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Optimize Your Brain Pt. 2

Ben Greenfield

Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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33. Optimize Your Brain Pt. 2

Lesson Info

Optimize Your Brain Pt. 2

So exercise is one of my favorite ways to increase brain performance. Now exercise increases what is called mitochondrial density in your brain cells and creation of new brain cells via the release of something called brain derived neurotrophic factor. Now here's the deal cardio is different than weights when it comes to this. If you want to elevate bdnf let's, say you've gotten important, uh, test to take or an important lecture presentation later on in the day and you and optimize bdnf. You want to do it, the a cardio and the reason for that is you get distribution of bdnf up to your brain during cardio, and when you lift weights, mohr of that bdnf actually stays localized to the muscle area and doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, so cardio is better than weights when it comes to increasing bdnf, weights have lower blood flow, less bdnf outside the muscle beating up does improve cognitive performance, and exercise improves cognitive performance. Best way to use it is ten to forty ...

five minutes of some kind of aerobic activity, so not weightlifting, but it could be something as simple as hitting the elliptical trainer going for a fast walk. Even that cold hot shower can have some similar effect as some of that exercise that I talked about. That's what I've been doing before I come to creative live every morning I've been doing about ten minutes of yoga and then my cold hot thermo genesis in the shower and that's how I kind of up regulate bdnf before I go and do something like this ah high cortisol can lower your sensitivity to bdnf ok, so if you're very stressed out then exercises a lot less likely to help you or if you engage in the type of exercise it's very stressful to your body running perhaps then you might not get that bdnf release that you're looking for so you may want to go with something low impact like swimming or elliptical trainer or something that's a little less stressful if you're looking for the exercise brain release supplements vitamin d it's interesting that there's a direct correlation between vitamin d deficiencies and cognitive performance so you can get a twenty five hydroxy vitamin d test what you're looking for is a value between about forty and seventy on a test like that if you're looking for optimum vitamin d status most doctors if you're testing and you're anywhere in like twenty to thirty range they say ok but if you're looking for ultimate cognitive and mental and physical performance then go for values between about forty to seventy and as we talked about use vitamin a use vitamin k get adequate cholesterol and don't overdo it with calcium if you're using vitamin d try glitz, ride based fish oil I already talked about that and you should already know at this point why something like fish oil would help to improve cognitive performance a seattle l carnitine this is a kind of cool one that helps with glucose uptake and the use of glucose by brain cells and nora transmission. So see little carnitine is kind of a cool little supplement about five hundred milligrams a day you're going to find that in a lot of what are called neurotrophic or brain enhancing kind of kind of supplements al philip ow gas it is another one that can that can really help if you live in an area that has a lot of pollution and you're concerned about pollution or talks and exposure contributing to brain fog you're concerned about smoke say from your apartment building terminal brain frog l philip oak acid is one that works directly on the brain I would mention curcumin but I've already talked about that several times one thousand milligrams of curcumin on a daily basis that's another really good one chinese adapted genic herbs that would be like this tea and chief stuff that I take this is one I think on an empty stomach almost every day is ten she chinese adapted jenna curbs this one like all these things that you see here hooper zine re she ash will gonda colonia at the medium all of these increased blood flow to the brain shut down brain inflammation and have been used in chinese medicine safely for thousands of years so compared to say, a smart drug that a lot of like ceos and some students are using now like modafinil I'm a much, much bigger proponent of a natural chinese adapted genic herb supplement and if I had to recommend one thing on the face of the planet to improve cognitive performance in terms of something that you could eat and a supplement that you could take, I'd recommend that stuff so it's not cheap it comes out to about two or three dollars a packet so you know if you're using it every day that adds up but for me that's well worth it the productivity benefits are tenfold. So speaking of smart drugs, of course we have modafinil, which is a wakefulness enhancer very similar to the drug that they feature in the movie limitless where the guy takes the pill and the issue is for athletes it's banned by the world anti doping association so you're if you're an athlete and you're competing in sports, you need to be aware of that so iron man triathlon a marathoning, anything where you're tested be careful, it can disrupt sleep, it can cause a serious increase in heart rate and blood pressure there aren't a lot of good long term studies on it and it causes a really significant increase in neuro transmitters that may potentially shut down endogenous production of neurotransmitters. I would be careful with something like mom daffodil and I would use it very sparingly if you're going to use something like this same thing can be said for amphetamines ad ryner jinx the's air called norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors they basically keep norepinephrine, which is very similar to adrenaline circulating in your body for a long period of time. You want to be careful of those for the same reason that you would want to be careful with anti depressants colin urge ix like nicotine these actually have been shown to have pretty good properties they're addictive you don't want to get nicotine from cigarettes or chewing tobacco for the obvious reasons that that's carcinogenic but a nicotine patch or nicotine chewing gum or using a nicotine supplement. Believe it or not, if you're able to kind of get past the fact that you could become addicted to it can actually have some pretty cool properties when it comes to mind enhancement zan things such as caffeine thehe bro mean anthea filling but you're going to find in coffees and teas he's a pretty decent in moderation once again on dh most of these one of the things that you're looking at is that in common doses dosage is they do aside from caffeine overstimulate your cardiovascular system or they may be banned by some sporting organizations especially in very high amounts so just kind of be careful and know what you're getting into I'm totally blanking on the name of the website where you can search for a drug and see if it's banned by the wga I talked about it recently on a bend greenfield fitness dot com podcast um I don't remember the name of the website but there's a website where you can do a search for whether or not a drug has banned by wada and maybe in the chat rooms online or somewhere someone will will pipe in with the name of that website that I'm blanking on right now. So another thing that I want to talk to you about when it comes to optimizing your brain is optimizing your brain wave production you guys might be familiar with some of these brain waves from the last session on sleep the beta brain waves that are the very quick brain waves associated with paranoia and stress and fear our alfa brain waves which are commonly associated with zone or that feeling of focus for that feeling that we're really on top of things during physical activity this one's a really, really good brain wave state to be in it's about seven tooth thirteen hurts remember how I talked about how the earth naturally emits about seven point eight three hurts or so this bracelet is in the eight to ten hurts range the earth colts is anywhere in the seven to twelve hurts rain, sometimes a little bit lower, a little bit higher for brief periods of time, depending on what sleep phase that you're wanting it to put you into. Basically kind of being in this range could be really, really good fate, a brain wave. A lot of people get into fatal when they're meditating that's where a lot of inspiration and dreamlike feelings occur, and then delta brainwave is where that neuronal repair occurs. That we talked about happens while you were asleep, so those are the different brain wave states, and ideally for athletes, this is kind of the money zone or what we actually do call the zone this alfa brainwave state, so when we're low are under aroused before we go out and we do something like a triathlon, every lift weights, so we work out sometimes we're a little bit too far into that fada brainwave production, and while it is relaxing, you want to be careful with that right here in the maximum performance zone that's usually alfa brainwave production and were in that seven to twelve hurts rains that we're looking for, and then down here, where we're getting a poor performance or being in a high over around state of performance that's that beta brainwave production so we want to find that money zone where we're not and fada which would be like waking up from a nap and then going to run a marathon and we're not in beta, which would mean responding to one hundred e mails than going to run a marathon, right? We want to be in that optimal state of performance of about seven to twelve hurts as faras brain waves so as I just described the zone is that state where we have amplification of elf of brain waves and you can train yourself to get into the zone with what's called brainwave entrainment so you can flex your brain waves to get into this state temporarily and there are aps that will in train your brain to gettinto alfa brainwave production. There are cds that will do it as well. During the sleep session I mentioned noro acoustics dot or ge and the centre for neuro acoustics and cds by dr jeffrey thompson. Those are really good if you play them at helping to increase alfa brainwave production. Another one would be, for example, what are called the in trainer tracks, which are mp three tracks that you get when they come along with this bracelet at superhuman encoder dot com those air also downloadable tracks that help low you into alfa brainwave production meditation allows you to take conscious control over your mental state and brief periods of meditation. If you're in that over aroused state can kind of get you back into the alfa zone, you just need to be careful if you're meditating that you don't get back around to deep into fada. So if you use meditation prior to an athletic event, make sure you don't overuse it because it it can be kind of kind of hurtful, too optimum athletic performance if you overdo it neurofeedback training your brain to produce alfa brainwaves. This would be using something like that e m wave too that I talked about that allows you to increase heart rate variability in very, very high states of heart rate variability. You're producing morrell for brain waves and that's that one where you attach one into your ear lobe and you attach the other end to your computer and it allows you to pull open a computer software program that trained you had to reach that brain wave state that you're looking for self hypnosis. You can train yourself to access his own state. There's a form of self hypnosis, and I went through it. But what it is is you undergo hypnosis. And during the hypnosis section cheryl, do you remember? Naturalistic program, yes, nor linguistic programming. Thank you, nora. Linguistic programming and lp. So you go through a session and you create an anchor like my anchor. I did this before the japan iron man this year was I go like this and it's associated with this feeling or thought of nobody being able to catch me, and that was my anchor. I created that under a state of nor linguistic programming or hypnosis, and it helps me out a ton. And now I can grab that anchor when I'm right in the middle of a race, and it gives me about thirty to sixty seconds of this really intense off a brainwave type of production. So an lp and you confined and an lp practitioner in many places again, the guy I worked with his annie murphy. There are other guys out there that can help you get into the zone. So another thing that I like to do to help optimize mental performance is to take advantage of this heart brain connection. This is another thing that we've talked about quite a bit during. These last couple of days, the science of that heart brain connection remember how earlier today I had you guys imagine an unpleasant scenario and you could feel that stress rising in those emotions rising? And then I had to do that coherence technique where we imagine something that was really pleasant and that was that was really nice like for me, it was my my two little twin boys and placing it on the heart and how that decrease stress that'll increase alfa brainwave production and produce more coherent heart rhythms, so I'm a big fan of optimizing the heart brain connection remember that your heart's electrical filled this sixty times greater than your brain and can be detected several feet away from you with magnetometers. So for teams football teams, for example, when you're all in the line, if everybody's heart rate variability is really optimized and for example, if you're using there are there are heart rate variability aps that a lot of coaches and sports teams use these days there's one called the omega wave there's another one called the bio force. There are a little less geeky than some of the heart rate variability methods that I've told you about so far, meaning that they simply tell you ok, green light you're good to go red light, you're in a poor state of heart rate variability yellow light be careful and entire teams can use these type of things to enhance the heart rate variability of a team and kind of get everybody lined up with really good heart rate variability you can also use these type of things for yourself so again omega way of bio force sweet beat is the name of the app that I use there's the zoo meo stress check app we talked about a lot of these aps on day one negative emotions cause incoherent heart patterns positive emotions caused coherent part heart patterns so just basically making sure and it sounds really dumb but ensuring that you are engaging in positive emotions and feelings of love is really important in the book born to run I really like this section where they talk about how during these really long alter runs the tomah mahar indian tribes would really focus on feelings of love and gratitude and appreciation and the joy of just being out there doing what they're doing and after I read that book I tried it during ironman hawaii when I was running down the desolate queen k highway you know so hot that you get in burns on the bottom of your feet from the from the heat on the road and I tried to feel those feelings of love and appreciation and gratitude it was really dang hard to get myself into that state so I just started saying over and over again in myself love love, love and I really felt my body come around, and it was almost like I was producing these alfa brain waves and it's, because that was pulling me into this state of coherence kind of using a form of that quick coherence technique that you learned about in session one today. So heart rate variability and using this heart brain connection is really, really important. Here is an example of what the heart rate does when you are experiencing feelings of frustration. Here is an example of a coherent heart rate when you're feeling feelings of appreciation or gratitude. I mentioned already the five minute journal and how you can start and end every day by listing the good things that happened to you today or that day, and then the things that you are grateful for, the things that you want to achieve, a really good way to bring yourself into a positive state of heart rate variability to start the day or tow, optimize yourself on a big game day or a big race day or a day where you really have to have that ultimate human performance or really, really, well optimized brain. So if your heart is frustrated, your brain will be frustrated. If your heart is in a state of coherence, your brain will be in a state of coherence. That's that m wave, too, that I held up earlier. The heart math institute at heart math dot org's is a really good place to learn more about this heart rate variability type of stuff. So I think you guys have a pretty good idea after a few days, this really is one of my favorite tools. So post electromagnetic frequencies, these generate frequencies generally in the ten hurts range. I mentioned this earth pulse and how I use it for sleep. There is on alertness function on this that you khun set, and you can put it in the room with you prior to a game, or pray to a big workout that will actually enhance alfa brainwave production by producing a signal that increases that ten hurts range. Remember, alfa brain wave is about seven to twelve hurts so you can use something like that for this, you can also use it for sleep because it will produce data as well as delta brainwave frequencies as well. Pmf is something that's been used in natural healing for a long time. But what it does is it increases cell membrane potential, opens receptor sites and increases what's called mitochondrial function, or electron transport chain activity. So it increases the health of your model condra well, at the same time, lola in you into the proper brainwave state so I should, like I could. I wish I could right now, just plug this thing in, put it in alfa brainwave state. I could put both magnets right here on the edge of the stage, and I know that some people have that post lunch afternoon fatigue going on. You'd feel it almost right away. You can feel these ten hurt signals hitting you, and you got to be a few feet away from it, like generally and about that four to five foot range. But it works really well, so, depending on what you want to use it for, use it for pain management by holding it up against an engine area. Focus or sleep. So the earth pole to something that I really like for that and that's. One of the things I list that ben greenfield, fitness, dot com slash creative life, sound frequencies and music. Man, there are some really cool ways that music can put you into that alfa brainwave production mood again. Here is a listing of our brain wave categories, and brain waves respond to sound frequencies, beats, notes and music, and that directly affects your neuro transmitters. I already recommended thesis, sound frequencies and the music cds that are available at the centre for neuro acoustic research. A really good book to learn more about how sound frequencies and how music affect brain wave production is called sound spirit matter. Now raise your hand if a favorite song helps you to work out better okay or helps to improve mental performance brain performance, etcetera. Okay, sound music can have a distinct effect on brain wave production production. There are some people that really liked to d'oh like deep underground, like house music while they're working on just like pump that stuff through the loudspeakers, I could get into a really focused state when I listen to music like that, you know, angry rocker music definitely doesn't do the same thing for me, but I find that certain forms of music can really get me into that creative alfa brainwave production. And there are cds and aps out there that are designed not just to help you sleep like we talked about in the last session, but are also designed to help spark creativity so once again using sounds a lot of times, they work better, like I mentioned the last session when using headphones versus when you're using speakers, but sound waves can be really, really good also so sound from your ears is linked almost every organ in your body most cranial nerves lied to your year, so ten out of twelve nerves lied to your ear. So sound vibrates not just your body or not just your ear drums but also the cells in your body it vibrates organs it's why sound therapy can actually work one of the things on my list of things to do that I think would be really, really cool this is going to sound super duper geeky, but I'm actually getting a guy in my podcast in a couple of weeks to talk about how we could actually do something like this is I want to create a float tank, which is basically like a tank that's full of magnesium salts and epsom salts and things that are really restorative to the body and replace the body's minerals. I want to surround it with infrared light, so you get the anti inflammatory and growth hormone producing effects of infrared light and then I want a line it with speakers so that I can pump by norrell beats that amplify alfa brainwave production well, I'm actually lying inside that chamber now float tanks or something you'll find, for example, over san francisco we're at right now these are things that are already being used, but what I want to do is create something at my house that also combines it with infrared and sound waves and I think this would be the ultimate kind of human performance tank to jump into like to start out your day sounds super duper, geeky but I am I am in the midst of kind of hatching a brainstorm about how to do it on that into sound frequencies and music and the effect of music on enhancing performance. It is one of the reasons that, for example, armies used to march into the battle and actually have, like hk bands and drums and music and trumpets and things like that go along with them. And there is some truth to that whole story of jericho in the bible, in the blowing of the trumpets and the creation of the sound frequencies and amplification of sound frequencies like tearing down walls, there's, some really interesting things that go along with sound and music. So look into the book, sound, spirit and matter. I know some of this stuff is little wu, but I kind of pride myself on trying to stay on the cutting edge of how to achieve ultimate human performance, so I don't want to leave anything on the table here. Pia zoe, electricity it's been using tennis rackets for a long period of time. Basically, what happens is when you swing a tennis racquet that has a pho electric disc and bedded in it, that tennis racket kind of vibrates with the frequency, and it increases the power with which you're able to hit. This is what a ps electric disc actually looks like. What happens is you expose it to a frequency or you expose it to a signal and that discontinues to vibrate with signal toe, which it's been exposed. So when I talked about how on my wrist I wear a crystal that's been exposed to a ten hertz frequency, that crystal continues to vibrate at that ten hertz frequency, so I'm being exposed to that frequency constantly, so I'm kind of keeping myself in that state of health of brainwave production when I want to keep myself in that state. So that's another thing that you can use this pho electric discs on dh it's something that they're trying to put into shoes now, too, to kind of amplify your performance by having a pho electric dis that stores and releases energy in your actual shoe. So I talked earlier when we were talking about sleep, about how you could use sound and dark and light to enhance sleep. This is that david delight device that I talked about it creates a post electrical current across your head, and it could increase neural cell production of serotonin dopamine d h e a and a lot of these neurotransmitters called a mind alive cs light therapy sound machine I do not own one. And I have not used one. I'm still waiting for the long term studies on these things again, because as you guys have learned, I always look at things through the lens of health and performance. I'm very interested in it. It may be a bio hack that I purchased at some point to kind of experiment with, and it may be something that you could be interested in if you kind of like to geek out on seeing whether or not something really does enhance brain wave production or hand sleep, I've got a link to it. A ben greenfield fitness dot com slash creative live if you want to check it out, I probably would not wear this thing to the movie theater on an airplane because it's not super duper low profile as you could see it's kind of like the glasses that lady gaga was wearing when she kind of came back out her her big party last week. We were watching her on e, and it was those quite entertaining, but anyway, so don't bring out the lady ga ga glasses everywhere, but the c e s is something also to look into, like therapy. We talked about this in the last session, so this is where you emit a green light or white lights, or in some cases, blue light, and what that does is it can decrease the production of melatonin, increase that surge of course, it's all in the morning increased production of serotonin we didn't really talk when we talked about it during the sleep session about how I can help with serotonin production, but that's another effect of something like that the one that you can use in addition to the sunrise alarm clock that we talked about, the one that's pictured there is called a light book elite. Okay, you would place this on your desk when you're working anytime between about six and eight o'clock in the morning and then we've got neurofeedback neurofeedback. I talked about how you could take, for example, that gm wave to put part of it on your ear lobe, plugged the other end in your computer and actually get riel time feedback of what your body is doing now. Neurofeedback displays what's going on inside your brain on a computer screen, and then what you do is change your thoughts, your emotions, your breathing patterns, physical posture to see how you could actually change brain waves. Now you can actually find a neuro feedback or a biofeedback practitioner, and when you go into a neuro feedback or a biofeedback practitioner, typically what they do is an initial e e g reading, which is an electroencephalogram where they measure your brain waves and they put you through a ninety minute questionnaire and that e e g results in a brain map that shows your actual brain wave activity and then they put sensors on your head and you typically will play some kind of a special game that train's you how to get into certain brain wave states and there are biofeedback practitioners that air they're really good at this type of thing there are bio feedback to biofeedback devices that come with software and comm used for home use one is made by a company called zen dar and it's called neural optimal there's another one called the fisher wallace stimulator and it looks like this okay you where these sponge electrodes beneath the headband on your head you were these wires you've got ah device that you put on your waist and it actually trained you through gentle electrical stimulation and neuro feedback and a computer screen to actually change your brain wave state. So really interesting stuff some of this stuff I know is kind of geeky and cutting edge, but we're trying to cover the full spectrum of everything from, you know, eating fish two wearing crazy wires on your head to enhance your brain wave production and I want you guys to really kind of kind of when you finish this session know everything you need to know about enhancing your brain and back training they're using this and a lot of elementary schools to really assist with children's focus and their mental attention and they're like you you can get free and back training aps if you were to for example, go to the app store on your phone and do a search for end back training it'll show a grid of nine squares on the screen one of those squares will light up and they'll be either a colored box or a letter that's spoken or shown when that box shows up on the screen so you press it key when the location of a new letter or a new audio signal or a new box shows up in the one that occurred and ago so you say ok, this one occurred six sessions ago this one occurred two ago this one occurred seven ago what it does is it vastly improves your memory and it's v very very good way to increase I q and increased memory free you could do it on the airplane if you didn't want to like the crossword puzzle or sudoku or something like that and that works really well it's called end back training and even kids can use this to improve ike you really, really cool way to increase your memory? Um I can't talk about end back training and memory without mentioning one of my favorite resource is on memory speed reading and learning a guy named jim quick google jim quick and listen tio or look at some of his stuff I've learned how to memorise like twenty random numbers in sequence in about ten seconds flat and then recite them all back to people by using some of the methods from jim quick he's also really good at teaching you speed reading I used some of his same methods to do like I mentioned I read three to five books every week and I'll use a lot of his speed reading stuff of course brain games help really well, arlene taylor is a friend of mine who lives in california she's got a cool website called arlene taylor dot org's really, really smart really, really cool, beautiful older lady I think she's pushing eighty plus years old super duper star smart you see her speak up on stage and whenever I see somebody and I see that they're actually living what they're teaching, I go and do what they do so arlene taylor and arlene taylor dot org's she has all these brain games and brain aerobics I mentioned sudoku and crossword puzzles and she has puzzles that are very similar to this on her sights of for example, this is from arlene taylor dot org's so she's got like brain games you can buy little books that are full of these little games, so just a few examples from here um this this one for example, is a game where you look at the body s and you try and think of some kind of a wordplay that's associated with that box so like uh this one number to boo shame crying shame z eighty lipton tax on t six plus for over eleven and that's just wrong doesn't add up um get it it would be get over it um gossip columns two columns that spell gossip up and gossip down that one's a little bit confusing but hopefully you guys kind of see some of the stuff that she's got here's another brain game that she has and this is again from just little book where you've got all these division calculation sixty four divided by a twenty four divided by three twenty one divided by seven all you do is go through and record your completion time ok sounds simple sounds stupid but this is the way that you actually grow new neurons and keep yourself on top of things you can get her little books just play one game per day like when you wake up in the morning or like in the afternoon she's got riddles like this let's play a few forward I am heavy but backward I am not what am I anybody no that one is a ton board I am heavy but backward I am not the more you take away the bigger it gets what am I the whole more drive the more I drive the weather I get what am I a towel tell before mount everest was discovered I was the highest mountain no never so uh to his company and three is a crowd what is four and five? Nine chris got so these are just examples and you just open a page and you play the game guys, this is simple stuff these airways that grow your brain this is free this doesn't involve you going out and buy and you know, one thousand dollar brain trainer device here's one more that she does where basically it's just a bunch of arrows and you see how fast you can identify how many arrows air pointed down you just boom go and I know this is tough for you guys to do on screen probably tougher internet audience to see right now but they're seven arrows pointed down here to go through that as quickly as possible brain benders is where all of those came from very simple cheap I know it's kind of a cheesy looking book like the little smiling neuron on the front of it but really cool book that you can get with brain games another really good book eric braverman younger brain sharper mind eric braverman also wrote a book called the edge effect and then there's a brand new book called why isn't my brain working? And I have all these books listed at the bottom of the page of ben greenfield fitness dot com slash creative live where I'll give you an idea of of not only these books but a lot of the books that going toe ultimate human performance and not just performance but fat loss recovery digestion sleep hormone optimization whenever I find a book that I really like I just throw it on that page so you can find that at ben greenfield fitness dot com slash creative live so we just covered a ton of stuff and I wanted to give you guys a chance before we kind of kind of give like that big lens, that big picture overview of some of the things that we went into this have questions about some of the brain enhancing techniques that I just talked about either here in the internet audience yeah, and we were also thinking it might be great to just hear your feedback in general about how you're feeling about all of this at this point because we have all taken in a really great amount of info and, you know, be great to hear how you guys are feeling I think it's really a torrent of information and just speaking personally I'm really glad that we're able to review the material, particularly for sections like this and then also for sections where we discuss things like the significance of k two versus k three because that's not something that I would normally you know, dig out on but on balance um you know, in terms of the actual takeaways from the course, I feel trend us and it's been a great resource and thank you, ben, thank you, everybody. Cheryl so I was just going to say can see the effects of just sort of running on through life with autopilot first is picking apart different parts of your life that you want to prove or all of it and saying that you don't just have to go with the flow, you can go off stream and find something else that might help you perform even better, swim faster, whatever you want to do. You know, you guys, I talked about how it was two years ago when I first kind of became aware that all the exercise that I was doing to achieve what I wanted to achieve maybe wasn't really as good for me as I thought that it wass and I really, you know, in two thousand eight, I was nominated as the top personal trainer of the year, and I thought that was really cool and I'm not saying that to brag so much is to illustrate the fact that I was that guy who was supposed to really know what I was talking about, who was really supposed to know everything there was to know about losing way and looking better and having a nice body and achieving your performance goals. But it's it's it's one of those deals where I've realized that it's, my life's passion and my life's goal to help to teach people who want to achieve everything from from playing football to doing a travel into doing a marathon, to be able to do this and to be able to tie everything together. Teo, you know, to really take all this information that I know, I I tend to just sound like a geek appear spearing out information, but really, you know, what's what's magical for me is when I see somebody walk out of here and then you know, one or two years later, you're completely different person or a month later, already experiencing huge changes in your libido or your relationship with your partner or how well you're sleeping at night or, you know, your your hormone stabilization or the way that your brain is functioning and you've suddenly you know that that light bulb has gone on that's telling you that you know it, it really does go above and beyond just just working out. It goes beyond training my life's purpose and my life's passion is to help people achieve amazing feats of physical performance without destroying their bodies and without destroying their minds. I'm really, really happy if I can see that I've achieved that in people's lives. Um as what I feel like my calling is you know it's what I want to do with the rest of my life is teach this stuff and and help people throw up their arms when they cross the finish line of a draft law nor marathon um you know win football games you know get a better body lose twenty pounds get better relationships because all of a sudden their lives have changed their brains of changes there sleeping better I mean this is what what I really love to do and if I can see that happen in your life for you know if you khun if you can ever share with me a situation where any of this information has helped you then that makes me a very happy man so I just really wanted to make sure that I that I give you guys an idea of why I want to teach this information um I just want people to be around it and I want to be around to see my grandkids hit a home run and it's just it's it's really really important this stuff you guys you can't just go through life beating up your body so take care of yourself and your loved ones will thank you your body will thank you live longer you'll feel better and it's just a really cool feeling that I'm very, very grateful to be able to share with everybody here in an online and so then thank you so much for being here and I mean all of us have really been moved just a cz you are now with the information and all of the material that we've been given and I think a lot of us we can't believe it's been three days it really feels like we've done one segment you know in a way it's just flown by it's been really really useful information so we want to thank you we also want to think um everyone out there online for joining us over the last couple days it has really been beneficial to have you there and asking questions you really are the reason we're here and in addition to those of you online in the chat rooms and just watching from home we also have a great studio audience here with us and you guys have been terrific to like one of our chat room members said just so educated yourselves and adding tio this entire experience so thank you to all of you for joining us embarrass peter deaf cheryl calvin and I am so sorry I just don't know not down jackie brain stuff on and also jessa and ari who were guests on the show as well that has been just terrific we also have a great team here a creative lives thank you to all of you and the biggest thank you of all goes to our instructor ben

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Professional athletes and elite exercisers may be able to train full-time, but what about those of us who want a better body or to achieve amazing feats of physical performance but have busy lives and jam-packed schedules? Athlete and author Ben Greenfield will arm you with the tools, strategies, and systems you need to look, feel, and perform at your peak physical and mental capacity, without spending your entire day exercising or dieting.

In this course, Ben covers topics such as how to avoid injury, imbalances, or overtraining, how to address crucial elements that most exercise enthusiasts overlook, and how to quickly develop natural, ancestral strength, balance, mobility and physical function. You’ll learn how to customize your daily nutrition and workout fueling protocols so that you can get adequate calories without destroying your metabolism or expanding your waistline. From your gut-brain connection to mind-hacking tactics to sensory system enhancement, Ben will show you the crucial role the nervous system plays in fitness, and will reveal strategies for being mentally and physically prepared for any challenge life may throw at you.

Whether you want to run a marathon, do an Ironman triathlon, complete an adventure race, launch into Crossfit, are a dedicated gym junkie, or just want to shed fat fast and get rid of fatigue, this course will equip you to feel your best and perform at your peak capacity.

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Ben delivered an exceptional three-day seminar at creativeLIVE that I was lucky enough to attend. His expertise in all facets of health & wellness was on full-display -- and his presentation was clearly articulated & engaging He was friendly and responsive to feedback and gave actionable recommendations which are already paying dividends in my life -- especially in the areas of energy, mental clarity & sleep quality I strongly recommend Ben -- he walks the walk & talks the talk -- genuinely cares about helping other people and possesses a real gift to teach & inspire

a Creativelive Student

This is one of the best courses I have ever seen! So much value for money and so many amazing bits of information jam packed in. What a brilliant guy! Geeky information presented in a down to earth way. I can not recommend this course enough. I don't think I have ever been bothered to write a review for anything (EVER) but this was SO good I had to share. Well done Ben and thank you Creative Live!


Ben Greenfield has a lot of information, best course I have taken in regards to Nutrition and Fitness. There is a lot of knowledge and their a great couple and both have a lot of information to offer, I even like the lame jokes that he makes. Very nice and knowledgable couple.