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Alternate Pad Layout

So let's talk about alternate padley out uh, so the ultimate pad layout is really interesting it allows you to kind of change the way everything's position so this relationship we've been talking about where you're going up by fourths um reminds me of another song uh and then you go over by one and down by fifty those relationships could change if you want them to. So, uh let's go to the next line. All right, so we will, um scale so his scale and then hold shift to get to the alternate layouts here and if you see there is a triangle on the fourth so any time you see triangle um on here that's where it's currently located. So that's where we are right now four it's going up and if we change it here as you see this everything changed the layout we're not forthcoming on then it's going up by one here we could change this also tio third going up. So this is nice because, um once again, if you have small hands, you can just play thirds going up so I can now just go. And if you want to play ...

a seven nine it's kind of noisy so as I was saying about alternate voicing it's kind of getting money here so I could find a new place for this and you know look for another place for it to teo I don't usually play with the thirds going out some like wait where is this going? Um so if I it shift and then two thirds to the right which is very nice um and an interesting kind of different way to play uh I was gonna look to make sure I pronounce this right sequent if I said that wrong the literary people please tell me s o this allows you to play the notes in sequence without any repeat so if you remember whenever I played a note if I played see there was another c that was in the same active that was over in a different spot here there is only one note at a time so if you're looking for straight ahead notes like let's say you're using uh, contact and ice contact or if you're using impulse and you have a drum rack with impulse inside of it thiss will give you that scale you gotta put it in c for impulse but it'll be a one one to one uh ratio and then if I did shift and uh uh, I keep saying they would go, so if I do uh it to the right and now we'll just go to the right so we have up on right of fourth upper right of third up on right of second agent right I can read, alright, uh, so this is kind of, I would say, similar, like, alternate tuning. S. So, you know, you want to, like, I want to do drop d and then that way, I have d here and be here and it's, just different layouts, free to be ableto play the way that you want. So, yes, so that is the ultimate pad layout.

Class Description

Ableton’s Push Controller is not just another MIDI controller, it’s basically its own instrument. Whether using it in a live DJ set or simply speeding up your creative workflow in the studio, Push can help you program drums and melodies faster.

Learn how to take advantage of the step sequencer, note mode, and create custom maps of the entire 8x8 pad layout to maximize your production in Ableton Live in Ableton Push Fast Start with Josh Spoon. 

Josh will cover:

  • Hardware Workflow
  • Tonal Relationships in Note Mode
  • Alternate Pad Layouts in Note Mode
  • Step Sequencing in Drum Mode
  • Quantizing Drums in Drum Mode
  • Using Push in a Live Set
Josh is an Ableton certified trainer and is well known for his extensive tutorials on Push and in Ableton Push Fast Start, he will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using Push in your Live setup

If you’re using Ableton Live and have yet to incorporate a complete controller into your workflow, Josh will show you how Push can be more than just a controller, but an extension of your creative output.