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Advanced Content Aware and Cloning


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Content Aware Spot

This is, I feel a little weird about talking about this because I feel like it's such a different kind of tool. We've been making big selections and doing content aware fill. Right now, what we're gonna do is go to this. Heal. We're gonna go to the spot healing brush. So this is a job where I had to spot. This is before, this is after. Now you know I am a lasoo girl right? I like that content aware fill but what y'all might wanna consider, again I'm gonna do a before and after, I just want you to look at this, after, before, after, before. Some of you won't like that lassoo, you won't like the action. I'm on the spot heal tool, take your hands off the computer for just a second, take a moment, spot heal, content aware. Now I've got a handout that'll explain what each one of these do but for time's sake, I'm gonna go ahead and just talk about content aware but this puts just texture and this does as best as it can. How's that? As best as it can. I ain't holding nothing. I'm just paintin...

g. And you might have to go over it a few times. Well heck fire, why do the lasoo? Maybe just do this. Alright why I don't do this is what if I make a mistake and I can't do that F2 to undo it? Maybe you can write an action for this, maybe you can do a Command + C if you catch it quick enough. So for me, like my, my boyfriend actually uses this, this is how he does it, he doesn't like doing the last and fill thing. For me, it's a little dangerous. I'm afraid I'm gonna go too far or I'm gonna miss something. There's something a little, I don't wanna say lazy, but it's easy to be careless with this and I'm afraid I'm gonna miss something. It might be just fear. So this or the content aware fill action might be a good function but not bad right? Keep going, lift your pen, lift your pen, lift your pen, lift your pen, well geez, there's no option clicking, there's no healing, right? Pretty fast. So this is an excellent, excellent tool, the spot healing tool. It's kind of buried so a lot of people forget about it but please put it in your arsenal and a good exercise to use, if I could have the screen again, that would be awesome, a great option to use is try it on a job. Make yourself, make yourself on a single job. Stick with one tool like that just to get your chops up and see if you like it and then move on and try a different tool for the next job. Okay so I've got an explanation in Photoshop speak, you might like it of what you can do, it's very fast. Okay there's the sample, I did a before and after for you. This is where it's really good. Before, after. Now on this one, why I showed you on this one what I ended up having to do, is I ended up doing some sections and it got a little, I'm hoping I can recreate it right here, I get it's a high key coloring, may have a hard time seeing it. Do you see how I lost all my skin texture in there? Create texture. Texture's back in. A little too much texture if you ask me but that's alright. I'm gonna heal, go back for a second, I wanna show you one other technique about that. Are you guys clear what I just did? Heal, content aware full first, got a little too, I lost my mind, the coffee kicked in. That's okay, I'm gonna go back and create texture and I'm gonna do a big swatch, I'm gonna let go, no Command + Z, I'm going to fade that. My pen is just saying, hang on honey, fade spot heal Command + Shift + S. I do it with the quick key and obviously, I love the texture honey but you did a little too much. Can I have 50% of the texture? But you have to do it immediately after you do the stroke. Immediately after you do the stroke, cool? So I love the spot heal, this is great and I probably in all honesty should use it, I just know my personal work habits, I get a little, a little lazy but please put it in your arsenal, I hope you found that helpful. That took three minutes to do his face. Three minutes.

Class Description

Elevate your command and understanding of our old Photoshop® friends—the Clone Stamp, the Healing Brush and the Content-Aware Fill. Lisa Carney will investigate these toolbar control leverages, which few have explored past the “option-click,” “shift-delete” and “hot key.” In this class, you’ll learn how to use quick Content-Aware Fill action to make crosshairs headaches a thing of the past; fine-tune cloning tools to do exactly what you want; expand your expertise of the entire army of healing tools; and utilize different methods to extend backgrounds for layouts. Freshen up your capabilities, speed up your productivity and improve your asking price.  


Amy Vaughn

Content aware was one of the best things to happen to Photoshop and this is a great comparison of the different tools that use it. I've been using the content aware fill action regularly since taking this class and now I want to go find a project that uses the vanishing point tool. Thanks Lisa!