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Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Mark Wallace

Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Mark Wallace

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1 Class Introduction Duration:05:10
3 Metering Duration:34:21
4 Understanding Dynamic Range Duration:13:46
5 Understanding Histograms Duration:22:37
9 Controlling Light with Grids Duration:22:29
11 Color Theory Part 1 Duration:19:55
12 Color Theory Part 2 Duration:35:23
14 Mark's Lightroom Workflow Duration:22:07
15 Exercise: Purpose Worksheet Duration:34:04
16 Failing with Purpose Duration:13:22
18 Special Request: Pricing Duration:58:05
22 Working with Models Duration:27:30
23 Commercial Shoot Workflow Duration:10:36
24 Q&A Duration:07:12
25 Set Up Studio Environment Duration:13:46
26 Planning The Live Shoot Duration:21:30
27 Dialing In The Lighting Duration:18:13
28 Q&A Duration:15:49
29 QuickTestShot Duration:08:53
31 Lightroom Workflow Duration:26:24
32 Q&A Duration:14:21
33 Preparing for the Second Shoot Duration:16:31
36 Photoshoot: Tether Tools Table Duration:09:30
37 BONUS VIDEO: Lunchtime Q&A Duration:11:22
38 BONUS VIDEO: Quick Ad Mockup Duration:01:19

Class Description

Join Mark Wallace as he dissects a commercial photoshoot to reveal each step at its most basic level. From technical aspects of lighting and color, to real-world experiences working with art directors, make-up artists, models, and other professionals, you’ll have a firsthand look as he puts each piece together to complete several complete concepts from start to finish. This unique course explores the fundamentals of commercial photography, from the smallest jobs to the biggest productions. Bring your questions from your own shoots, or use this experience as a roadmap when planning your first jobs. Mark will be chatting with the live worldwide audience throughout the weekend!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1


Brian Geoghegan

Mark Wallace, Brilliant at what he does, so clear to understand, he is amazing, well done Mark great workshop, I learned so much. Thank you, kind Regards, Brian from Ireland


Mark really knows his stuff. He was very well prepared and Mark did a great job teaching this course. Mark went through all the steps from beginning to end in great detail. He also answered questions from the audience an online viewers which helped fill in any blanks. Great course.

a Creativelive Student

I loved this workshop! Many things I struggled to understand about exposure and many other things became so clear! Just wow!