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Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

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Creating a Beat


Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

Lesson 15 of 20

Creating a Beat


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Creating a Beat

Great. So as another example of this, I'm going to have this creating a beat project and it's a very easy way to did demonstrate what we just did with midi and editing. So this example, set you can get when you get this course. Uh, but I'm gonna walk through, and you can also just play with this at home. But with mitt eclipse and drum racks, you can start writing your own unique beats. This activity will walk you through, creating a beat in life open the e three, creating a beat, live sets there you can create a new beat using mid eclipse and drum racks, and then there will be instructions on the side, so let's, just show that I'm going to go into current projects. Crating beats. Yeah, we had a question just for editing many one thing that I've always wondered how you can do is this something you need, like a third party v s t for his things like us editing for slides, pitch bands or things like travel or vibrato when you're working with many that's, a great question to make that obvio...

us insert a middie track just right clicked insert may track, and I'm going to go into my instruments let's go with like a something very obvious now if I play this I need a farm it we're gonna go over a lot of this but well let's say I want to do a pitch man on the right I'm just going to write one note now uh that's little shorts I'm going to dublin just getting this example ready so I'm actually just gonna write that in is for all right so that way now if you had a controller you couldn't record you're moving the controller but you could also come into your envelopes midi information this is where all the many stuff is you have pitch bend you have pitch band modulation all the different controls that this one is able to do through many so let's go with pitch bend and now I can write a pitchman in right you look for in terms of tremolo that gets more complicated that could be the synth has tremolo and then you can modulate the synth or you can kind of create tremolo through different effects like auto auto pain I'll drag that in creating a mountain is it not in the okay it's just too fast so I can start doing that and doing some things to kind of create a tremble like effect um phasing things like that it's a little bit harder to tremble of it's not inherent to the many because that's more of like a voicing think cool any other questions on many no, not well we have one luke wants to know if I can connect a synthesizer to able to him through an audio interface. How do I use midi to make simple play by itself? Well, there's two things there first of all, if you connect it to your audio interface as audio then it's always going to be on audio so you probably want to set it for instance set up your sound card plug it in said as input second thing is on my sound card on most sound cards on the back there is many in and out you take the many out and put it into whatever that device is then in live this is all in out sort of stuff I can set many from uh you're going have to delete these so I have many from right now all channels wherever this recording is, which is in life and then I put out put, this is where I could out put it to your external gear so you would say, um config coming here and make sure you have oh eight sorry no, I'm doing this wrong you go into your midi effects uh oh no it's instruments and the next external instruments I dragged that in and then maybe too and then I would put wherever that many out is and that goes into that so then it's sending the mini and then that many turns in the audio and is being sent back I sadly don't have like a live eight await toe demonstrate that with just one of the question about velocity with many is you were talking about how velocities map to something and that's how it kind of modulates with even enable to in some of the instruments and then also third party plug ins and all sometimes when you're trying to manipulate the velocity in the middie clip, nothing will change it's like it's not map to anything. Yeah, exactly that's what I said velocities sometimes means volume because you could map it to anything but you know, you also don't have to. So, um, let me get an example of a simpler let's go with base that's probably all right hoops so I have it here no, no, no, no so it's changing the filter prepared a bleed on my velocity? Well, that is right here, which is velocity amount, so if I bring that down and my volume velocity e it's no difference if I turn that way up so it's, wherever you have a velocity, you can then change how much that affects the sound, so you'll have to know the specific instrument cool, great, so now we're looking at building a b and you have these different information here first of all, let's talk about like we've talked about drawing in something I mean dragging and dropping an instrument but you could just go toe like drums and then you can go down anything again. I like the getaway gonna look for that I dragged that in bam either nina wait! Great! And then all we have to do is weaken double click and it creates a middie it's a very fast way to make him and he just double click in there and then I can draw something in to build er this particular sound so I could do something like let's see let's go toe like ninety I'm just making this up so very simple I've got my kick in my hat and that I was coming here I could draw something like let's go with I had not open and then maybe sometimes so I can extend this out so we can see it better I'm just writing this on the fly so I'm gonna just duplicate it and then in this other version I'm just going to dio other things and change velocity just play around with it very simple, just clicking in, drawing it out very easy way to build a beet uh but adding velocity is really going to give it life there's actually a study on they had two groups of people and one group had music where the elements changed a lot, and then the other group had one where the velocity changed a lot, and they noticed that the one where the velocity moved quite a bit, they thought, sounded less like a computer. It's sounding. They thought that one was really both work computer. But just because your change parts doesn't mean it sounds riel velocity that, like rising and falling, you know, is what gives a lot of life to what we create. So play around the velocity, just grab it here, like putting that kick leading into it, stuff like that. You just play around with it, make different versions of that kick. So this is one of those gamble sets. It just goes through, says at a high hat to prepay the length. You can also add velocity.

Class Description

Ableton® Live is a powerful tool for producing music and taking your music from the studio to the stage. Learn the best way to work with it in Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec.

Isaac will teach basics of mixing audio and using Live for live performance. In this class, up-and-coming producers with develop a solid foundation for working with Live. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Recording/editing original or arranged music
  • Sequencing techniques with MIDI
  • On-board effects within Live as well as working with virtual instruments
  • Creating beats with Live
  • Using Ableton Live for live performance
  • Time stretching
  • Importing audio and adjusting time and tempo

Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec is perfect for established musicians wanting to expand their digital possibilities, or for the beginner who wants to start creating music with Live.


Malcolm King

Hello, Firstly gotta thank you for your great tutorials, and sharing the knowledge of making music; then I wanna say, I bought the Ableton Live 9 tutorial package, but I didn't heard or better say understand some of Mr. Cotec's words; that's why I wonder would you please send me an English subtitle of his excellent teaching? I will be much grateful for this. Best Regards, Malc

Casey Dart

Isaac is the man! He is such a great teacher and you can tell has full control over the information. I already feel like I am many steps above friends who have used ableton for years because of this course setting a foundation for me to learn and experiment. Thank you Isaac and crew!

Claudio Martins

Great start course! And Isaac is a super-teacher. Many lessons and great tips. This the first time Im really learned how to handle Ableton!