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Shadowing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Lesson 14 of 17

Warp Shadows with Transform Tool

Traci Reed

Shadowing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Traci Reed

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Lesson Info

14. Warp Shadows with Transform Tool

Lesson Info

Warp Shadows with Transform Tool

There's another way to work shadows and it's actually called warp we've actually found one that's called war and for that we're gonna have to have the shadow on its own layer style again so our man on the phone later again so we want tio right click create layer so now we have the shadow and if you hit command t to transform and then you right click on the, um fill air you can actually hit warp and it will change your selection and you can just drag the corners down now so keeps everything else the same but the corners get dragged down and so I'm going to move these up to because I want to look want it to look like it's touching there and if you want to be really precise about it, you have to have your you can have your rulers on and then you can drag a guide down from your ruler so that you can make sure that your your shadow is drug evenly down might be important. Why not? Depends on how you scrapbook. Ok, so now we have a warped shadow. Um, let's, look at this again on the baseball ...

layout because we can also work in different directions to so if I have this hey batter, batter, let's, zoom in a little bit and I wanted it to look like it's kind of floating away from the page just a little bit at the end, the batter part, so I'm going to create a layer, and then I'm going to click this and we're going to command t to work again, right? Click warp, and then I'm just going to pull this down a little bit, and you can actually pull from these points too, just so that it looks like it's pulling away just on that in just a little bit, you couldn't drag any of these points down, so if you want to do one way of here, if you were doing something different, you can do that as well. All of these points are adjustable, you can even drag uh, okay can drag in the middle, I thought you could, but no, you can't. So any of these points, you can drag your shadow down so that's a really big I don't know that would work out so well, so let's, do it for real manti work and pull it down, all of it. So now it looks like it's stuck over here and pulling away a little bit on the end, really subtle, but it can add a lot to your layout, especially if you are doing all of these actions and really really going really deep on this. And, you know, curling things up and and pulling things away. And it's fun. It's fun if you want to play.

Class Description

Learn how to create more polished and photorealistic scrapbook layouts with Traci Reed in Shadowing in Adob® Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers.

Shadowing adds depth and perspective to scrapbook layouts, but stock Adobe® Photoshop® shadow effects can look artificial. In this class, you’ll learn techniques that make adding and modifying shadows a simple process that yields believable results. Traci will teach you how to create shadows that fit the texture and composition of the elements you are using and look great on the screen and the printed page. 

You’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of Adobe Photoshop shadows
  • Realistic shadowing of objects
  • Options for adding finishing touches

If you want to create more photorealistic pages, produce product for sale, or just take your design skills to the next level join Traci for Shadowing in Adobe®Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers.

For even more advanced scrapbooking tips check out Layering in Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers & Design Layouts in Photoshop.



I bought all three of Traci's classes and am very impressed. Even though I consider myself a professional Photoshop user, I learned some great new tips and tricks. Not only that, I found the classes inspiring and it kicked my digital scrapbooking creativity up a few levels. More than worth the money. Easy to watch, inspiring and a great teacher.

L. Phillips

This class was fascinating and moved at a good pace. Scrapbookers these days use so many varied Photoshop skills and are some of the most creative thinkers around. I learned so many practical - use it right now! - tricks for shadowing any kind of object and make styles out of them for one-click usability. There's a bit much of the biography section at the front of the class but I felt the usable information was enough to warrant the purchase so I can skip the personal section. Traci is a friendly and clear speaker, and a wealth of knowledge. She should definitely be featured in more advanced scrapbooking classes AND even for creating vector embellishments!

a Creativelive Student

Awesome class! WOW, I had no idea about the world of shadowing. I just started digital scrapbooking and knew my layouts were lacking something and now I know what...depth! I definitely feel more confident now in adding shadows to my pages and I have also graduated from Elements to the full version of PS thanks to Traci's suggestion. I am headed now to search for more classes by Traci. Thanks for a great class!