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Welcome back to creative live and the final segment of advanced based production with andrew lover we're going to do take a minute to tonight we're going to take a minute to do thank you so just a quick shout out to all the people that have helped us make this possible so andrew do you want to talk a little bit about sound temple for us? Um yeah I don't have a whole lot to say um thank you for the opportunity I have declined sound temples my studio it's ah I think it's a great place it's small comfortable but we got a lot of really cool gear and we've had a lot of incredible bands come through the studio I uh have a great staff a cz well is a network of engineers a lot of them are probably online right now making fun of my melody line slip ups I have an assistant named justin so wanna thank him he's awesome. Ah ryan williams is an engineer it the studio he's great michael montoya who will touch on later as well as friends that have worked on a lot of stuff with me and I've talked a lot...

about him but jeff dunn who I think is also in the forum and uh talking and has taught me a ton about all kinds of different things and really helped me with a lot of my base techniques and guitar techniques and I appreciate all four of the people that have really worked at the studio so all of them are great guys and you can obviously find it at sound temple studio dot com were a half hour outside of los angeles in a much prettier area of with less traffic so we like working on all kinds of records you can contact me below there and we just liketo work on anything and we have a great group of guys that do a great job right where we're in rancho cucamonga, california the greatest city on planet earth wow, where is that from away a half hour east. Ok. All right, well, thank you for that. I also would like to thank all of these people can you talk a little bit about each one of these? Yes, sure I can warwick, like I said make better bases than anybody in the world. Um some people would call that an opinion it's a fact that war with makes the best places in the entire world. Chris kunitz at warwick is taking care of me and always been incredible. They were really supportive of the creative life thing and very excited to have their bases on air so I really can't thank them enough when I've dreamt up crazy base ideas they're always there to deliver and make yes, we don't have a camera on him but the bases I've played her legitimately works of art, and I believe I drove the point home when I said that these two bases in my prize possessions over anything in the entire world other than my dog, their war with his big, aerated musical instrument that is made on the earth as far as I'm concerned as well, a sprain, this guitar, same company, so I love them to death fender chris canelo, they're both named chris. Chris canel offender is very similarly taken care of myself and my band beyond any expectations that any company should care about a band or a studio, they make the city van halen amps. They make a huge line of bass guitar amps, which they provided us with over here. And, like I said with warwick it's, not an opinion, I think fender makes better base care than everybody, and I will argue and fight that to the grave that they make the best stuff that you can buy for bass amps radio I talked a ton about already bullet proof of the eyes and ok, everything for routing and a studio radio really has it figured out they keep your signal flow clean as well, a sturdy and they make products that never fail, so thank you to radio and then they're dumb off strings and picks, which I talked a ton about there perfect they're the least exciting things in the world strings and picks and I know that I'm sure a lot of people fell asleep when I was talking about it but it's very important to tone and dunlop really delivers so thanks to them um the bands on here thanks don't want to play that's my band that don't really have to thank them for anything we'll see them in hawaii tomorrow morning um and thanks to go life who is michael the interns band he is without a doubt the worst employee that anybody could ever have in their life um can't get anything right and who is not being sarcastic probably not watching this right now because he fell asleep and he went to recording school and were nothing so why would he want anything anywhere else um but he's a great human being and he's a good friend of mine and friends and I know that he was really adamant excited about me doing this so I imagine that's why his love is their worst engineer in the world nice alright good times so right okay yeah there we go. All right. Well if you guys he's horrible I think we covered that. Okay, if you you guys want to give some social love to all of these people that would be great just sent a tweet or you know, like their facebook page let him know you've been watching andrew incredible I've yeah, and we say tweet at michael a montoya ok, is there a way we can put that? Just the worst thing did you ask him to do? Ask him to do your record michael a montoya on twitter at michael miss anthony be on instagram for microwave the center people in total michael you just hang in there, all right? All right, so we'd also like to thank the creative live audience to all of you guys that have been watching and participating asking questions and just giving your comments in the trap room appreciate you guys coming by and checking this course out make sure to go to creative live and check out all of the courses on the audio channel so you can see what's coming up and what we've have going on so we could get this audio channel going all right? We'd also like to think the critic live crew everybody that is working behind the scenes to make this happen thanks so much to ryan lacey our producers and thanks to caroline thanks to regina who's in the chat rooms also like to thank all the guys in the booth thanks to kellen thanks to taison thanks to test jamie all of our sound guys thank you to josh and also another felt farewell to tyler who's our audio guy in today's his last day so just want to say we all love you, tyler let's. See what else who else we need to think. We need to think our in studio audience. Thanks to all, you guys who have participated in last two days have been here and asking questions really appreciate you guys. You're always welcome to come back and be part of other audio classes, all right, and last but not least, we would love to thank andrew glover from coming up here to seattle and being part of this and sharing your knowledge with us on advanced based production. Very cool.

Class Description

Everyone knows that bass guitar is the foundation of a great modern rock mix. It’s the unsung hero that holds the entire track together. Join Winds of Plague bassist and Soundtemple Studios founder Andrew Glover for a course dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know to record, edit and mix great modern bass tones.

Drawing on his 10+ years in the music industry, Andrew will guide you through tracking and getting tones using real amps and amp simulators. Plus, you’ll learn the secrets of editing and mixing bass that will take your tones from good to great including tone layering, eq/compression, and much more.