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Content Aware Crop

Lesson 4 from: Advanced Content Aware and Cloning

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

4. Content Aware Crop

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Lesson Info

Content Aware Crop

We're gonna use Content Aware Crop, and Content Aware Crop, there's some things in here that get a little hairy and I just wanna talk about in advance. So first of all you can straighten while you're cropping, I'm not going to, but I want you to know that it's there, and you can use Classic mode, I don't, but it'll allow you to do some of this, some people like old classic content-aware and the crop tool, I don't know why, but I feel like it's really important that I talk about the option bar, as far as we are concerned right now, the only thing I'd really like you to worry about is that ever so important button right there, which means you are turning on the Content-Aware Crop. So content-aware crop, I use this all the time, so as I like to explain in entertainment industry what happens is people do a comp in a design and they've designed it exactly to the bleed that they need, that's it and you know I need this much more because Vanity Fair is a lot different than The Hollywood Repor...

ter, and on backgrounds and this kind of stuff, especially for food, I'm gonna tell you for food when you need to extend your background, something like this with a background, even though its kind of busy, content-aware fill, generally works a treat, well that took 30 seconds, you build more in 30 seconds please, so when you do it, so an image like this, this works out really well and it's also because it's kind of jumbled, it's not precision kind of stuff, it's a background. Slate, this works great on slate, this granite, fantastic, content-aware scale, I forget what number I'm on, I think I'm on number three, I numbered them all but I can't remember. Can I show you what it doesn't work on? Total cack, and I like to emphasize the point by giving you the sad face, alright, and I think this is valid, I have to be really honest, I think more people should talk about when you don't use something, so content-aware scale, and d'you realize that with content-aware scale, when you're scaling in Photoshop, you can pull out to whatever size you want, whatever that might be, you've got to, got to, gots to remember to click that darn little button, it doesn't want to be on, it doesn't, I don't know why, I don't know what that means but it doesn't want to be on. Total cack, it can't do it, d'you remember the lines on the horse, with the barbed wire? There's something about it, it really doesn't like it, so please don't use content-aware fill on a wood background, metal, fantastic, not metal with lines, so hopefully you just went, no lines, granite, anything kind of amorphic, but not this kinda thing. Lemme show me what you can't do, isn't that exciting, don't do that. Alright, now I wanna illustrate the Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi thing, 'cause I think this is really important, this, the Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi, conversation in content-aware fill, is across the board, so what I mean by that is with Lo-Fi or blurry, look can we just call it blurry, it's not super sexy but let's just call it blurry. Lo-Fi is blurry, Hi-Fi is detail, so if you look at this image, what button doesn't wanna stay on, Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi, blurry, not much detail, not much crunch, lot of crunch, a lot of detail. Perfect, yeah not so much, can you see the step and repeat, I mean some, you might be able to get away with some on if you're darkening it, but for me that's not gonna fly, cool, Lo-Fi yay, Hi-Fi no. Can I have, thank you, alright. Great for simple, do, do, do click the button, cacky chaky cry, no bueno Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi, so what that means, if you have to do extension content-aware crop here, and we'll figure something out for the bottom, cool.

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Ratings and Reviews

Audrey Agin

Her Action for Content aware fill is the Bomb- great for photo restoration. I learned something in each lesson. I Will have to re-watch a few. She is good at what she knows. Her teaching style, she jumps around a lot, but I felt like she slowed down and explained things better in this course, than in other courses I have watched. I happened to watch Jesus Ramirez “Power tips and Tricks” – great course- it also had Content-aware scale and crop. So by watching both instructors, I now have a better understanding of this tool. Thank you both.

Amy Vaughn

Content aware was one of the best things to happen to Photoshop and this is a great comparison of the different tools that use it. I've been using the content aware fill action regularly since taking this class and now I want to go find a project that uses the vanishing point tool. Thanks Lisa!

Mary Villanueva

I thought the workflow tips were invaluable especially for someone as picky as I am. I would have preferred more demonstration over describing a process which I may or not be able to visualize. I realize, however, that time was of the essence which necessitated the need to rush through so I would probably skip the PowerPoint presentation to save a bit of time and just get to it. The technical details which are necessary to understand can be explained along the way. That said, I thought the class was good. It gave me quite a few tips that I can use. I'm a long-time Photoshop user who is always looking to improve my skill set and understanding of the program.

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