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Adobe Camera Raw

Jack Davis

Adobe Camera Raw

Jack Davis

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1 Five Step Tango Review Duration:20:09
2 Radial Filter Duration:19:22
4 PPI and Printing Duration:09:57
5 Targeted Adjustments Duration:13:11
6 Graduated Filter Duration:18:29
7 Healing Brush for Retouching Duration:31:18
10 Glamour Retouching Part 1 Duration:28:45
11 Glamour Retouching Part 2 Duration:09:44
12 Targeted Skin Color Unifying Duration:14:52
13 Dust and Scratches Filter Duration:25:09
14 Portrait Retouching Part 1 Duration:24:57
15 Portrait Retouching Part 2 Duration:17:39

Class Description

Get ready to master the hottest new Adobe® Photoshop® image-editing tool. Join award-winning photographer and Adobe Photoshop expert Jack Davis for an introduction to Adobe Camera Raw.

Drawing on his Adobe Photoshop expertise Jack will demystify Adobe Camera Raw (available both as a filter within Adobe Photosho® and an application within the Bridge application). You’ll learn about using Adobe Camera Raw as a flexible image-polishing tool that enhances your photographs in less time.

You’ll also learn about sophisticated retouching techniques from eye and teeth enhancement to skin color unifying. Jack will also cover creating special effects like high key black and whites, selective hand tinting, cross-processing, and changing depth of field.

Whether you’re an Adobe Photoshop beginner or a long-time user, you’ll leave this course with the tools needed to easily create jaw-dropping images with less effort.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.1


a Creativelive Student

Jack Davis is my favorite Creative Live instructor, and this 3-day Camera RAW series is just amazing. I learned so much that I can apply to my own work. I shoot photos for field ID guides, and conditions are not always optimal, and the things I learned about working with RAW images really made a difference when I'm working on processing images. Thanks, Jack (and thanks, Creative Live for offering these great classes)!

a Creativelive Student

This was the most comprehensive class on ACR that I've taken. Jack is a great teacher as well as entertaining. His approach was thorough, going through not only tools and their associated panels in ACR but touching on organization in Bridge and in the last few sessions, going through some things in Photoshop that ACR can't do. My mind is blown and I have a much better understanding of everything that can be done in ACR. I was pretty excited to get Jack's presets for ACR as well as most of his images with the purchase of this class. When you open up snapshots of Jack's images, all the settings are there so you get a real feel for where you can take your own images. Thoroughly enjoyed this class and consider it money well spent.

a Creativelive Student

This class is wonderful. It is amazing how much more you can do in camera raw than photoshop. I highly recommend this class!