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Sampling & Remixing: Remixing and Mashups

We'll talk about remixing a little bit I've actually brought in a few sounds, and I might get a get a couple of patterns going and experiment a little bit with all sort of sample based stuff. Um and, uh, there's, a lot of different kinds of remixing and able ten allows you to do basically any kind you want, um, it allows for sampling on a bigger level, if you're if you're d j just playing back tunes, you can play back entire songs and mix and layer them. Um, if you're doing something like if you want a lout a whole mix, you can totally do that in the arrangement view, or you can improvise it and perform one clip a time enable to and you can break out the song parts or you can, uh you can do it song purse on. Um, the cool thing about being able to break out song parts is is if there are modulations or key changes in the song parts, you can have matching other samples that match that and harmonize with that part of the song, save on an acapella that goes with the verse, but it it doesn't...

match the chorus, you can just you connect, you can have that lined up, and you're seeing lunch. And whenever that that event happens those will launch the same time so able to is really great for for those kinds of remixes it's sort of on the fly mash ups like that um you can and you can also combine you know, full songs like that um you can you can reprise their honor old songs to pull those in, lend them up on the grid and be matched them and figure out the music behind them you can even use some of these convert committee tools to figure out uh you know, the harmony, the midi and the melodies if you're not that great at that doing that by a year yet so um and or it might just save you time tio s oh that's a that's a really cool and fun way to to learn into explore music is by remixing I think I've actually learned more about music through remixing than any other thing um now the kind of remixing that I'm going to do today or sampling I'm going to do is is basically just a friend made a track and he sent me a bunch of samples and and it's sort of what I it I think of it more as like a reinterpretation it's kind of like I'll take the sound bed and uh you know, if there's really there's some really great parts that I really love it stand out to me I will tryto honor that and in the meat remix that I make but usually it's just I tried to put a different whole different spin on ah my own cup on your gun providing my own composition um and just sort of basing it off of the sound set that I'm provided with and and this is really the same approach that it that I I used with arrangement I liketo hatch the ideas in session view and then once I get something's happening that um I'm feeling I like I get it to the arrangement view as quickly as possible so that I can start sequencing on a timeline how many's the head funds for this so my buddy sent me a few different he just sent me some sort of stems is what we would call them and right now that one is re pitching so I'm actually going to change this warping outer of them right now to be, um and pitch so many the years I was right it's not going to give me that info. Oh, I have to have to have all these warped first. Okay, so turn warping on and change it from re pitch tio uh change these too complex pro for now and if they are drums or beats I will probably changed them to a different under them sit for quality sake so here's some subs there's air cool I can add those in is a layer uh we've got some some cliques and this is the track called lumpy from hetrick um thank you t live for hooking me up with the remix duties this is the original drums definitely want to use those some cliques glitches and stuff some bells and atmospherics and this isn't her piccio it's pretty so just to save a little bit of time I actually I sliced a few of these up already and I have like looks like I have one or two little loops going on the drums already so take a look at that so here's the original drum sample after a place it's a medium so that's a little that's a little rhythm that I got started let's take a look and see what other sounds we have chopped up here's some of the little sent blips and bloops on some of those bells a sub some cliques on then here's some some of the here's a melody that I extracted from ah ah song that uh that we made and thousand ten s so it was I found that it was in the same key so I thought I'll just try layering that and and here's that sub basically extracted from that melody which is pretty cool I think I'm gonna go would like some kind of a god bouncy square bring the volume of that oscillator down ah ah ah ah ah ah money modulate that lfo with uh with the filter ah play with this someone a cheering all the way down to one voice e I and I activate the glide as well so so a big part of my remixing is it is really just there's a sound a line and it's kind of adapting that to current grooves that I've got going so I'm gonna go ahead and activate this sounds like a record they're still going something delete those core progression to that matchup so I might actually just take that um that what's now a baseline and sort of high pass that and sounds like it could be that's the kind of like an intro with what what's currently going on with the drums so I'm not actually gonna go back here and I changed this to a high pass filter and had some reverb jet okay so that sounds pretty me I'm going to go ahead and just take that to the grid as it is so think what I'll do is just recorded into the arrangement so top over and exact things I wanted to treat you live so I'm gonna go back here okay you know break open this up just a hair more okay okay so that gave us a little uh first eight bars or so okay so see if I can't figure out a little something else too had a couple other sounds going here I really wanted to use these coffee beans I'm gonna put that bring the plate point I wanted to be more of a splash kind of thing and I might try doing another you've got some other operator going on here operator it's not the one I want us mccord's sure totally what I have been in that that same group of that already got go and I think I'm going to go with something like this so let's go back and just want that trump loop coffee beans on dh start recording again I want to bring that straight and okay so definitely needs some kind of some kind of ah different progression with her some needs to evolve the rhythm of the drums a little bit on that drop I think I'm actually going to use that sort of one of those kick drums that we made earlier just like we could've written over that so I'll just go in and um actually I think I also have some other kicks to here we go and that's kind of ah tuned kick trump bring up the okay so I'm actually just going to use this sort of uh an audio form and pasted in I want to make a new track for it because we're already using a truck fourteen and I'm going to make this loop smaller in the clip you it's going to do a bar on the brain in the start point up and I want this to match thea grew a little bit better so I'm gonna actually go in here and just kind of paste this for me but it looks like I need to line up these transients a little bit or to our grid before you start shopping in pace in things to crazily no, this is also re pitched. I'm gonna change it beats well, I think I'll do tones since it's more tennis it is tuned that's line it up a little bit better. Okay, copy paste a here I move that over and we're still kind of building the anticipation of the track at this point. So kind of just a build into a bill which is ok for a segment of the tune. Okay, so like that and probably going to do this for another, I would say another eight bars and then I'm gonna add another sample the I've got let's see have some another kick drum. They sound well, I'm actually going to go in and make a sound out of this some in it. I'm gonna use simpler for this to create a sort of a riser. So I'll just drag my my audio straight in there and I am going tio slide my play, head up a little bit and activate my pitch envelope, which I'll turn up to about ten seconds so I wantto I'm basically I'm adding a pitch rise and that attack will take about ten seconds to reach the the sustained pitch level so I'm in it change the envelope sent value in semi tones tto forty eight which is the max thief so without that this was just like this kind of dreary washed out chords sound actually super had a key and that but it doesn't matter since we're pitch gliding it it's it's going to be outside of the scale anyways and that's what I want thing again I I love about transitions is that you can kind of you can break a lot of rules and sort of take the track off the rails and then and then and then bring it back so I'm goingto go into aa track nine here and add a middie was shift command em to create the mini trach and actually when I turned that um pitching float back on okay we'll find that note that I'm just scrolling through the keyboard as I press that now ok it looks like it's right at the end of our phrase I'm going to make the attack just about three seconds longer there and put it right before a place that we're going to do some kind of a drop so on this drop I'm actually going toe change it to a little bit more dancy rhythm I'm gonna use this original drum loop and I'm gonna drop. So going over too first drum track, I'm just I'm pasting and pace this brother men, and I want this substance top. Tio, go ahead and put that in on track. Six. This is just this is the point where I start toe, flush out the tune and getting some song parts sketched out and just using the sounds that I have for the remix. So at this point is when I'll start toe, do some riffing and instrumentation on this main group, and, uh, basically, we've got a song cooking so that's, how I would start toe throw sample at the arrangement and teo begin the workings of a remix.

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