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How Best to Use Illustrator With Other Adobe CC Software

Lesson 34 from: Adobe Illustrator Mastery

Daniel Walter Scott

How Best to Use Illustrator With Other Adobe CC Software

Lesson 34 from: Adobe Illustrator Mastery

Daniel Walter Scott

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34. How Best to Use Illustrator With Other Adobe CC Software


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Lesson Info

How Best to Use Illustrator With Other Adobe CC Software

Hey there in this video, we've drawn something in illustrator Now we need to use it in other adobe programs. We'll start with the most common programs and work our way down to the weeds. Okay. So probably the best way for all of them is if I select my fox here, go to my libraries. If you don't have a library, you can create one by new new library. Okay. I'm just gonna grab him. Just drag him in here. Okay. I should give him a name. I never do. And there he is. And any program in let's say okay, I can go to my library there. He is. Got a Fox. Okay. That works for any of them in design. Go to my libraries window. C. C. Libraries. You my library. I've got to my library. I've actually got three just to confuse everyone. Okay, so that is a way to bring in these graphics. The pro is that I can double click this guy in my library now. It opens it up in a separate window and illustrator and I can go through and recover it. I can say I don't want to change that color it save. Okay. And if I jum...

p back into in design now you'll notice that's updated, updated and not this original illustrator file. Just so you know, it's kind of like a one way street. Once it goes in there, they're not connected. Okay. I could drag it back out now and it will be okay. So I've got a kind of a link there. Now sometimes that can be a problematic. So you want to kind of not linked to the library because you like, man, it's connecting to libraries and it's causing drummers. What you can do is instead of just dragging it out like that. Okay. What you can do is you can hold down the option key on a Mac and drag out. Okay, the difference between that and that, is that not a lot linked? When you're dragging it out, just make sure you held down the old key on a PC or the option key on a Mac. Okay. And when it comes out it won't be connected. Same in Photoshop. Okay, drag it out, holding down the fort option key. And now if I go back to that original or is he there? He is there And I go and change them to something else. Okay, the ones that are linked will change, have a look. Okay, the link one will change, but this one won't. Okay. I often always drag mine out. Not connected. Okay. I like to kind of have them separate. So it's a great way. But there's another way. Okay, most of them, you can just copy and paste. Right instead of going through that drama, you can just select this, copy it. Okay. Do I have a white background? I don't select all copy it and go into actually go back to his original one. Um so you copy and just paste. Okay, when you're using Photoshop. Okay, so let's do Photoshop now. So if I paste into Photoshop it's gonna ask me this. Okay. And most people go to, well it depends if you know or not. Okay a lot of people just use pixels because that makes sense. Um This one here is the one you want to be using Smart object. Okay click on smart object. The cool thing about it is that I get to resize it pixels means if I do it with pixels okay And I resize it afterwards. It's gonna potentially picks like this. If I resize this one now you see you start seeing the pixels this one though because I said smart object. It's clever and keeps the vector in there. Okay so that's the one to use. Let's look at in design. You can do the same thing. You can instead of using the library's okay bye bye. Libraries you can just paste in here as well. Bring us through vector. It's perfect. Okay. It doesn't connect anything. Yeah just copy and paste into in design. Let's look at some of the other ones. Say after fix. I do most of my drawing in illustrator and bring it in an animated in after a fix. Okay in here you can let's say we want there's a couple of things we need to do. Doesn't really matter how you get it in here. You can't do copy paste. You can file import the illustrator file drag this guy in that works too. Okay but the only drama with this when you bring it in, there's two things you need to do. One is you need to often if you want to animate this in any kind of way and it doesn't like that. This is an ai file. What you can do to get around that say you're doing some animation, you're like man illustrator files just don't work. Go to layer and go to this one that says convert shapes to vector layer. It kind of turns it into a shape that after fixer likes a lot more. And what it does down here is that was the original layer, it's created this new layer and turn the old one off in terms of goals, we don't need him anymore. Okay, so this one here is yeah, often you can do a lot more effects with it when it's been converted that way. The other thing to do is whenever I scale something up, let's say that I don't do it that way and I just bring in my graphic. Okay and it's just a logo needs to sit there but I decided to scale it up. Can you see it pixel? It's okay. So whatever original size it comes through and it is victor but it just won't show you. Okay and we'll pixel it so you've got to click this little option, make sure you're on this, you can toggle switch. I know this might be hard core. This is for the people that no after effects or at least a little bit click on this magic button there, you can see it re renders, it can stretch your machine out a little bit doing that. Okay. But yeah, if you need to make it smaller, don't worry about it. But if you need to make it bigger, definitely click that option. Okay, going out to something like, say, you're doing banner ad animation and all you need to do is copy and paste into this one as well or use your libraries. Okay, So a new layer, I'm going to paste it in. I'm gonna leave illustrator import preferences. Okay. And there's my little graphic. Okay. And the cool thing about this is, yeah, I can animate it. And let's preview our cool little parallax add. We've ruined with all Fox his head. Okay. So if you're unsure what anime does mainly for better ants. Well, that's what I use it for. Anyway. Next one, Dreamweaver. Okay, so you want to go to Dreamweaver. This is probably the most complicated. Not complicated, but it's not a copy and paste job. So, I've got my graphic. I want to get this out into Dreamweaver because it's vector. We want to take advantage of the new format called S. P. G. Which is a scalable vector graphic to do that. Go to window and go to this one called asset export. And what we do is drag it in. Okay. And you can see it dragged it in all the pieces. Okay. So I'm gonna undo that. We're gonna group it first. Then drag it in. So it's one unit. And down here you can say what kind of format you want it to be. So let's say you want to get it out just the same size. It is as a PNG, which gives you transparency. You might go that option for Dreamweaver or this is the kind of newer fancier, scalable vector graphic. Okay. You can do that hit export and you're gonna get the file to use in Dreamweaver. Just go to your insert image. Cool. So the, the last one is dimension dimension is the new kind of 3D modeling kind of program. I'll do that in a separate whole video. Okay, so check that out. We'll do that in a bigger kind of thing. Cause it's a pretty cool little addition to illustrator, but it just wants to bring in a I files before I go is my sales pitch. You can switch over next. Um Say like the Photoshop um I've got an essentials and an advanced course that I'm making right after this one. Okay. If you are in design user, I've got an essentials for that as well and an advanced one. So if you're enjoying like this illustrated advanced course, There's an in design advanced one. And Photoshop Advanced, another thing you might do is um a good step for you might be going to something like X. D. Okay. XD. We haven't really looked at yet. XD is basically victor. Well, it's kind of like a simple drawing program but it allows you to um draw really kind of it looks very like photos illustrator. It's it's very similar except it has this prototype option. You can kind of see here if I prototype this, I can make it feel like this is a prototype we make in my ex de course. Um So if you yeah, if you want to get into more UI design or user experience design XT is a great step for you. If you're at this level of illustrator, you're going to be able to do XD quite quite well if you do my course. Alright. And so in this one here you can just copy and paste as well. Okay. And the vector comes through and the cool thing about it is you can double click on it and it's still kind of editable pieces and you get to build your XT using the drawing tools from illustrator and just kind of adding the interactivity in here. You can see here. Um Yeah, that's our kind of website. And I've also got courses on after affects there's motion graphics, animate banner ads, loads of dreamweaver ones. Yeah. So all right, stop trying to sell your things. Let's get onto the very next video

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