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Commercial Shoot Workflow

Lesson 23 from: Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Mark Wallace

Commercial Shoot Workflow

Lesson 23 from: Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Mark Wallace

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Lesson Info

23. Commercial Shoot Workflow

Lesson Info

Commercial Shoot Workflow

So the next thing we're gonna do, we're gonna wrap up the day and what we're doing here, and I don't know how to describe this, but we're making a huge shift in this workshop at this point right now, and so if there was a line of everything that we've done so far, we're about to go over it and enter into a new world, and so we're now going into the unplanned territory. All right? So what we've talked about remember, we've talked about tech, we talked about all the light, direction and luminosity and color and shape, and we've talked about creativity and how to build the plan. We've talked about working with people and models and what to charge and all of that stuff, and eventually you have to take that stuff, and you have to do something with it, and what we're going to do is we are pulling back the curtains in our team team snapped factory, uh, we're going to plan this tether table shoot with the world invited to see us do it. Now I'd be lying to say we haven't had any planning it all...

we have, we've had some planning to figure out wardrobe and sort of the basic style of what we want to do you saw this morning that we had a layout of how we want to put the tether table we've talked teo lauren and josh from tether tools a couple times they've given us some input on what they want us to dio but that's it we have not planned the shoot so what we're gonna do is we're going to do this in real life and so stan factor is going to come out here we're gonna roll this table out um actually gonna stand a little bit that's right? Sorry we're going to stand up because we're short on time we're doing something called a standup meeting and this again this is still stolen from agile development extreme programming we have something called a daily standup and the daily standup is a meeting where we look at all of the projects that we have and we have a meeting and come over and we do it standing up and the reason we do it standing up is it prohibits that meeting from going too long it is a physical exercise and so we know when we do a standup meeting it's gonna be ten to fifteen minutes any longer than that we're all going to start sitting down and assume if you sit down we know we're over our time limit so it's an actual practical exercise so what we're gonna do is we're going to go over the plan for tomorrow I'm going to do it using thie workflow that is in your pdf handouts and I'm gonna bring this guy over here by the way, this is a tether tools a product here this is the wally connect that allows you to connect your ipad to rolling stand we're using seems constantly and so we're going to show you what we have to do is going to go through these and see if we're ready to go and I know that there's some things that we haven't figured out yet and then after that what we're going to do is we have some roaming cameras were going to show you how we've set the room going to show you how we have things prepared for the shoot tomorrow and then after that's done, we'll take questions and we'll be done for the day and then tomorrow it's a real live shoot that's all tomorrow is it's the real live shoot and we're gonna execute to that, so if you really want to get the absolute best details for what we're doing, download that celtics project it's free, just download that look at all the storyboards look at what we're doing, you can sort of see some of the scheduling and stuff like that. So from this point on, we're gonna take a corner and we're now are snapped factor team and I'll do I'll still be an instructor, but we're actually going to do this as we normally do it, so I'm going to do some instruction here because people don't know this work flow so I'll walk through it and each point of the way we're going to do a little check and then we'll make sure that we're good um the sami fun this is unplanned uncharted water are you guys ready? Yes. All right. Virtual nods right. So this is how we do our commercial shoots and this is uh you can modify this for, uh, model shoot if you want we have to have a few things ready. Number one we have to have a model release ready is the model release ready? Okay, notice I'm asking kelsey these questions. Kelsey is it ready? It is it's actually been signed. Eso celeste actually took care of that for this workshop. The chute plan? Is that ready? No, it is not ready. And so the chute plan is not ready. We're gonna resolve that here after I go through this workflow. What? What is left on the shoot plan? We need to know the order of the outfits that we're shooting in the order of the sets that were shooting and that will lead us to choose hair and makeup. Ok, so we don't know the order yet, all right? Um makeup, makeup five questions okay, so you don't know, so we need that into schedule and we need clarifying makeup okay way haven't seen postproduction and I've seen a couple of outlines of what you're doing yes so I'd like to take a look at that so when we go through I don't know if that's ready for me to take a peek okay templates okay I'm seeing this stuff so I don't know what I'm about to see so we're gonna look at some of that um do we have lauren and josh scheduled for tomorrow to chat I need to check with celeste but okay so all right so make sure we do that so as we're shooting we can do that carly share have you heard from michelle okay, so this is uh shoot planned stuff that we're on right now so we have heard from michelle we have for a wardrobe we just don't know what order right um great we have a product yes okay and then we have the set we have the lights anything outstanding we need the tether tool plug so it's not loosey goosey in and I need an additional cable for the pocket wizard on the d wine ok so we need to make a run to the store okay all right um so we have some outstanding things we have to do in the chute plan and we're going to do that um tomorrow morning and as we finish this right now this thing that we normally have ready to go before a shoot is music way almost never shoot without music and we're gonna have to tomorrow because we're doing teaching we have video and stuff but normally music is just constant so tomorrow we won't have music but normally we have a library of music and the way that we do this is we'll talk to the clients or the model and say what do you like? And they normally say anything but country and that's what we play so I have a playlist that's horrible evidently and diane and chelsea have so lying usually gets booted um the other thing that we don't have for this shoot that is normal our sample photos so we're not showing our sample photos we have definitely looked at some magazines and we have ideas and we've had some influence is for the shoot we can't show you those because their copyrighted images and so legally we can't include these end in the creative life workshop, but the sample images that we looked at were some very high contrast black and white images, lots of fashion magazines, the ones that I showed you on and we were looking specifically at metropolis the movie I don't know if you're familiar with that but you go to netflix and look at metropolis it's saying old silent film and so we're thinking metropolis so we're thinking a lot of monochromatic high contrast image is a metal metal, metal metal gray stuff and so those would be the sample photos that we would have out that we don't have right now okay, we've all seen them all right now before the shoot happens uh normally we would have an introduction so our client would come in hi mark nice to have him here client everything good? You need some coffee whatever so we would have an area for the clients to be sitting we make sure that they have food, beverage all kinds of stuff we're going to show you that in a second we sit down with client and we review the plan here's what we're going to shoot today just to make sure that we haven't left anything out and uh so does this look good to you? Looks fine. Okay, we have that we show the sample photo you just clarify everything, any questions no course you don't have any questions because this fake alright then what we do is we also review the release um and also in that as we review our our contract just to make sure, uh we're like ok, make sure you're still using these for x y z yes, all right now at this point, by the way, just from a financial standpoint the client has already paid all of the production costs or fifty percent of the bill whichever is higher nonrefundable they've already paid that the reason for that is at this point, if I've hired all of these people in the client goes, huh? I'm out, I just lost I just wrote a check for all that money so that's already been paid, so we're just saying, hey might remember the end of the shoot, you still owe us another six dollars, and we'll get that and you have your checkbook here? Yes, and you just have to know only stop me but it's kelsey, you're dying or somebody making sure to clarify. Oh, by the way, here's what you owe us at the end of the day are you prepared for that? Yes, because maybe they forgot and they need to send somebody to go get that happens. Um, actually happens a lot of oh, I didn't realize I forgot. Then what we do is we're going to review the wardrobe, so we have a shoot plan. Is the wardrobe ready? Has it been laid out? Is it clean? Does it work right? Is it modest enough for the client? You know, a lot of considerations for that. Of course the client you're not the client with potential client has already seen that and advance the sets will be laid out. We're going to all this tomorrow, actually, but the sets will be laid out on the sets, meaning the first set of wardrobe, the second set of wardrobe and this is what they said they don't know what's what's happening so this here's carly's for set here's michelle's for set, etcetera, that's all laid out, and then there's the shoot so all the planning is done we have everything laid out, there's hair and makeup, and everything that's missing on here. But I didn't think about what that happens, and then there's the shoot um after the shoot is done, then we have the model before they leave way don't pay them until the end of the shoot, so at the very end of the shoot they sign the model release and they sign it because it says, we didn't ask you to do anything you didn't want to do, and if they sign it before, well, maybe we asked him to do something you want to do, so they do that at the end of the shoot um and then they get their check so that's it the end? Um from the client standpoint, at the end of the shoot toward the end, we go and get some money from them as well, and then we say hasta la vista everything's done also during the shoot we're doing marks like room work flow of the shoot capture, I see data key wording showing reviewing, picking winners and working with clients. And we're gonna be doing that all day tomorrow as well. So that is the work flow of the day.

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