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Optimize Your Brain

Lesson 32 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

Optimize Your Brain

Lesson 32 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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Lesson Info

32. Optimize Your Brain

Lesson Info

Optimize Your Brain

We've got a lot of information to go over today, you guys, because we are going to be talking about the mental game, and this is once again an area that tends to get left on the table for people who are trying to achieve ultimate human performance. Now, I'm not saying that everybody out there that is trying to run a five k or lifting weights or playing football or doing a triathlon is a meathead, but what I'm saying is that a lot of times we do have brain fog issues, concentration issues, clarity issues, memory issues that could be associated with sleep that we just got done talking about, but could also be associated with a couple of other areas. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how your brain breaks specifically, two ways your brain breaks and what you can do about that. And then I'm going to teach you some of the the best ways to make yourself smarter and give yourself focus and that optimum mental performance that helps you get into what we call in sports and athletics and per...

formance zone. So let me ask you, first of all, about the definition of a brain and whether or not you have what I call a super human brain remember, we started off this entire week with this question of what ultimate human performance actually is. And I told you that really in a nutshell I'd say it's the ultimate combination of being superhuman or becoming superhuman having this combo of performance that loss recovery, digestion, brain sleep and hormone optimization and when we talk about the brain the way that I would define having a super human brain or having a brain that's primed for ultimate human performance would be having the ability of your brain toe optimally process information and communicate with your body now there's two ways that that process khun break number one is through neuro transmitters deficiencies and I'm going to teach you eight different ways that you can get a neurotransmitter deficiencies and exactly what to do about them. The second way that the brain breaks is through something called h p a axis dysfunction or hypothalamic pituitary axis hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis dysfunction I'm going teach you exactly what you can do about that as well, but before we even get into that it's important to kind of understand why when we're trying to achieve ultimate human performance, we really need to take care of our brain because really when we're taking care of our brain we're taking care of our entire central nervous system the entire section that you can see here from the nerves that travel through our body to all of the different parts of our spinal cord and the little control center that lies underneath our brain here called the cerebellum this entire area is responsible for body temperature blood pressure, heart rate breathing sensing movement dreaming what you talked about earlier if you're not dreaming ever sometimes it is an indication that you have a neuro transmitter issue or an hp access issue which we'll talk about reason, emotion and of course the central nervous system or the ability of your brain to communicate with your muscles now this is what is called your brain stem and this is really one of the more important parts that aa lot of the fixes that I talked to you about today are going to have the most direct effect upon you have what's called your medulla which lies right here and is responsible for your blood pressure and your breathing and your training your medulla when you try out some of those breathing techniques that we talked about in session one today you have your ponds which is responsible for movement in position information, breathing, taste and sleep and your training your ponds when you're doing a lot of those balance movements that we talked about in day one in the session on balance you have of course your spinal cord where all those sensory and motor pathways travel back and forth and we learned about some ways to override some of those pathways we talked about power training and plyometrics in the power session of day one we have our mid brain which is responsible for basically motor function, eye movements and auditory control and really that's this entire what's called thalamus region here and then of course we have our hypothalamus, which is right here in that controls foreman secretion of things like thyroid stimulating hormone and some other adrenal hormones that we'll talk about later, but the reason that I'm showing you guys this slide and the next slide in which I showyou neuron is I want you to kind of sort at least have a general feel for some of these regions I'm talking about, so they're not just, you know, airy fairy dots in the brain, and you kind of get that anatomy down a little bit basic, nor on design, and we've thrown around this word a few times, but I don't really think that I've shown you a picture of it yet we've thrown around the word maya lin ation a few times when we're talking about power and speed and about why we should eat things like omega three fatty acids and supplement with things like coleene or krill oil it's because these meilin she's degrade when we eat a low fat diet and a lot of times nerve transmission from neuron to neuron is unable to occur when nerve signals cannot travel along the myelin sheath and reach what is called the synapse right here it at the end of the basic neuron so this is basically what what a nerve cell looks like. For example, when I talked about sleep and growing new neurons and repairing some of these norm neurons and re meilin aiding some of these sheets that tend to get broken down by toxins and pollutants that we get exposed tio this is what I'm talking about. This is the thing that's getting repaired so that's kind of a visual of why some of the sleep and some of the de stress stuff that we went over earlier is so important. Now this looks really complicated, but don't worry this is going to lay a really good foundation down for you off why neuro transmitters air so important so that synapse that I just showed you right here is basically an area where nerves will talk to one another. So add that synapse we have what's called a priest synaptic neuron in a post synaptic neuron. So here is where the signal is being sent. And here is where the signal is being received. Now what happens in the priest synaptic neuron and we're going to you serotonin as an example here serotonin is definitely a neuro transmitter that tends to get imbalanced in a lot of people. So it's a perfect one to use as an example your body makes serotonin from trip to fan and it packages it into these vesicles at what are called the end terminals of your neuron so when an action potential arrives when an electrical action potential arrives in your brain this priest synaptic neuron is going to release that serotonin into this area called your synaptic cleft so all these neurotransmitter spill out into the synaptic cleft and they buying two receptors on this post synaptic neuron and if enough serotonin binds to enough receptors here we reach a threshold level and that electrical signal either continues to travel or if it's an inhibitory signal or an inhibitory neurotransmitters something that's supposed to cause sleep like say that gamma mu new beauty iraq acid that we talked about earlier and inhibition will occur now if any remaining serotonin or other neuro transmitters kind of outside the synaptic cleft once that action potential is propagated it gets degraded by specific enzymes that make sure there's not too much nor a transmitter kind of hanging around in this area so that's no transmitters one on one now I'm sure the medical students sitting in the second row might be chuckling because we just went through an entire course on nor transmitters and like thirty seconds but I wanted to give you guys the overview so you at least kind of know how the nervous system works so when we're looking at a neurotransmitter deficit of something like serotonin or any of the other water called cata cola means things that can improve alertness or focus or mood like norepinephrine or epinephrine or dopamine when we don't have enough of those neurotransmitters present to cross that synaptic cleft and caused that action potential tio either propagate or be inhibited depending on the neuro transmitter that we talk about we had a lot of these issues you can see why this is such a big issue if you have neuro transmitters that are not present in high enough amounts which is usually the case that or if you're taking an anti depressant there's another issue we'll talk about in a second but everything from depression and moodiness to cravings brain fog low iq obesity fibromyalgia chronic pain states eighty d restless leg syndrome I mean I've mentioned a few times during the past few days this whole neural endocrine panel that you could get through like direct labs to test where you're at for neuro transmitters hopefully you're getting idea of why something like that is important or why you don't want to take some of the steps that I'm going to teach you to take care of your neuro transmitters so we're going to talk about some ways that you can fix a neuro transmitter deficits now one of the ways that you can fix a neuro transmitter deficits is to be really careful with anti depressants no, I'm not a doctor. I can't tell you out there in the studio audience or you in the online audience to stop taking your drugs. But I want to at least warn you about what these things like prozac and paxil and zoloft, and these are incredibly popular drugs, higher and higher use every single year across the country and across the world's big issue. What they do is they increase the brain levels of serotonin, or they block the re uptake of serotonin. So remember how I told you that there were all these little enzymes that will take serotonin that stuck in that cleft between those two neurons, and get rid of that serotonin? Well, an antidepressant, why they're keep those enzymes from from getting getting from from from their actions so that serotonin stays flooded in that synaptic cleft, or it increases the brain levels of serotonin was just mohr serotonin release. But when that happens, we get a flooding of our brain with the neuro transmitter, like serotonin. And we also get a fast, degrading or breaking down of the serotonin. And because of that there's, low levels of naturally available neural transmitters, your body begins to make less and less of its own natural serotonin, this is a big, big issue, because it means that if you stop anti depressants, you're kind of screwed once you start taking them because your body is no longer able to produce its own neural transmitters and it's a real world big issue once you stop taking these things, you also need to constantly increased dosage because as you consistently flood that synaptic cleft with serotonin, you create more and more receptors on that post synaptic neuron for serotonin so you need mohr and mohr serotonin toe actually produce an effect, so this can eventually deplete forty to sixty percent of the serotonin receptors in the brain when something like this happens and it can also damage sarah serotonin receptors in your liver, your kidneys and your colon. So I am not a fan because you're getting a clue of using anti depressants to fix your brain or to fix the neurotransmitter deficit. I'm going to tell you some of the things that I do like, but for now you should know that tapering off for avoiding antidepressants might be a good idea. A few things you should know about and I will link to a really good article over a ben greenfield fitness dot com slash creative live for those who would like to dig into the research behind this a little bit, but meta analysis have revealed that selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors like the ones that I just described they've got no clinically meaningful advantage over a placebo claims that anti depressants are more effective and more severe conditions have very little evidence to support them there's a lot of what are called method illogical artifacts or kind of flawed study components in studies that have shown antidepressants toe work and antidepressants have not been convincingly shown to affect long term outcome of depression or suicide rates. Now this may seem like a discussion that we should be having in a medical all setting or like at a doctor's office or something like that the reason that I bring it up is because I talked to a lot of athletes athletes have addictive personalities athletes a lot of times use running cycling, weightlifting their sport etcetera toe cover up psychological issues and at the same time many athletes are taking anti depressants so I can't talk about ultimate human performance without pointing out the fact that if you are taking an anti depressant you're probably doing more damage to your body than good when it comes to fixing nora transmitters so what can you do? Well, number one is you can avoid stimulants okay caffeine, ephedrine federal garana ritalin we talked a lot o are a little bit in session one you talked about this hyper pumper whatever that supplement is that you said that you were using I talk about how I used to drink five you know, monster energy drinks a day back when I was a personal trainer all of this cause is a really, really big up regulation of neurotransmitters and can cause long term neuro transmitter receptor damage or gradual resistance to the huge amount of neuro transmitters that you're forcing your body to produce. So you want to be really careful with excessive use of stimulants? We all realize that they require constantly higher levels. If we ever experimented with caffeine or ephedrine or something like that, you always need mohr and mohr and mohr to get in effect. You want to make sure that if you are using stimulant to use them discriminate lee I talked about in one of the first sessions about how all use caffeine based stimulants but only use the equivalent of about forty to seventy milligrams worth of caffeine. And I avoid any type of brain stimulants of performance stimulants that go above and beyond that all use something like before race will use a little bit of caffeine or I'll use it in a new emergency where I'm super duper tired and I simply have to keep myself up. You know, like, for example, I will be going through what's called a kokoro and seal fit camp this august, where all have seven days of sleep deprivation and very hard workouts. I can tell you that I'll be using, for example, the poly physics sleeping that I described in the last session as well as caffeine string myself through week like that and kind of kind of get my body through that really, really hard kind of stress inoculation to use that word the ari myself through around in our first session but I'm not going to pretend that that's healthy per se you know I'm doing it for other reasons because I wantto climb my own personal mount everest so fixing nor transmitter deficits a third way that we can do this is we can avoid chemical or talks and exposure man oh, man, we talked a lot about that session two where justice showed us how to make our own personal care products and household cleaners this is a reason why that's important is because household cleaners, chemicals, toxins they can affect production of or sensitivity to neuro transmitters. So a lot of the stuff that we talked about is super duper useful using natural cleaning chemicals like lemon juice vinegar baking soda using natural personal care products, we talked about using a hepa filter if your neighbor is smoking that type of thing like purchasing a hepa air filter and getting that into your home here's one that flies under the radar dentistry and the amount of chemicals that you're exposed to it the dentist or if you've been alive for a little while back when they used metal fillings. You stole those metal fillings in your mouth, releasing a lot of things that content to be neural transmitter disrupters. There are what are called holistic dentists. I personally goto a holistic dentist. When I need to get my teeth cleaned, they do special things like you special filters in their office. They used non toxic chemicals, chemicals that are mohr bio compatible with the human body. Probably one of the best sources for learning more about holistic dentistry would be a guy named hal huggins would be one guy there's another guy named stewart nunnally. I believe that's an u n a l y. Both of those guys have some really good podcast that they've done on the internet to teach you about holistic dentistry, but thinking about the medals that air in your mouth is also really important when it comes to fixing neuro transmitter deficits. And, of course, we can't talk about toxicity without mentioning coffee and the question where they're not coffee is toxic. Well, low dose caffeine, kind of in that range that I just described, like forty, seventy milligrams, a big cup of coffee, you're going to get one hundred to one hundred twenty milligrams and even that's kind of still up around in that safe range it can improve mental performance of protect against alzheimer's but michael toxins in the coffee can cause brain damage and brain fog and I know that certainly in the creative live that dave asprey taught he talked a lot about molds and mycotoxins and things like that and one of the big sources of that is coffee like your average hotel room coffee a lot of the coffees that you get in a bag of it's not grown at high altitude if it's not organic coffee if it's not super fresh a lot of times there are molds or what are called micro toxins in that coffee and unfortunately if you're kind of jumping on the bandwagon of what a lot of athletes are using now which is this whole concept of like bulletproof coffee and mixing your coffee with m c t oil and butter and stuff like this the facts in those compounds actually helped the transport not only the caffeine's but also what are called the turpin's in the coffee across your blood brain barrier and you're going to get a lot of exposure to the toxins that are in the coffee as well if you're doing that so this is a case where you can actually do more harm than good if you're not careful so be really careful with coffee fifty percent of brewed coffee beans are moldy and tend to sixty percent of toxins on coffee or not destroyed by roasting caffeine protects coffee beans from mold so you've got even greater risk if you're using decaf coffee and coffee that's not process soon after the harvest gets more mold than quickly processed coffee so like you know unfortunately like a starbucks coffee is not necessarily the best thing so ideally if you're drinking coffee choose a fresh arabica not a row busta but neurotic abate coffee that's been grown in a high altitude such as in costa rica okay, so be really careful. I know a lot of people drink coffee it's incredibly popular stimulant these days I have a cup of coffee every morning but you want to be really careful about the type of coffee that you use because of its effect on nora transmitters sensory overload is another way that we can affect a neuro transmitter this to be the fourth way so common sources of sensory overload loud sounds loud music clubbing going out to the bars a lot rapid visual effects from television and movies. This is another reason why avoid watching action movies and scary movies especially at night computer monitors radio waves fluorescent artificial light now we can moderate some of this with a lot of like the blue light blocking and I protecting type I aware that I demonstrated during the sleep session on we could avoid artificial lights there's actually a brand new light bulb I wish I remember the name of it if you go toe low blue lights dot com, they're probably carrying it now, but it's, a special kind of light bulb that you can install in your home that's a little bit more friendly to your neurotransmitter levels, and doing something like that can make a change as well. So being really careful with the amount of sensory stimulus that you or your children are exposed to is really important when it comes to neuro transmitters. Now, another thing that you can do is fix your gut now, of course, we talked a lot about the gun brain connection yesterday, and about how things like a lack of probiotics or an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine or a damaged gut membrane damaged ville eye in your small intestine can all affect your brain. And one reason for that is something as simple as the fact that bacteria produce neuro transmitters. If you're not using probiotics or eating fermented food, you might be producing it had a quick neuro transmitters and that's, another reason toe work these type of things into your diet that we talked about on day two. You can look at candied and yeast overgrowth, that's one issue that I find present in a lot of people who have brain fog that's, one reason to use something like oil of oregano or some kind of natural antibacterial coconut oil, which we talked about a lot in the past couple of days, is we're also really helpful for this irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel. Those could be aggravated by stress that can be aggravated by wheat consumption and dairy consumption that khun b aggravated even by caffeine and alcohol. There's a lot of things that can aggravate the digestive tract, and a lot of times that has a direct effect on the brain, which I know that any of you who saw the how to fix your gut section of this creative live you know a lot about so the next way that we can fix, nor transmitters to replace building blocks well as you learn on day two nor transmitters are made from amino acids, vitamins and minerals, so one of the things that you can do is to make sure that you at least hit close to that zero point five, five grams per protein per pound of body weight. Now I got to emphasize, like I did yesterday. For most people, getting adequate protein is not necessarily an issue. Getting whole sources of good amino acids from non toxic sources can be an issue, and in someone with your transmitter deficits, sometimes it can help to use something like an essential amino acids supplement. There's one called master amino pattern or m a p that I like quite a bit for that about five to ten grams or five to ten tablets of that per day can help a lot. There are other ways that you can fix neural transmitter deficits that I'll get into in just a second using a trace mineral supplement like a sea salt like this or using like a liquid trace minerals or drinking bone broth, which we talked about yesterday on a daily basis can help a lot with giving your body what it needs for proper neuro transmitter production taking care of your ph by getting a lot of like kale dark leafy greens clore l a spire alina things of that nature that can help out quite a bit and then eating foods that are high in serotonin avocados, bananas, plums, tomatoes, pineapples, eggplants, walnuts, aa lot of these type of foods if you tend to have issues with brain fog and with mood are foods that you may want to consider throwing in your grocery shopping card growing in your backyard or having available as part of your dietary protocol. And again, I know that's a big list of things, but for those who are who are part of this creative live you'll get access to the slides you could go through this list later on and toss those things in your grocery shopping cart so the next way that we can address neuro transmitter deficits. This is the seventh ways to lube your nerves with fats. And I already talked about this a little bit about this mile and sheet that covers your nerves. Here's what a neuron with a damaged myelin sheath looks like and that's going to propagate a neuro transmitter signal a lot less efficiently than a healthy nerve. So oleic acid is one of the types of fatty acids that is used to repair that mile in chief, we get oleic acid from, as the name implies, olive oil also almonds, pecans, macadamias and avocados. I got an email about an hour ago. I saw it on my phone that my my newest batch of olive oil was shipped from the fresh pressed olive oil club, which I'm a member of. So every quarter they send three big bottles of olive oil to my house, and I mean you could take shots of olive oil chock full of oleic acid, which is really good for these meilin chiefs, cold water, fish and fish oil from a good try glitz, ride based fish oil source. When I say triglyceride based one of my favorites is this stuff, this is what I take it's called super essentials it's got cod liver oil in it. Vitamin e and asked xanthan which are antioxidants that keep it from going rancid and then it's fish oil that's in its tryg lyssarides form which is more easily absorbed in the lethal esther form which is what most fish oils are. Neural neuronal memories are a double layer of fatty acids and so I always mentioned this creating a plant based diet if you're vegan or vegetarian and we really talked about this in detail in the section on customizing your diet yesterday, just be careful and be aware of maya lin ation okay and then finally we can supplement with neuro transmitters you got to be really careful with neuro transmitter ripley shin and need to make sure that you use proper ratios when I talk about proper ratio is one of the more common ways to replace. For example, broken serotonin levels is about three thousand milligrams of an amino acid called tyrosine along with three hundred milligrams of an amino acid precursor called five htp and you can split that into three daily doses throughout the day. That's what something like this is like this travel course supplement that I talked about earlier it's a mix of tyra scene and five htp along with a few other things that helped to stabilize neurotransmitter levels noro assist dot com it's a little geeky kind of like that super memo dot com web site that I recommended to you during the sleep session but if you really want to dig into neuro transmitters maybe you're a personal trainer or a nutritionist watching this course and you want to really dig into this stuff in more detail neuro assist dot com is a great web site with some articles in neuro transmitter ripley shin and you can get g I upset if you take carbohydrate att the same time that you take a neurotransmitter repeating supplement just something to bear in mind and I do always recommend testing because if you create a neurotransmitter imbalance you can actually make problems worse you could make insomnia worse you can make depression worse so some of this stuff you need to be careful with well using essential amino acids and eating cold water fish and taking shots of olive oil is pretty dang safe do kind of be careful if you jump in the hole this whole narrow transmitted replacement thing I know it sounds convenient to just grab a neurotransmitter ripley shin supplement off the shelf and start popping it but be careful with this stuff not as dangerous as anti depressants but I do recommend that you still at least once test and do something like an unbroken panel now the second way that the brain can break is the hp axis the hypothalamus a pituitary adrenal axis that I talked about so here's that hypothalamus that you saw earlier and here's an example of how it works it can release cortical tropic or c our age that will cause a release of adrenal cortical drop in hormone from your pituitary gland and that acts on your adrenal gland to produce cortisol, your body stress hormone and of course, court assault can act on your immune system and high levels of court assault can kind of in a way working hp axis returned back and down regulate production of c r h by the hypothalamus so you get that quarter solich response and then your body shuts down court assault production by shutting down c r h production by the hypothalamus in constantly elevated levels of court assault like in someone who's constantly stressed out this breaks we basically get a disruption of the hypothalamus you can also have something like this break for example if you aren't getting enough sleep your hypothalamus can become very unhealthy and that can have an effect on your adrenals as well. There are other things that can affect adrenal glands of pituitary health for example a depletion of hormonal precursors for example, vitamin d cholesterol saturated fats. Some of the things that we talked about in the ideal diet session yesterday. All of those things can potentially cost him pretty serious issues with the hp access as well so you know, constant stress here's an issue and this is this again looks pretty complicated, but basically what this is pointing out is that when we get this see our age produced by the hypothalamus which acts on our pituitary gland to produce a c t h and causes the adrenals little glands that sit on top of our kidneys to produce courtis all this can actually act on something like your thyroid the tea part of what's called the h p t axis and it can actually down regulate the sensitivity of thyroid receptors to thyroid hormone so if our hypothalamus is broke khun and were churning out tons of c r h that isn't responsive to stress in the court of soul hormone that we're producing it could have downstream effects on our thyroid hormone as well so you can see here how this stuff can really start to affect your body's entire system and kind of spill into other areas of your body that go beyond your hypothalamus your pituitary gland and your adrenals so how do you fix something like hp access dysfunction there's four pretty easy ways to do it you go back and you check out session one from today on howto limit emotional stress and you get rid of all those things that can cause cortisol and you use those seven techniques that we went over that are the best techniques to reduce stress you get high quality sleep we talked a lot about that in the last session you take care of metabolic dis regulation when I say metabolic this regulation that's a really fancy term for rapid fluctuations and energy levels usually rapid fluctuations in blood sugar okay I had a chocolate banana caramel crepe after lunch today um I also took about one hundred milligrams of bitter melon extract about thirty minutes before I hit that crate because I knew I was going to do it so I'm not experiencing that blood sugar surge that I would normally experience I could have done the same thing with lots of cinnamon or apple cider vinegar or something like that but go back and check out the section on fat loss supplements that we talked about during the supplementation section especially the part where I get into things that boost your metabolism because a lot of those same things like cinnamon apple cider vinegar and bitter melon extract can help with blood sugar fluctuations and then chronic inflammation not recovering properly we talked a lot about recovery on day one and about things that you can do from infrared saunas too cold thermo genesis to using inversion tables toe recovering and taking rest between sessions toe on ly running twice a week to all these different ways that we can shut down inflammation well you want to make sure that you do that because the hp access is really significantly affect acted by inflammation now I want to just go over a few quick things if you ever did want to actually test your brain I know that there are some people out there or maybe on really the pointy cutting edge of achieving ultimate human performance and they want to go see whether or not their brain is actually working properly going to throw a few different resource is at u q e e g is good for brain mapping and seeing how your brain wave production is going google a guy named dr david kaiser if you're interested in q e g there's also something called the specter scan which evaluates cerebral blood full areas to evaluate areas of the brain that are working too well too hard or not hard enough a guy named dr daniel heyman who's also the author of a really good book called the ayman solution has a good website devoted to specter scan analysis also dave asprey again who's been on creative live on his upgraded self website and I have a link to this over a ben greenfield fitness dot com slash creative live as well he actually has a head band that he uses to evaluate blood flow using an infrared signal to see whether or not he's got blood flow going to specific areas of the brain and then to train the brain to send blood flow to the correct areas forget the name of that device maybe I need it uh but what would you say upgraded focused upgraded focus I think is what it's called yeah transcranial or corroded ultrasound dr eric braverman who's also written some excellent books on the brain, and I'll try and get you the names of those books and a section in a second there also written at the bottom of the page of ben greenfield fitness dot com slash creative live he's got some really good information on doing like an ultrasound to look a inflammation in your brain. And then finally, there are quizzes you, khun do probably the best quiz that will give you a pretty good idea of your neuro transmitter status and your hp access status is that path med dot com, p a t h med dot com and there's a neuro psychological assessment on there. That's really good that you can go take yourself if it's going to kind of give you a good jumping off place, so we're going to jump in just the second into some of the best ways to optimize brain performance. I'm gonna give you guys some of my top tools, but before we jump into that, have any questions come up upon the internet? Or do you guys have questions about neurotransmitters or the hp access or everything? I just kind of sailed through rather quickly? Jetway does moderate prolong moderate to significant alcohol consumption effect what we've been discussing in this section? Well, in addition to for a guy shoving your testosterone levels down to about that of a seven year old girl with with chronic alcohol intake, you can also get that brain inflammation alcohol can create upon its it's metabolizing a lot of acid tell the hide, which can create free radical production and that can cause brain inflammation a cz far as damage to the gut, you might also be looking at some issues with creating neuro transmitters ous faras the hp axis. Um, you know, there's there's not a lot, of course, all released when you consume alcohol unless there's an autoimmune reaction to it like, you know, a beer that contains too much gluten or something like that, but I'm pretty careful with alcohol when I know that I need to really optimize nor transmitter and hp axis. I certainly had many opportunities this week in san francisco to drink copious amounts of wine had I wanted to, and I've been very careful not to, because I know how much it affects cognitive performance on dh I know I'm probably not telling anybody anything they didn't already know when I say that. So it's not a not a news flash, I don't think that alcohol kind of makes you sluggish a little bit.

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