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Sleep Stages, Insomnia & Jet Lag

Ben Greenfield

Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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31. Sleep Stages, Insomnia & Jet Lag

Lesson Info

Sleep Stages, Insomnia & Jet Lag

Now you also have sleep stages, and for those you who decide to use these aps that I just talked about, you may be interested in this and in knowing what the sleep stages actually are, you have a first sleep stages only last about five to ten minutes and that's when you're producing a lot of fada waves and that, for example, is if I set my earth colts up to give me eight hours of sleep, it will spend the first ten minutes of earth pulsing, trying to get you into that fade away of productions, which produces a frequency that initiates stayed away production so stage to last for about twenty minutes and your brain starts to produce these rapid pulses of activity who does like the twitch when the fallen asleep that stage to ok, so have you been laying there for ten minutes and you feel little twitch here in there you get into stage two and you're about to fall asleep. Stage three is when you start to produce those delta brain waves and that's the transitional period between light sleep an...

d very deep sleep. So this is the point at which that nervous system repair is going to begin to initiate, and this is why it's really important that you get from stage one and stage two and then to stage three and you're lying in bed for a long enough period of time for this to actually occur again one of the weaknesses of using something like polly physics sleep so stage for is your delta sleep it's deep sleep that lasts for about thirty minutes and then you get into your dreaming sleep or stage five, which is your rapid eye movement sleep in which you truly are almost like paralyze east and that's where your nervous system repair becomes maximized now you don't go from stage one to stage five and then wake up your body goes from stage one to stage five and then kind of cycles between stage three and stage five typically about four to five cycles per night. So the more cycles that you go through, the better the more neuronal parent repair that's going to take place, so if you go through it, you know if you're using one of these phone aps and you're saying that you're going through about three to four five cycles that's a really good thing but there are understand that there are differ in stages of sleep and that some of the data that's going to get spit out at you when you're looking at sleep stages using something like a phone app so you know, for example, here we are awake rapid eye movement sleep here stage one's two, three and four and basically here we are going through a night of sleep eight hours of sleep reaching rapid eye movement sleep here than back in a non rapid eye movement sleep rapid eye movement sleep this is a five face sleep cycle and that's similar I forget what screen shot this app is from, but that's similar to something that you get from, like a sleep tracking apus farce showing you some of these sleep stages. So it's pretty cool what you can find out about your body when you look at some of this stuff. So I want to talk to you guys about insomnia, but before we talk about insomnia, any questions about kind of napping and sleep stages and any of those things that I just got into yeah, just have a question, and I've heard this I don't know where, but, uh, fam like cultures and families that sleep together in one room, um sleeping better and deeper, and I've actually I felt like I have experienced this when I've napped with my kids, I wake up far more refreshed and awake. Me, too, and this is really funny because jessa has has actually seen me do this, like all walk out of the bedroom after I walk in there for a naff and I'll be like, just I can't get to sleep, can you get the boys to nap with me? And so the boys come in, we also grow up together, and I'm out within five minutes, and I suspect it's due to that heart brain interaction that I talked about, kind of like a alignment of our heart's electrical fields and the ability of our brain to get into its proper brainwave production because of an amplitude that signaling so it's. So, yeah, it really is true there's also hormone coal oxy toss him that I'll talk about in just a second when I talk about how to eliminate jet leg because we're still going to cover insomnia and jet leg, but let's, take one more question. How about a question from the chat rooms? Yeah, we have a question from brody brooks, and they say, I move around a lot while I sleep, but I still feel well rested. Is it ok to be a tosser in turner, or is there anything I can do to prevent it? It depends if it's like restless leg syndrome, that can be an issue that can indicate everything from electrolyte deficiencies to fashion adhesions in the muscle in some of those mobility issues that we talked about earlier, even nutrient deficiency he's simply tossing and turning and moving around a little bit, one of the issues with that is, as you saw, stage five of sleep. Deep sleep technically you really are paralyzed and your nervous system is unable to really do much at all if you're tossing and turning all night and you're never getting into stage five that's where that could be an issue if you're just simply somebody who goes through, say like stage two and you have a little bit more muscles spasming and twitching and tossing and turning and stage two and you're just noticing that for those twenty minutes or maybe a little bit during stage three that's a little less of an issue if you're tossing and turning all night, you may want to use one of these aps to see if you're even never getting into stage five so yeah, it's something to be concerned about if you're never, ever really reaching that paralyzed state during sleep when it comes to nervous system repair so let's talk about insomnia five main issues that I found that can tend to cause insomnia number one is parasites I touched on this during the gut fixing session that about every two weeks if you have a parasite, those parasites and it's really nasty tend the hatch a lot of times it's during a full moon cycle that's why people who have parasites also tend to get kind of weird during full moon cycles and this khun b one of the things that contributes to insomnia now you contest for parasites for example, direct labs has a parasitology panel that you can run on yourself and there are ways that you can get rid of parasites. I could probably do an entire session on on parasites and the different cleanses and herbs that get rid of parasites one of more powerful ones that that I've used personally is called mastic gum that has worked really well. That capra cleanse supplement that I talked about earlier has also worked really well for me in the past because I have done parasitology panels and tested positive for parasites. I know it's kind of kind of gross to think about, but if your insomnia is like clockwork and is also associated with getting up in the night for bowel movements, you may want to look into whether or not you have a parasite so that's. One thing to look into over training that is like I talked about in day one that whole tired or wired but tired feeling a lot of times high high cortisol levels and being on the edge of kind of like stage three adrenal fatigue can cause insomnia and so that's. Another area to look into is maybe getting an adrenal stress index or maybe going easier on your training, throwing in more recovery days or even in using mohr anti inflammatory protocols like cold showers to shut down some of the overtraining lowering nighttime stress this is really simple and stupid, but it makes sense just stopping work like an hour before bed or, you know, maybe even a couple hours before bed. For me, that even means that I'm kind of careful watching like action movies like last night was kind of an exception for me and at the back of my mind it was even bugging me a little bit because I'm pretty careful at night like with action movies, horror movies, scary movie stuff like that justin, I watched rise of superman last night. Um, which had a nice relaxing night, went home ordered takeout sushi went back collapse in the hotel on wash arises superman. But for me even watching like an exciting movie like that that's a little bit risky because that does cause it quarter saw release and it can increase stress in the same way that work and exercise can increase stress. So be a little bit careful with the type of tv shows that you choose to watch at night. If insomnia is an issue for you acupuncture and tapping both of those can help out quite a bit with insomnia now acupuncture is something that you obviously have to go out of your way to do. Tapping is something that you can learn to do yourself. There's, a really great book out there called the tapping solution well, the tapping solution. And I believe this was a new york times best seller. But it teaches you how to tap certain areas of your body and eventually train yourself to overcome something like insomnia. Usually it involved you saying some kind of an affirmation, while at the same time you are tapping. So what I would do, I'm going to show you to tapping cycles on myself just to give you an idea of what tapping is like. So let's say that I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. I would go like this. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. So above the eyebrows, into the side of the eyebrows. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night and under the eyes. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night under the nose. A lot of trouble falling asleep at night into the chin. Have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. And you go to the collarbone, have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, and you go to the armpits. A lot of trouble falling asleep at night. Then he finished with the top of the head I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. And then you go through and you could do that same thing I just showed you two or three times or you can only do it once the first time that you tap you may want to do it two or three times and you go through again but this time you say affirmation I have a lot of trouble or even though I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night a deeply and completely except myself you know, I have a lot of trouble falling asleep but night deeply and completely accept myself deeply and completely except myself. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, but I deeply and completely accept myself deeply and completely except myself. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, but I deeply and completely except myself and deeply and completely except myself. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, but I deeply and completely except myself ok that's one tapping cycle now there are some people I'm sure we think that's really weird and really kind of again wu and airy fairy but there's research behind tapping and this stuff actually works and if you don't have the money or the time to go to an acupuncturist acupuncturists it works those specific tapping regions actually work on a lot of those same meridians that acupuncture is to work on so going through a cycle like that, if you get that book, it will teach you how to do what I just did on day it's really easy to learn, and it can help you with everything from insomnia to cravings to not being motivated to work out to a lot of different stuff and then finally fixing mineral imbalances. I kind already went into this, didn't I? Potassium, magnesium electrolytes that can also help eliminate jetlag. So there's one more topic that I want to get into. I'm sorry, not jet leg, but insomnia, there's one more topic that I want to get into and that's jet leg. So I've got nine different things that I found work really well for jet leg you guys, I travel a ton and a lot of times when I travel, I touched down and I got to be in go mode like I like I mentioned I go to israel in three weeks through the toughest half iron man in the world, so I travel across multiple time zones that plane touches down and I got to be ready to perform and perform hard, and I can't be jet leg. This returns to the question that you asked earlier barris on teams traveling what they can do to make sure that they land ready to perform. So uh, yeah, they're special diets, there's all sorts of different things that you could do, but these are some of the things that I found to actually work really well and be super quick, convenient number one grounding or earth thing okay, when I'm traveling, the way that I do that is I used those grounding horror thing shoes that I just talked about, or I get outside barefoot when I arrived at my final destination and get in touch with the ground or this is something a lot of people don't think about your plane when it lands is technically touching the ground, so if you hold onto something metal on the plane while you're waiting to de board that contact technically help to get rid a lot of those negative ions pretty quickly, right after you land that's number one grounding er thing number two is an exercise session exercise sessions helped to reboot your circadian rhythm. I like to combine them with cold thermo genesis, so my number one workout for getting rid of jet leg is swimming in cold water. If I can do that when I get to whatever destination I'm going to that works really well, the other thing that I'll do if I can't want to get to my hotel room or even an airline lounge is a cold shower like the cold showers we talked about earlier stay away from caffeine until you get to wherever you're going so no caffeine or black tea or anything like that on the airplane okay that's a really good rule to follow if you want to avoid jet leg melatonin like I mentioned preferably using something like a patch thirty to sixty minutes before you go to bed for several days usually about two to four days when you've reached your final destination ok, that helps to reboot the circadian rhythm there's a supplement out there called no jet leg okay it's a chinese homeopathic supplement you take one when the plane takes off you take one about every two hours during the flight you take one when the plane lands one of the active ingredients and that is something called hooper zine a or club moss it's, one of the neural tropic brain enhancing drugs that will talk about in the final session today but that also helps quite a bit with jet lag sixteen to twenty four ounces of water an hour that's a lot of water that's a little bit more than this every single hour on the plane that helps a ton you're gonna want toe be sure that you're having I'll see if you can because you're going to go to the bathroom p a lot if you do this but that can help a lot with jet leg it's a recent one that add to my protocol I thought I drank a lot of water when I traveled by about double that and it helped tremendously, especially with my recent thailand travel there's pretty much no jet lag involved with that oxytocin is a hormone that naturally shuts down a lot of the inflammation that can happen during jet leg oxytocin is released when we touch other people, so when I talked about you being able to sleep better when your huddled together as a family, it might be not just the heart rate variability but also the oxytocin, so if you're traveling with a family member and you can hug them or struggle with them or actual sex is really one of the best ways and orgasm is one of the best ways to release oxytocin, so you don't necessarily have to join the mile high club but basically getting some method of releasing oxytocin when you're traveling can help out quite a bit. It could even be something as simple as just like hugging your teammates. You know, just basically kind of getting in touch it doesn't have to be sexual it's just touching another human being causes and oxytocin release that can really help with jet leg soul for based foods also are really good at fighting the type of inflammation that occurs when you're traveling across multiple jet are time zones or you're hurtling in a metal tube forty thousand feet above earth's above the planet that means you each stinky foods, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, the's type of foods have a lot of sulfur in them, and if you load up with these foods or include these foods and your meals in the days leading up to a flight that's going to go across multiple time zones that can help out quite a bit as well, in addition to eating that type of meal when you've arrived at your final destination. And then finally, I mentioned how I take about a thousand milligrams of curcumin when I get up in the morning to shut down brain inflammation, especially if I've been drinking or something like that. That also helps quite a bit with jet lag. So just a basic curcumin tem erik, I've mentioned that fino cain stuff that I use that that's got a lot of curcumin, innit? Four of those is a thousand milligrams of curcumin that's another thing that I'll use for jet lag. So those are some of my top ways that I personally arrive at the final destination and I'm ready to rumble, and I experienced very little disruption in circadian rhythm. So while you guys, we just went through a lot of stuff, I know, I know we're getting close on on time today, but how the chat rooms been going? Any thoughts over there? We have lots of thoughts in the chat room and there's been lots of activity, and all of this information has been really helpful, but I think at this point we have to take a little break tio stick with our rhythm, so to speak, and but I know and then coming segment it's going to be a pretty cool segment all about the mental things we can do for our mental game? Absolutely. We are going to talk about all the different ways that you can hack your brain fix your brain gets smarter, all the little bio attacks, they're gonna make you smarter. So you guys have learned for the past eleven sessions, and in this twelve session we're going to learn how to actually make our smell ourselves smarter, kind of cement all this information and really enhance your brain great, great way want to share some of the stuff coming in from the internet, lots of enthusiasm as usual, c l attic said circadian rhythm, awesome content right now, it's really loving it. And valery made a comment she said, once you find ben, he is the go to and I think that's not the first time we said that that was the quote from facebook earlier he is the go to source for all of this money

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