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Advanced Photo Retouching Techniques

Lesson 6 of 6

Enhance Hair in Photoshop

Lindsay Adler

Advanced Photo Retouching Techniques

Lindsay Adler

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6. Enhance Hair in Photoshop

Lesson Info

Enhance Hair in Photoshop

So we are going to wrap up, just like finishing off a couple other things with this image. That being said, I would've spent a lot more time dodging and burning, just those fine, those fine details here. But a couple other things that I could do, for example I'm gonna flatten 'kay. Couple other things I could do is perfect the hair, quick tip for that is going back to our Clone Stamp, with lighten and darken, see how there's some gaps in the hair. Well I can control how my clone stamp behaves so if I go to a blend mode of Lighten, wherever something is darker, if you want to lighten a shadow, you change your blend mode to Lighten. Right, we went through that, if I go to 100% and I clone in there, watch how it fills in the spots and it didn't clone over the light areas it just filled in the shadows, so same thing here, let's fill in some of these areas, and obviously I'd go more carefully, but, I can fill in patches in the hair and make it looker fuller and more lush and a little bit mo...

re vibrant, so just watch, you know I can start to fill it in, and what I like to do as well, is I like to contour the hair because all of a sudden the highlights and shadows start to make it look fuller, so do the same thing, one curve lighter, and highlights, one curve darker, great, and let's call it shadows, and so what I do is I trace what is already there, so I see a highlight here, what I'm going to do, is I'm gonna trace right over it, go back over that highlight, keep doing that, going back over the highlights, and then we go to the shadow areas, go back over the shadows, and let's take a look at that, so it starts to give a little more shine to the hair. You wanna push it further, then go into Liquify, and you can start bending things out, so you can bend the hair in this way, and give myself a little bit more curve and so these are the types of things that I would do, to give myself a little bit more wave and curve to the hair. So if you wanna take a look at where we started for this particular photo, and then we can move all the way down to kind of perfecting the skin and contouring the face and filling in the hair and for something like this image, if it were a portrait I would probably do something around maybe, 35, 40 minutes, if it's a beauty image where it has to be perfect, especially with a 50 megapixel camera, this would be well over an hour, so just knowing that level and the tools you have available to you allow you to decide what's the end use, how perfect does this need to be, is it a portrait, is it beauty image, and what tools, and how long am I going to spend on this image.

Class Description

Join professional fashion photographer Lindsay Adler for an advanced primer on photo retouching in Adobe® Photoshop®. You'll learn how to use features like frequency separation, dodging and burning, and contouring as you follow Lindsay through the post-production work of a fashion shoot. Discover Lindsay's techniques that give your images that high-end look.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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CPR Photography

One of my favorite instructors. Lindsay Adler is an excellent instructor, great personality, incredibly talented. This edited-down video "Advanced Photo Retouching" (watched several times live and non-live), is great, because all the unnecessary pauses and down-time are edited out. Cutting down the time commitment to a more manageable block of time. It's hard to dedicate 9-5 online live classes without compromising your own work schedule. So, I appreciate very much being able to watch these edited videos. Thanks Lindsay and Creative Live!


This course has an abundance of extremely useful information. I learned so much. I do need to keep going over certain sections so it sinks in, but Lindsey does a wonderful job explaining in detail what all the important things are and leaves out what she knows just isn't necessary to get into. That leaves us with a very useful course that doesn't have drawn out parts that seem time wasting. Lindsey gets straight to the point. And I so appreciate that. She really is an amazing teacher.

Rachel Taylor

Well worth the price of the class! This course goes into more detail than her Advanced Beauty Retouching class. I would recommend a good working knowledge of layers & masks before doing this kind of retouching, but Lindsay makes it very easy to understand.