Adobe® Photoshop CC®: Power Editing for Designers

Lesson 1/4 - Class Introduction


Adobe® Photoshop CC®: Power Editing for Designers


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Class Introduction

Welcome everybody, I am totally thrilled to be here in front of you doing this particular class, and you're gonna learn some things here that are a bit different to some of the other things you've learned. I'm going to be using something called camera raw filter fairly extensively, and to me, it's the most revolutionary thing since the layers were introduced into Photoshop many, many, many years ago. So, we're going to start off with the first one, which is going to be a scary paperback novel and what we're going to do, I'll show you the beginning and the end of this one. Okay, so if I come along here, we're going to end up with something like this. Something nice and dark and spooky with a bit of a title on it, like so. And a cat, because it's got to have a cat on it if it's me doing it. So we'll be doing that one, without, you'll notice, tons and tons of layers in here. We'll also be looking at this file, which has got some really nice hidden surprises in it. There'll be some things ...

in there that are really, really, really gonna surprise you, I promise. Okay, so we'll be doing that one and we'll also be working through this project here, which is adding some motion to this car, which actually, by default, does not have any, it's static, and it's orange, not red. So you can see that just there. So we're changing all of those things out as we go.

Class Description

Are you really making the most of what Photoshop has to offer when editing and compositing your images? Instructor Tony Harmer thinks that maybe you're not—and challenges you to start thinking differently about the tool you think you know so well. In Adobe® Photoshop CC®: Power Editing for Designers Tony will demonstrate that you can work faster, introduce repeatable formulas and achieve amazing results in less time, with less effort.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Newer, faster ways to achieve great results
  • Hidden tricks for faster work
  • Powerful effects with less layers

If you are spending way too much time in PS to get the results you are looking for Adobe® Photoshop CC®: Power Editing for Designers will speed up your efforts and enhance your creativity!


Michelle Mealing

I've only watched half of the class at this stage but am completely hooked. Tony uses some unique techniques that are going to make it into my arsenal. Thanks Tony. I can't wait to watch the rest.