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Advanced Lightroom Adjustments

Jared Platt

Advanced Lightroom Adjustments

Jared Platt

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1 Class Introduction Duration:02:43
2 Why Work Inside of Raw Duration:10:40
4 Stylizing Your Image Duration:28:35
7 Retouching RAW Images Duration:17:22

Class Description

Join Jared Platt to learn how much you can do with your RAW images before even opening Photoshop. Get schooled in serious Lightroom retouching and editing. Discover the develop module, and its ability to reveal complicated problems and solve them in an instant. 

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 - 2015



Jared is a very good teacher, he explains things clearly and gets to the point. He is also a very good speaker so he is easy to listen to.

Helder Cardoso

Liked and recommend.

Robin Spencer

I've used LR for years and still can't believe how much I learned in this class. Very well done and would recommend it.