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Altered Books: Book Boxes

Lesson 2 of 9

Choosing the Books

Molly Meng

Altered Books: Book Boxes

Molly Meng

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2. Choosing the Books

Lesson Info

Choosing the Books

So let's talk about the books choosing great books for this project I've been collecting old books my whole life, so I have a pretty big treasure trove, but you may have something that's a little more current maybe it's your grandmother's cookbook and you want to start saving your recipes inside that book, you can still cut out that book saved the cover itself save the inside and keep the recipes, but now start using that book box to save your recipes something you might give to someone else you might want to pick a book that has something to do with, um maybe your siblings. This is a great old book that will be using, and I loved the idea because I have sisters as well, and when I saw this cover, it made me think of my sisters and I like that idea that I can turn this book box into a gift for one of them. You might want to use something for your kids where they can hide their toys in the book box and so you might use an old child's book, these air great little books. But what we'll fi...

nd out is that when they're this small it's not his ideal for this project, the best books for this project are books that are about an inch thick or thicker you'll find when you go to cut the foam core that's, where it really keeps its strength, is an inch or a little bit thicker. When you get to a skinny or long book like this, it doesn't hold its strength quite as well when you build the box inside. So really, your best books are something with an inch or thicker. They could be a gorgeous cover with a beautiful design, or they could be a really simple, almost blank cover where you end up collage ing on the cover. I like to choose books that have that great old cover and kind of a funny message, maybe, or a really great picture, like this one I just got this summer. I love that concept of that image, and then I end up using that cover instead of collage in over it and do more of what I like inside. So choosing books is a really, really fun process, and you could always pick up more than one from an old book store or library sale. A dollar store that has a great little book section. It could be old or new, but it's fun to have a great cover that you want to look at or a great spine in case you end up putting your book box in a secret spot.

Class Description

Book boxes are a classic way to store small treasures, and making boxes is great way to upcycle old books. In Altered Books: Book Boxes with Molly Meng, you’ll learn how to collect, convert, and add, you’ll learn how to collect, convert, and add new functions to hardbound tomes. 

Molly is an artist, teacher, and storyteller. She owns and designs cards for the hand-crafted greeting card company 8mm Ideas. In this class she’ll share her expertise in repurposing antiquated books. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Select the perfect book to convert  
  • Gut the book, break the spine, and create a simple box frame  
  • Use collage to create color and story  
  • Create both simple and more complex book boxes  

You’ll also learn about the tools that will make the job easier and Molly will share future project ideas for the paper you remove.  

Book boxes are infused with an air of mystery – learn how to make your own magical repository in Altered Books: Book Boxes with Molly Meng. 

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I learned so many things by watching this class that I always wanted to know. Molly gives great detailed instructions and fascinating suggestions for what you can do with these boxes. I got the sense that she is incredibly excited about doing this and it makes me want to do it to. It sparked a lot of ideas for me even though I doubt I will do exactly what she demonstrates.

Elizabeth Haen

This is such a fun project, can't wait to try it all out! I love Molly's calm and professional manner and upbeat approach to teaching as well.

Mia Reeves

I love the clear step by step directions. I also love the fact that she uses pretty basic tools and materials. The possibilities for creating some very unique book boxes all start here!