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Adobe InDesign CC for Beginners

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Class Introduction


Adobe InDesign CC for Beginners

Lesson 1 of 34

Class Introduction


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Class Introduction

I'm Erica Gamet and this is Adobe InDesign CC for Beginners. Don't let that scare you, even if you've been using it for awhile, because we are going to start at the beginning. It should be called InDesign CC at the Beginning, because I wanna start with a very basic understanding of the workspace. We're gonna start with that. We're gonna explore some of the tools, what the workspace looks like, how to get comfortable in it. Then, we're gonna start putting stuff on our page. We're going to work with some shapes. We're gonna add color to those shapes, then later on, we're going to bring in images from other places and some other graphics from other programs as well. By the end of this course, we're going to go ahead and export whatever it is we've created, whether you're working in digital or print. The reason I said don't get too hooked on the whole beginner's thing is that a lot of times people jump into a new program, like InDesign, because they've got a project to work on and they jus...

t get into it and never really learn about the core and how things work. Things that we should put in at the beginning, so like sizes or just different units that we might use for measurement. Any of those things that we need to put in there and we just sort of jump in and start working, and never really worry about how we're creating or why we're setting things up the way we do. We're gonna start at the very beginning with that in this course and then, if you feel like when we're done, you feel like you're ready to expand on the foundation that we've created in this course, you can move on to my other course which is Adobe InDesign CC, Beyond the Basics. Whether that's now, later, just know that you've got that great foundation. You can start working and we can always build on that foundation. That being said, let's go ahead and jump right into the application.

Class Description

Learn Basic Design Skills.

Adobe® InDesign CC® is the industry's go-to tool making for layouts that combine images and text. Learn the most efficient way to work with this indispensable software in Adobe InDesign CC for Beginners with Erica Gamet.

In this beginner-friendly class you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the Adobe InDesign CC workspace
  • Work with text, images, and color
  • Export and Print

Erica will show you how to execute layouts that include text, graphic elements, and images. You’ll learn basic design skills you can use to create professional-looking magazine layouts, newsletters, flyers and more.

If you want to take charge of your graphic design, Adobe InDesign CC for Beginners with Erica Gamet will get you started.

Level: Beginner, No prior Adobe InDesign experience required.

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Adobe InDesign CC 2018



Fantastic course. I have used Illustrator and photoshop, but learned when under tight deadlines. We are going to begin using inDesign to publish a more extensive multipage newsletter, and I wanted to build a better knowledge foundation of this tool, rather than just diving in. The course was comprehensive and I feel that I'll be able to make a better product after taking the course.


Have loved Erica since I was a baby designer. She is a great educator, and even though I have been using ID for about 8 years, I just changed from CS6 to CC. This was a great refresher as well as a mental upgrade to new options and effects.

Gilbert Beltran

I enjoyed these classes. Learned the Indesign toolbox and picked up a few smart tricks. Erica is great at keeping up the pace and being very clear and easy to follow.