoulder towards me that's the lanky guy let her stay there okay and just one where I should straight into the window lights have stand up okay don't move you can't just see if I can pick up this flare albert that's the one now it's kickback with your back foot give me heaps of arched your back back that way with the shoulder for m bring your chin all the way around now I want you to open your body up take the headsets davia chin around what you showed forward chin around better lucky shot afford that said stay there and I just wanna get this here good girl perfect all right chin around a little weed but that's the one and then start weekly straight on to just turn back this way straight on to me all those down in those elbows back that's it more and then long chin stop pushing back a little so it's not so far for kristen to pull it back like this let's sit for a little bit more give me a little ways make their good girl stay there this one chick okay, I'm gonna put that flare in a nice chin down does make way got it that's perfect that's exactly what I want for them okay from there called that the only other thing I would do in this light would be to change this no hungry wasn't talking well, uh yeah, yeah, I got him okay, perfect. I can't yet leave it leave it, leave it this beautiful okay from the shoulder more more again, don't move more long neck pushed him forward. Don't know. Stay there. Good girl, reelection mouth. Turn around to me now with that shoulder for jell o. Okay, relax your mouth, dayna. Nicely down, shoulder forward, beautiful big smile. So why there? Okay, from the shoulder, bring this handbag. Don't hold it, let that go. I don't want to see that your weight is towards me with your bomb. Kick it back the other way. That's. Perfect. Okay, from the air, with the shoulder forward like you looking over his shoulder and chin down. Now, that's the one stay there that look down, shoulder forward to tune your body away from me. More, more, more, more stop ice to may. Okay, don't lift that eyebrow. Okay, turn around. Big smart guy, huh?

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Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.


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Sue always educates and inspires. This course, like most if not all of Sue's other incredible classes teaches us how to connect with the client to capture the most income and the best images for the client. A win win relationship!