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Ableton Push Fast Start

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Adding Effects and Automation

Josh Spoon

Ableton Push Fast Start

Josh Spoon

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10. Adding Effects and Automation

Lesson Info

Adding Effects and Automation

Adding effects and automation s o this is probably something that people have been wondering about because you see me turn knobs but they're not really doing anything uh over time so you can add effects you can add automation to your, uh instruments and your sounds if we look right here we have add effect so that's where we could go and hit at effect and we can add audio effects so you may say, well, I want a mat at a middie effect how do I get to my many effects? I keep pressing this and I'd never get that effect uh, so what you want to do is make sure that no close this browser click make sure that you have selected so you go to device view to see your divisive and then make sure you have your instrument selected because middie cannot go after an instrument has to go before an instrument, so if you have the instruments selected, you are letting push and live know that there's a possible it could add a middie effect and since I only have one thing in the device chain uh it doesn't it'...

s going to default to this one but there's a possibility as I have more instrument arm or effects I could have these lit up and then I would like hit the button and I wouldn't see many so if I hit a grand piano and his shift ad I get the option for mittie so I can come in here and an aarp educator accord uh so let's um at a chord here just for a second I'll just add the default court so if you look right now I have in this block I have I keep touching the swing the different types of middie effects right then the next block over remember I have the presets for that one so if you say like I don't want to play our court I don't want to do any of these chords I want to make my own court you can always hit the green button in the actual device defaults and this will load the default so get the default right there and then I can go back to device and then to my do still do you know cords here if I want to I know this sounds like jazz uh just people who would come after me uh if I want tio taken effect away his whole delete and then hit the cord and then it just deletes it so I just select delete select the cord on the select line uh and so now I'm back to just the grand piano if I want to add an audio effect I just hit add effect and then I get to all my effects so let's say let's go with a flynn jer not bees it's going legal and I'm gonna change my uh padley outback so have the effect loaded and I can go back to my device to see what's going on in my device you you see now I have the grand piano and I have the wiggle so aiken hit the grand piano get to everything in there and then hit the wiggle and get to a love the er macros and parameters in here so this one's just in effect so it's not effect rack so it's actually going in and plotting out all of the parameters of the effect second press and if I want to and get two more parts of the flanders I get the drive went here and get to the l a faux sections I could turn the lfo you do that all on here sync free change the trend from triangle a sign way we're square the rate and so it takes a second to more in the second but it takes a while to have this kind of locked away in your brain of like ok, so, um I'm in the flander um what how do I get to the other parameters just always remember this in button and then it'll break down on the selection which one is uh which and you can just click and select what section you want and make those changes and some some devices have especially like max for life the devices you may download they'll end up filling up this whole row and to get to the rest of the row you could press the end to kind of bank over from the eight banks that you have right here to select room so that's how you and in effect I'm gonna add a a little bit more um effective effect so do you add effect again and I'm gonna go to the auto filter and I'll just load the default auto filter now go back to device to see my devices in my device you on so I am on filter so I am going do the same thing here you can go in to get two more since the filter um there's uh side chain some extra filter settings here l a foe and things like that ah uh check my notes here e continue while I look all right so let's go to the next line here let's talk about some automation and it's really easy really nice to automate and uh in push so I grabbed this filters that we can have an effect that is really simple use the filter you know you just turn it and you can hear the effect very easily so I have this corporation and I just played a couple of minutes ago and I could just automate over the court progression the way that we do that is you hit the automate button right here and then you just press record way so it's now automated if you look at the numbers are going up and down there's also a little rectangle that showed up here to let you know that there's automation uh on the on this knob right here if I want to delete that I can hit delete and then just touch the encoder and then it deletes it so to put that back and I can still come in and edit this further if I want to first I'll show you on the screen on my laptop here how tio so you look at the envelope and you could see everything that I drew on there and I could even come back in and then record you see if I let it go it stops recording so it's not going to like leave it if I stopped at five hundred hundreds just like then right over five hundred sunni like bush uh, so everything goes right in there and it's really nice. Uh if I want tio um if I want to let's say, disable the filter I could just turn the knob while I'm not recording and then play it back and then I can see michael maybe I want to just leave it here you know or not if you want tio getting you re enable your automation you hit shift automation on then it comes back so you don't lose it it just disables it so that you could make manual changes shift automation to get it back any questions? Question is there a way to change the order chain of effects on device on push? Uh no, I have tried that. Ok, that would be cool. Aah! But one thing I will say um and I think it's in a slide later with push the best thing to do to make it easier and I would say the best thing to do even with live or with any doll you're using is the prep beforehand so just like if you like ham and I'm gonna play a song on my guitar you would hopefully you know, have the guitar strong and everything and everything set up beforehand so the more preparation you put him beforehand, the easier it is. So if you if you're like oh man, you know the fact I really like using inside of the simpler is this but I have to press in and then bank over somewhere then you should probably make of iraq and then put that as your number one macro and then save it and then any time you pulled in the push boom it's right there it's right where you want it right at the top it's beautiful that you can go in deep and get where if you need to get to and that's great, especially for production and you know if you've got time, but if you're playing live or you're like just trying to like, unless I have a lot of friends that have kids, they work jobs, they don't have, like, three hours to be like. All right, well, let me just kind of mess with this kick drum. They just need to get to work. So if you prepped beforehand, then you could just load in your instruments and boom right there. It's, right there on on the push for you. It tells you exactly what the numbers are with the names aren't all the macro, so I would say, you know, that would be cool to be able to re order him. But if you prep and everything, you can easily let's say, delete one, delete the other and then swap them out. And then if you have him in racks, maybe you need to turn this one. You know that thirty in this one, the seventy two. But, you know, it's kind of the thought.

Class Description

Ableton’s Push Controller is not just another MIDI controller, it’s basically its own instrument. Whether using it in a live DJ set or simply speeding up your creative workflow in the studio, Push can help you program drums and melodies faster.

Learn how to take advantage of the step sequencer, note mode, and create custom maps of the entire 8x8 pad layout to maximize your production in Ableton Live in Ableton Push Fast Start with Josh Spoon. 

Josh will cover:

  • Hardware Workflow
  • Tonal Relationships in Note Mode
  • Alternate Pad Layouts in Note Mode
  • Step Sequencing in Drum Mode
  • Quantizing Drums in Drum Mode
  • Using Push in a Live Set
Josh is an Ableton certified trainer and is well known for his extensive tutorials on Push and in Ableton Push Fast Start, he will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using Push in your Live setup

If you’re using Ableton Live and have yet to incorporate a complete controller into your workflow, Josh will show you how Push can be more than just a controller, but an extension of your creative output.

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