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Anatomy of a Photoshoot


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BONUS VIDEO: Quick Ad Mockup

Michael put together a very quick proof of concept for us inherit is here is our proof of concept and what this is we would show this to tether tools and this is something that we would look at and say okay here's, how we're going to lay this out and so you can see there's the table we didn't have time to do is put in all the studio gear that we wanted to do in that black space but we would make that look a little bit more like a studio we would match the screen with the actual model in the background but we're working really quickly on dh so there you have it we did that today planning teo outcome so obviously without thea the pauses and the teaching and stuff, we probably would've had a little bit more time to get it finished and out the door and plus it's uh two thirty right now he started at nine. Normally we started about seven thirty and we work till about six so we would have a little bit more time than that but I think it's pretty cool and so that's how it is that's how you tak...

e the planning you work with the gear you work with the people you put it all together and you get something that looks like that pretty awesome I like it well done, everybody

Class Description

Join Mark Wallace as he dissects a commercial photoshoot to reveal each step at its most basic level. From technical aspects of lighting and color, to real-world experiences working with art directors, make-up artists, models, and other professionals, you’ll have a firsthand look as he puts each piece together to complete several complete concepts from start to finish. This unique course explores the fundamentals of commercial photography, from the smallest jobs to the biggest productions. Bring your questions from your own shoots, or use this experience as a roadmap when planning your first jobs. Mark will be chatting with the live worldwide audience throughout the weekend!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1



Mark really knows his stuff. He was very well prepared and Mark did a great job teaching this course. Mark went through all the steps from beginning to end in great detail. He also answered questions from the audience an online viewers which helped fill in any blanks. Great course.