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Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

Lesson 19 of 20

Remixing in Ableton Live


Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

Lesson 19 of 20

Remixing in Ableton Live


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Remixing in Ableton Live

Now we're gonna use all these things all the all the stuff we've learned to start playing around with music, you're going to get this with the download this is really awesome opportunity to play with someone's track who's created it and just chop and play with it really fortunate to work with jamie blake who's, a part of creative, live awesome musician he had a epa that came out not too long ago, I listened to it was really good it's like this hip hop kind of vocal base stuff very lush, and I just set him up was like, hey, I like to do this remix example, he's like all cool and I'd love to help, so be able to check him out at soundcloud at jeannie underscore blake and let's, look at this, we're gonna open up this set and we're gonna look at rearranging things in able to an arrangement view, throwing it into session view and playing with it so let's do it projects we next? All right, so when you open this up, this is an example set that also comes with the creative life course when you,...

when you get the on demand or when you get this course and on the side right here, this is called the help view when you open it up, you're going to see these instructions so it really is going to help you be able to go through what I'm going to show you right now, so if you ever need there's like a cheat sheet right here in mableton that I've created so that you can look through it, but I don't need that because I know what we're doing so great, all right? I already took the samples of the stems that jamie gave me, and I already threw them unable to end in nature. They were warped because it took me, like, ten minutes to warp everything correctly. We already know howto warp, I just didn't want to bother showing that again, but all the different sam the stems, aaron him so great. Now that we have that there's two ways we could work on this one way is we could just be in arrangement view, and we can come in and kind of chop things up if we wanted stuff like that or what I want to do is play with putting into session view, playing it and moving it back in arrangement view, playing it, moving it back into session view until we get whatever we want out of it, right? So I'm going to use all the tools that we've learned so far first thing we're going to do is what I showed you. If I go to my session view, you'll see there's there's nothing here and the insert a scene all right, so there's nothing in here so I'm going to do is right click consolidate time and I'm just doing this visually because I can kind of see that something sort of happens here and I'm just going to go through it's all the time it's like here's a little break right in this section actually, you know what I did that whole thing wrong now I'm looking at it yeah, these two sections or two short see what I did was I did this and then I did that and I realized of issue just before so it's all right time to new oops no that's all the time can you seen assault of time it takes a second but it's worth it okay, same thing now you probably noticed a lot of patterns in electronic music the whole sixteen bar repeat eight sixteen thirty two will see that all the time all right, so now I have this all end up together that I was all in session view all chopped up right it's a great start now before we get too deep into this let's listen to the song I should've played at the beginning so now we have it all chopped up we can start bringing parts in and out this is where a controller becomes really helpful and I'm going to show you on the push actually lots of cool percussion here lots of interesting sounds going on also lots of room for me so why this is playing? We're still listening to the arrangement I'm gonna come in here and I'm just gonna color things and name things because it will just be a lot easier in truth building me alright tio breaking the oh just wait okay? Just because I want to know where these sections are I'm going to also color them just so I can see what's happening so all my main sections I'm going to color main sections it's all these all right? And then what? We got new beat I'm going to color that sure that may belle's no rhyme and reason just so I know what's kind of happening here all right? Now I'm gonna plug in my push you don't need to push but it's just I'm going to make this process a lot easier and it's pretty and I have it so you know what is all use it all right? So I got session view here this is basically just representing what's happening in session view and then when I'm here I can do things like some playing that section that he had before I just come in and plan already remixing in the way that's like I'm just playing around don't know what I'm doing necessarily that's another section on that could bring these out I don't have any more I told you so I could bring that part out that's the beginning chopped it up I can play you can throw in anybody's track and start doing this there's tons online for free but let's take this up let's bring it up a notch so with this folder you're going to have one called remix ah where is it loads stone's okay load stands drums so I have all these drums that I felt worked pretty well with this just to make it easy I'm gonna drag it into my drum section so now for instance I can play this section come down bringing new drums way like I like this one so I've got a drum way down on the bottom and these other ones playing money play around with this so different clips all over the place right well once if I could bring all these clips together to a new seat all you have to do is I can right click capture an insurgency it takes all those clips of plane other places inputs of one new so now when I press that it's all those great so now we're starting to build this constant I can play here just trying to meet yeah I like that one so same thing I'm going to solve it captured in sirte scene I think so I basically just wanted to make three new scenes for me to play with um I'm just gonna make this obvious just so I know what I've done color coding is awesome. Ah, cool. So now I have these things to play with now let's just for giggles add some live effects. Uh, actually what I can do is I'm going to come into my audio effects we've already gone over the browser where these things are so I'm gonna go ahead. I'm going to grab my life effects. We'll put it my master track I'm also going to put some on my drums and some on my piano. Okay? Awesome! Oh, there was one other thing that I wanted to do. I'm just playing around before I get too involved in this, but I'm gonna copy that's unfolding control which just duplicates it when you drag it. One thing that I thought could be really helpful in a remix is super simple. I'm just going to lower the transposition complex way have like a new section now that's just lower oh, with the piano let's actually go with twelve awesome and we also talked about war mode, so let's play with war moves in here, I'm going to do something like just creating new rhythms within this melody oh, so we're getting there wait so now we have a lot of new sections to play with especially want to start performing this and now I also have effects in here now with the push talking q earlier about how when I'm looking at something like I'm looking at this pad I now up here get those parameters so now when I'm playing this so so now I can control whatever I'm looking at which in this sense is live effects to cool I'm all set up that's what I don't know fifteen twenty minutes or less but now we've prepared track we can play it so let's start but I'm gonna look at my master track and I'm just going to record myself back kintu arrangement you um I want to make sure oops I want to make sure that I'm not recording over the original so I'm just going to start over here gonna hit record groups alright master tracks turned down it's all part of some using many amusing affects I've got my scenes running this's some cool I'm gonna change this war mode I was launched smooth change it sixteen let's do that same thing with sixteen no way so this is kind of the new section of route bringing another drum section wait till that brings out its box can you bring another break this's gonna be my final section little ended so be it don't on e think it was appeared in at these gates he's a funny ending here. All right, so now if I tab over have all that recording done here now I've already greatly changed the arrangement quite a bit and now it's just a little bit of time and a little bit of reading I can get this into a whole new track so we've looked at session view and now I can kind of show you some of the powers of arrangement so first of all, I know I played way too long in this section because I was showing you guys something so I'm just gonna add it all these little micro edits because I was doing the gate can extend out in this whole section I'm just going to cut out this whole thing and it uh cut time and even this no, no, that was the glitch park, so I'm going to cut that time too thiss beginning I also got wrong, so I'm just playing around right cut time editing, bringing out sections that was a slow build and here's this effect if you guys remember this multi band sweep I love this. It gives it that like, oh, yeah there's something I want to show you here this is really cool so that section I'm going to end it er cut time all right, so I have this thing right this base it's good but let's say I want to switch it out now I could rewrite this or I can do some quick able to magic we're talking about this during one of the breaks which is convert melody to new mini track now these air getting into more advanced features that I could play around with for days and show you guys but wouldn't have time so I'm just going to throw out a bunch of ideas and how we can start using this program and you're going to hopefully get inspired so if I convert melody to new mini track it's going to read that it's going to read the frequencies in the notes and automatically make a new mini trach remember many is not audio since it's now many I can change it into new sounds so let's hear just a start it's really quiet and really low so I'm going to select all of these if you guys remember a media editing on select groups select all of that I'm gonna hit shift up and then let's go into instruments I'm going to write space and see what I got I don't know maybe that'll work oh no no in context is good I'm just trying to find the right sound I like that and then I can even come in here and I'm gonna cool I'm gonna just modulate some pitching starting right new parts right got that drum break great actually gonna just delete this whole thing weii writhe full new section so if you knew the original especially if like let's throw in this baseline here way actually duplicate I really like this hip hop I mean bring this ubc we're adding all sorts of new stuff like right off fly all the skills that we just learned I think this new sexual coming I'm gonna actually believe this on I think with this I can also easily convert to melody and before you know it I'm just taking these things this is converting it to midi and then I can start playing with it let me make sure that it's close enough eyes is I just need to change the sound because that's a terrible bell sound so I go into my instrument racks I can look at um actually mean to look by sounds have some really good cinematic sounds I'm not getting into synthesis I'm just getting into preset swapping way actually see just one second I'm going what packs yeah like that okay so sounds let's go into bills teo awesome so let's turn that volume if I can in your eyes is a whole new way here's something for you guys remember I was talking about layering the vocals let's do that in this one let's bring this one to five and we'll do just I'm just going to do this randomly and then remember, every time this is something interesting every time I press control e it's a new clip so I can change my settings like transposed down twelve and sent this to complex so then I can start getting these cool that's what was too much so it's going negative so I don't have time to totally chop this up but you can start saying I could start making edits quick little chops for cool little effects and before you know it I get really cool sounds out of it so I'm even gonna change that volume automation just by double clicking there and then right here I'm going to go back to normal a lot of demonstration of those techniques done real quick. We have some new things audio committee that I showed but really how we can move these things back and forth and then if I wanted teo I really have a beginning of assault arrangement here I could do the same thing where I go back into arrangement uh session view and then I can go here and options no, sorry, right click consulted time you seen it and put it all back in secession view and an in session view see how those parts played maybe tribe replaying it and then before you know it I have like three or four versions down has been only a few hours and I feel like I have, like, a whole new world of sounds to play with from those original stems. Yeah, that's, the power of life when she really got the timing, when she transpose. Once you admit e record, I'll play autoharp over it. You guys will beat box. Things will get weird. We'll have a live basis. I don't know. It'll be great.

Class Description

Ableton® Live is a powerful tool for producing music and taking your music from the studio to the stage. Learn the best way to work with it in Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec.

Isaac will teach basics of mixing audio and using Live for live performance. In this class, up-and-coming producers with develop a solid foundation for working with Live. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Recording/editing original or arranged music
  • Sequencing techniques with MIDI
  • On-board effects within Live as well as working with virtual instruments
  • Creating beats with Live
  • Using Ableton Live for live performance
  • Time stretching
  • Importing audio and adjusting time and tempo

Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec is perfect for established musicians wanting to expand their digital possibilities, or for the beginner who wants to start creating music with Live.


Malcolm King

Hello, Firstly gotta thank you for your great tutorials, and sharing the knowledge of making music; then I wanna say, I bought the Ableton Live 9 tutorial package, but I didn't heard or better say understand some of Mr. Cotec's words; that's why I wonder would you please send me an English subtitle of his excellent teaching? I will be much grateful for this. Best Regards, Malc

Casey Dart

Isaac is the man! He is such a great teacher and you can tell has full control over the information. I already feel like I am many steps above friends who have used ableton for years because of this course setting a foundation for me to learn and experiment. Thank you Isaac and crew!

Claudio Martins

Great start course! And Isaac is a super-teacher. Many lessons and great tips. This the first time Im really learned how to handle Ableton!