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Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

Lesson 14 of 20

Editing MIDI Clips


Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

Lesson 14 of 20

Editing MIDI Clips


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Editing MIDI Clips

So now let's look at all the different things around editing midi because we have lots of options here when we go into project uh many all right so let's start by playing all this whole section teach one of these is a minute mini track with some many element on here waken see that new piano roll that's awesome now let's duplicate this I'm going to press control doing or commanding duplicate and I could do things like I'm going to select all of these by just I press hold select it and I can do things like go up and down it's going up and down another really cool quick thing is shift up and down goes up actives and down actives right so I'm editing it but I can do other things like I can come in here and I can change this size by changing that writing right very easy dead in here now let's look at some other stuff uh there are a few other cool tricks that able to give you for editing hitting so I'm gonna fold now I have these notes right you'll notice right now specifically let's hear th...

e high hat no have these high hats they're all the same with called velocity and the velocity is this thing down here now I can open and close it right there I have this little triangle and it does mean is little lines and if I move these it changes the velocity now velocity is generally mapped to volume not always you can map velocity anything you want but if I just shift tab I look at this my velocity setting here is what's affecting the amount of volume change studio philosophy but in general it's volume but not necessarily so I can come in here and I can edit that I could make this part really loud quiet and so on and that's how you start getting no more intricate beats is by changing velocity because if all these were the same velocity not as nice is that especially monty right so that's how we added velocity and there's a few other cool things here so let's say I have this sincere well if I select these I have a few parameters over here and notes they're super fun and easy one of them is reversed so I'm gonna just duplicate this so if I hit reverse which is right here it reverses that whole playback so basically takes wherever those note positions are and reverses it so now that was original one here course now I have a whole new same line but reversed let's duplicate it and now there's this other thing called inverse now in versus saying it figures out the position of the notes and in versus what the highest note is with what the lowest notice that's different in reverse right reverses this way in verse is this way so remember because this is not audio we can totally change and play with the idea of what this sound is and these tools or super easy let's play that awesome now I'm duplicating it again selecting all of it and we have these things which are halftime and double time like we showed before so let's have time it so that was good but it's there it could be useful uh we can also duplicate loop so now it's twice as long and then one of the most important ones that I like to use is this button here like otto now llegado mode in this way is different and llegado mode in the launch I know it's a little confusing llegada mode and the other one means that starts the next one we're last one ends like gotta mode here means the midi note will play until the next meeting up so I press that notice how they don't overlap each other but they all run into the next one that's what I got a very useful for bass lines to just make it all the way so now just through those simple things aiken have all these different versions and then I can change my velocity to give a character and interesting movement and then there we go that's the beginning of writing our own parts with many uh and we're going to talk about many devices and how we can play and stuff like that. Um now we haven't really looked at the actual instruments, so I'm just gonna briefly look at that where here's to sin and all I can do is I noting instruments I dragon, anything like an operator? Drug instrument racks. Right. So you just go to instruments, you dragging your different presets there to change what sound comes from those many, uh and then the only other thing to show real quick is we can use all those envelope automation is and everything that we've talked about before with this. So, like, which one was it? If I come in here, I could do something like, I'm not gonna get a synthesis a lot. There's something better. I'm going to go to an instrument rack. Uh, so I can come in here. And if I write like anything like bright, I can then show automation. Remember all the automation, breakpoint stuff. I can change the brightness. I can come in here. I can modulate the color, so show modulation. And then we start art, like, really changing the sound and quality of our instrument. Wait. So we start creating our own sounds using medical apps.

Class Description

Ableton® Live is a powerful tool for producing music and taking your music from the studio to the stage. Learn the best way to work with it in Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec.

Isaac will teach basics of mixing audio and using Live for live performance. In this class, up-and-coming producers with develop a solid foundation for working with Live. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Recording/editing original or arranged music
  • Sequencing techniques with MIDI
  • On-board effects within Live as well as working with virtual instruments
  • Creating beats with Live
  • Using Ableton Live for live performance
  • Time stretching
  • Importing audio and adjusting time and tempo

Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec is perfect for established musicians wanting to expand their digital possibilities, or for the beginner who wants to start creating music with Live.


Malcolm King

Hello, Firstly gotta thank you for your great tutorials, and sharing the knowledge of making music; then I wanna say, I bought the Ableton Live 9 tutorial package, but I didn't heard or better say understand some of Mr. Cotec's words; that's why I wonder would you please send me an English subtitle of his excellent teaching? I will be much grateful for this. Best Regards, Malc

Casey Dart

Isaac is the man! He is such a great teacher and you can tell has full control over the information. I already feel like I am many steps above friends who have used ableton for years because of this course setting a foundation for me to learn and experiment. Thank you Isaac and crew!

Claudio Martins

Great start course! And Isaac is a super-teacher. Many lessons and great tips. This the first time Im really learned how to handle Ableton!