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Placing PDFs

Lesson 18 from: Adobe InDesign CC for Beginners

Erica Gamet

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18. Placing PDFs

Lesson Info

Placing PDFs

The other thing that we can place are PDF's, so I'm gonna go ahead and do the same Command or Control D, which gives me file, place. And let's actually zoom up here and I have this entire annual report here as a PDF, so I got the entire report ready to place, some would say open. Actually I wanna make sure that my show import options are turned on. 'Cause with a PDF we need some options. We need to tell it what pages are we bringing in and how does that work with some of the options that are available? So, say I'll bring that in, so first thing is, it tells us that I have 16 pages. I can preview each page separately, which is nice, so I can come in here and just preview each one. I can choose to bring in just the previewed page. So then I say, if I just want the team page to come in, I can just choose that, or I can choose all, or I can choose an entire range. So, again you might have a PDF and you only need two pages outta that, but let's bring in a range. I'm just gonna bring in, let...

's do one through four. You can also use commas if you wanted. You know comma seven, you know and comma nine through or whatever, so we can combine those so that we're just bringing in specific pages. In this case I'm just gonna do one through four. And I have a couple different options here. I have the bounding box. This is how it brings and what it shows when it brings it in. So for instance, you might have the size of the media, which in this case is half of a letter size, but you might also want it to be artwork. So your artwork might extend beyond that. Or if you just had a logo sitting on the page, you might want just the logo coming in, which you would choose artwork, but if you choose media, it's gonna bring in the entire size of the page that it's sitting on, and that will just depend on what you need. So I might come in here and say bleed, and now it will bring in the entire bleed amount as well. And one option might or might not want turned on, is the transparent background. And if you're placing your PDF on top of something else, even if it's just text, but you've got a nice white background, or it's transparent from wherever you created it. You choose transparent background, that text can now sit on top of items in your in design document and whatever's behind it will show through. If you don't need that transparency you might turn it off. Just because otherwise it's trying to maintain transparency and calculate it when there isn't really anything to calculate. So again, I just tell it, it's gonna bring in page seven. I'm sorry it's gonna bring in the whole range. We did one through four, so it's not gonna bring in any of those. It's gonna bring in that page, that page, that page, and that page. It's gonna bring in each one individually. So when I say OK, it loads it up and I can see what that first one looks like, and I can actually use my, can't do the arrow keys. I'm sorry, I thought I could with the PDF, I can't. You can with images. I can actually come in here and just place this in order of the PDF, so I have page one, and I'm just gonna click and drag. We're gonna place all four pages actually, on this one page. So I'm gonna click and drag, and now it gets ready with the second one that's here. And again I have smart guides turned on, so I can see when it's the exact same height, which is nice. And let go, and it places page two, and then I can do the same thing here. It will show me when I've got the same width. That's great. And then I'm gonna line up here, and even if I can't get this lined up, even if I'm off to the side, it will still tell me when it's the same width and height, least it should. It's not lining up very well with me. It should actually tell me that, but it placed it to the size that's here. There we go. And now I have all four of those pages on the same item. So, if you were to say, in this case we did a layout and placed it back inside another layout, but you might've had four different pages of logos that you created, and you created out of illustrator, and you made a PDF, and you wanted to show all four of 'em all laid out side by side on the same page so we can look and see which one we like, or make another PDF to show to your client with everything else that you created in your in design document as well. So there's a lot of reasons why you might want a PDF inside your document. But the great thing is you can pick and choose which pages of that PDF you actually wanna place inside that document.

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Fantastic course. I have used Illustrator and photoshop, but learned when under tight deadlines. We are going to begin using inDesign to publish a more extensive multipage newsletter, and I wanted to build a better knowledge foundation of this tool, rather than just diving in. The course was comprehensive and I feel that I'll be able to make a better product after taking the course.


Have loved Erica since I was a baby designer. She is a great educator, and even though I have been using ID for about 8 years, I just changed from CS6 to CC. This was a great refresher as well as a mental upgrade to new options and effects.

Gilbert Beltran

I enjoyed these classes. Learned the Indesign toolbox and picked up a few smart tricks. Erica is great at keeping up the pace and being very clear and easy to follow.

Student Work