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Adobe® Camera Raw


Class Description

Get ready to master the hottest new Adobe® Photoshop® image-editing tool. Join award-winning photographer and Adobe® Photoshop® expert Jack Davis for an introduction to Adobe® Camera Raw.

Drawing on his Adobe® Photoshop® expertise Jack will demystify Adobe® Camera Raw (available both as a filter within Adobe® Photoshop® and an application within the Bridge application). You’ll learn about using Adobe® Camera Raw as a flexible image-polishing tool that enhances your photographs in less time.

You’ll also learn about sophisticated retouching techniques from eye and teeth enhancement to skin color unifying. Jack will also cover creating special effects like high key black and whites, selective hand tinting, cross-processing, and changing depth of field.

Whether you’re a Adobe® Photoshop® beginner or a long-time user, you’ll leave this course with the tools needed to easily create jaw-dropping images with less effort.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.1


1Introduction and Overview Part 1
2Introduction and Overview Part 2
3Adobe® Bridge Integration: Workspace
4Adobe® Bridge Integration: Preferences
5Metadata Templates
6Adobe® Camera Raw Interface Insights
7Adobe® Camera Raw Tools and Panels
8Five Step Tango Part 1
9Five Step Tango Part 2
10White Balance and Vignettes
11HSL Global Adjustments and Effects
12HSL Effects and Faux Infrared
13Adobe® Camera Raw Sharpening and Dust Removal
14Enhanced Curves, Cross Processing, and Solarizing
1Five Step Tango Review
2Radial Filter
3Sharpening in Adobe® Camera Raw
4PPI and Printing
5Targeted Adjustments
6Graduated Filter
7Healing Brush for Retouching
8Adobe® Camera Raw Auto Mask Feature
9Adjustment Brush and Recoloring
10Glamour Retouching Part 1
11Glamour Retouching Part 2
12Targeted Skin Color Unifying
13Dust and Scratches Filter
14Portrait Retouching Part 1
15Portrait Retouching Part 2
1Targeted Coloring
2Hand Tinting
3Smart Filter Painting in Adobe® Photoshop®
4Masking and Recoloring
5Radial Filter Retouching
6DeSharpening and Healing Brush
7Adobe® Photoshop® Integration: Diffused Glow
8Adobe® Photoshop® Integration: Panoramas Part 1
9Adobe® Photoshop® Integration: Panoramas Part 2
10Adobe® Photoshop® Integration: Combining Images
11Adobe® Photoshop® Integration: HDR
12Adobe® Photoshop® Integration: Background Eraser
13Adobe® Photoshop® Integration: Liquify Filter
14Adobe® Photoshop® Integration: Content Aware Scale
15Input and Output Sharpening
16Split Toning
17Soft Proofing and Printing