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Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

Lesson 13 of 20

Using Midi in Ableton Live


Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

Lesson 13 of 20

Using Midi in Ableton Live


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Using Midi in Ableton Live

So many now we're talking about many we could bring an audio, which is great, but we have can also bring in many. We have not talked about many as of yet, and now we finally get to talk to talk about it. You know, we can talk about recording through a device like this or writing it by hand. I have wrote many things by just clicking my mouse to create new many parts, and there a few important things with us so many, what is it? Mini is short for musical instrument digital interface. It is a technical standard that describes a protocol, digital interface and connectors, and allow a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers and other related devices to connect and communicate with one another. All right, in other words, it's, a bunch of numbers, ones and zeros. That means something you press see on your keyboard that sends the c note seat message to your computer and the computer reads it and makes a sound from it. That is what many is it's, just information, but here's so...

mething is very important. Mini is not audio, and audio is not many. Midi is a signal that an instrument or synth can read and turn ins audio so I can hit the c note. I can change my instruments and could be the same note that I'm playing but they're different audio that's coming out of it so it's just information that's red turned into audio so enable tio we can play with this with mitt eclipse many clips contain musical material in the form of middie notes and controller envelopes this information can then pass on to your synth fiesty or live instrument to make sounds the middie clip is like an audio clip you can control it from the cliff you and can edited add notes and new parts so the clip view let's see yet just pretty much went over that all right, so let's look at media clips down tio all right, so to start let's talk about making new many tracks just like we had audio tracks we have many tracks and that's where we have our clips so all I need to do is right click I can insert audio track sorry right click insert midi track there we go and that's many you'll notice right here see how it's not a volume that is trying to demonstrate to you the concept that media's milat audio nothing is happening and so we put a synth on there then it will make audio until then what would happen is if I hit this which is the arm which we'll talk about later if I'm playing it's just showing you that I'm hitting a note on this keyboard but we don't necessarily have to use the keyboard it all so here's an example of well that's audio um all right so right now I have this mid eclipse something's happening to it just gonna delete these two and if we look at the many clip sees little things they represented note that's happening but it's not going into anything so it's just the sound but what I can do is if I go to my drums let's go ah love me some eight await tried that in all right well that's a terrible sound see, I'm changing this note I just selected it by pressing I'm going up and down great I don't particularly like that one either great much better there one second this is give me a buzz sound awesome so that's a kick right well I can also come in here and if I double click I could make new parts right and I can also come in I can write just scrolling up this thing right here is called the piano roll it's actually a full two let's take that off so this is what it normally looks like so it has all the different notes I can come in here now the advantage to fold is if I press this it shows on lee the notes that I can actually hit on the media controllers are the many instruments so let's just right where's hayate go building a beat to start. Right? Very simple. So all you need to do is you double click. It makes a note. You can double click again. It deletes a note. Very easy way of editing so we can fold that's what? This button here, wass which basically let me show you the device. So right here, this is a drum rack, so I just went to drums it away. It dragged it in this drum rack on lee. Has these few notes just in this drum racket only has sixteen. So because of that, if I hit fold, it will only show the sixteen possible news. It just makes a lot easier for editing. And it also tells me the name, but if I don't have that, I get to see the piano roll. Now what I do with the piano rolls if I have this little symbol here, I can zoom in and out, up and down whenever I get that little thing on the side and I just click and hold and I could move around, then once I'm here, I can just start moving things, start editing them. I can change the size and so on, it's pretty intuitive once you start playing with that aspect.

Class Description

Ableton® Live is a powerful tool for producing music and taking your music from the studio to the stage. Learn the best way to work with it in Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec.

Isaac will teach basics of mixing audio and using Live for live performance. In this class, up-and-coming producers with develop a solid foundation for working with Live. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Recording/editing original or arranged music
  • Sequencing techniques with MIDI
  • On-board effects within Live as well as working with virtual instruments
  • Creating beats with Live
  • Using Ableton Live for live performance
  • Time stretching
  • Importing audio and adjusting time and tempo

Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec is perfect for established musicians wanting to expand their digital possibilities, or for the beginner who wants to start creating music with Live.


Malcolm King

Hello, Firstly gotta thank you for your great tutorials, and sharing the knowledge of making music; then I wanna say, I bought the Ableton Live 9 tutorial package, but I didn't heard or better say understand some of Mr. Cotec's words; that's why I wonder would you please send me an English subtitle of his excellent teaching? I will be much grateful for this. Best Regards, Malc

Casey Dart

Isaac is the man! He is such a great teacher and you can tell has full control over the information. I already feel like I am many steps above friends who have used ableton for years because of this course setting a foundation for me to learn and experiment. Thank you Isaac and crew!

Claudio Martins

Great start course! And Isaac is a super-teacher. Many lessons and great tips. This the first time Im really learned how to handle Ableton!