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Planning The Live Shoot

Lesson 26 from: Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Mark Wallace

Planning The Live Shoot

Lesson 26 from: Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Mark Wallace

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Lesson Info

26. Planning The Live Shoot

Lesson Info

Planning The Live Shoot

So today what we're doing is the first thing we're going to do is tell you what the plan is and so are students don't know so we have our team stand factor team come on out here, I'm going to go over what we're doing today and, um we're using all of the techniques that we've discussed through the week to implement the plan today, so what we've done is last night um, last night we went and had after an exhaustive search for an open coffee shop in seattle so don't believe what they tell you about coffee and seattle is not true there's no coffee shops open after seven on the weekend way found a coffee shop and we sat down and we had a short power out and we followed all the same principles that I talked about earlier and so the first thing that we did was we sat down and I scribbled on a piece of paper because I forgot my mole skin the thoughts for today out tio, to be fair, we've had many discussions before last night about what day three was going to be. Obviously we wouldn't have all t...

he wardrobe in the models, etcetera s o this is based on a lot of planning that you'll find in that celtics project that you can download, so this is just the summary to say let's, make sure we're all on track so if you want to see all those plans if you haven't watched a one and a two and also download the pdf ce and the celtics playing cause it's all in there so this is just to clarify not only for us but for our students for models on for the creative life staff, what we're doing today and so what we did this morning is way all came in and kelsey took this and kelsey and I went through and kelsey actually made up these cards and we've broken this down and this is these are the normally this would be on a big board in our studio and what we're gonna do is kelsey is going to transfer these to a wall then we're going to be using this as the chute plan throughout the day and this is very common the only thing that's missing from this would be our sample photos or inspiration shots, maybe samples for makeup, wardrobe, etcetera that you know we can't do that because of some copyright issues so but normally we would have some samples images up there as well maybe if this was specific to product photography we would also have some shots of this is this user this is the dress etcetera that we need to shoot so this is broken up by time, so it's column is a thirty minute time segment and so this is a loose schedule so, uh, don't get stressed if we go, okay? We're here at this point, we thought we're gonna be here or vice versa, and so we know, based on experience about this is about how much time is this going to take? The first thing we're doing is this it's the plan check that's we're doing right now is to go over what the plan is in about a half an hour, a little bit less than that we're going to do is multiple things all at once. So myself, kelsey students, we're going to start setting up lights for our first shoot, and I'm gonna graft that here in a second. Michelle is going to be on set as our test model. You'll meet michelle a little bit. She is a new model for us at creative life here. Carly is gonna be having her hair and makeup started, and then she'll be into wardrobe and then the students, you guys are actually gonna be crunching some metal screens, so we'll show you that. So you're gonna be helping build a set that we're using later on, so you are going to be on set duty. Then as we're doing that, we're gonna have a break for question and answers so we make sure that we include our live audience in all of that's going to be doing that then there's a break after the break the shoot starts with carly because she should be out of hair makeup by that time maybe earlier so we might move that in earlier um as for shooting michelle is then going to be going to hair and makeup so we call this the flip flop when we have any kind of a very busy day, we'll have one model in hair and makeup, the other one helping his test as soon as that's done we flip, flip flop them and we do that and so we do that a lot when we have to move through a day, so during this as we're shooting carly there's some things that aren't on cards that are going to be happening specifically, michael has put together a mock up of what the ad is that we're gonna be producing for tether tools, so tether tools what we're giving them is not an actual finished completed ad we're giving them a proof of concept and what this would be is, um, we're giving them something to look at that would then later take hours of tweaking some thing that there's just no way we could fit into a day like today because there's a lot of tweaking, making sure colors or exactly right cropping maybe cem compositing going back to the client, etcetera, so that could take quite a bit of time. And so what we're doing today is as I'm shooting were making sure that we have the images lined up correctly for this. This is for an ipad advertising, is that right? Correct. Okay, so this is a very wide aspect ratio, so we have to make sure that we have the placement of the product and the dress and all that kind of stuff in the right area. And so michael and I were going to going back and forth troubleshooting to make sure that the images are going to fall into what they've asked us to do. We're going to make sure that we featured the table with some spectacular photography worked in there somewhere. So we have to do this spectacular photography, and then we have to reset and then shoot the table with the model out of focus sort of like what we practiced yesterday. So that's a lot of stuff going on during this shoot carly section is just not shoot it's, shoot check, make sure it works, right, adjust hair and make up make sure we have all that doing some light room, corrections and stuff, in fact, after that there's this marks light room, workflow, image review and what that is I'm gonna be actually taking the images off our camera, throwing those into light room, and then we'll be checking, putting in all of the things like r c data all this stuff that you sort of walked through on day one. We're gonna be doing in detail so you'll be able to see exactly how he put it in lightning will choose the winners, etcetera, so that's going to be happening all during that time? We have a set time for question and answers, but we're going to be taking questions from the audience live as we go a cz well, as back and forth, so lots of stuff. And then, um, after we get the winning image or to selected from this, then we're going to set the screen backgrounds. We're going to start working on the second set and getting those all set up. I'm gonna show you guys what that is because you're gonna help us. The class students here after that is said they were gonna take lunch, that's all before lunch, lots of fun after lunch, we come back. We're going to end up the set, make sure the lights are perfect, michelle is going to come out, we're gonna start shooting her, going to start doing the exact same thing where we're reviewing images, taking questions and answers, we're going to be making sure this goes into the template adjusting hair and makeup wardrobe. So, aaron, we talked about this last night, but for the live audience, what we're doing during these sets as we're shooting will have, for example, carl, come out and wardrobe number one address once we get the shot, if we have time, quick change, come back, maybe reset lights, shoot wardrobe number two so we want to get as many wardrobe sets as we can during these times, which will probably require lighting changes along the way, so we'll be doing that. Then again, we have the question or review here, too. We have a break at two thirty what we're gonna have is michael and I are gonna work together to make sure we dial in the final proof of concept, and we'll have that into a photoshopped document, and then we can have that ready to go for our client to see, and then last we have the introduction, it seems wacky, but what we're doing is at the end of our workshop were actually I'll be talking about how to take this forward and we're sort of shifting gears here talk about some things that are a little bit personal to me and how you could take photography and do some things with it that I think are really really interesting and awesome so my man don't miss this because this is really near and dear to me at three o'clock today so I think it'll be well worth your time it's going to be pretty amazing so a lot of stuff to accomplish so before we go on with this I have to diagram the lighting setups and what we're doing okay so any questions so far from the live audience on what's going on or from you guys anything okay way normally go this fast kingsley just says I hope marc is ready for lots and lots of question I am I talked really fast so this is normal speed we're going to start getting into normal speed now if you can believe it we've slowed it down of the past two days so we're going to get to normal speed sure yeah long as I have this waken do that kelsey is going to take that so the first set so yeah you guys do that first set what we're gonna do is um we have set one and this is carly on the set that's our model and what we're going to do is she's going to be wearing this big silver dress and so what we're gonna do is we have a this wall back here this is sort of a grayish blue wall so that's the background we're gonna hang anything then what we're gonna have is when I have carly come out here we're going to use a large four by six soft box with the grid to getsem very nice fashion stuff all the stuff that we're doing is going to be saturated high contrast soft light uh really really dark images with metallic overtones we're going to do that we'll probably have to put on a five degree grid here so we're have a kicker back here so we can separate the model from the background we may have to have a reflector there want to dial that in as we go after we get those shots if it looks great then what we're gonna do is we're gonna bring out the tether tools table were going like that with the d ones like we did yesterday with those two d once we might have to bring in another light underneath here to fill in some shadows and then we'll shoot this so remember this is the secondary shoot right here this is the primary shoot if we get this done really quickly will probably strike do some different lighting set up so that we can get their say so aaron what we're gonna do is we're gonna do that face screen on set one really tight tight face shot so that is the first set game plan, so we'll have on standby the face cream so aaron's got that set to that we'll be working with this is michelle you guys will meet her she's really cool she's in here and make it right now so michelle, what we're gonna do is way have a deep vina dress that she's going to be wearing recalling that deep v and so for this, this is a very different thing. So, um, john or michael, can you bring that screen out on the ground right there? So we're going to use this is inspired by some shoot a theme of shooting that I did before this is metal screen and you see that it's got really great texture see how the light hits that sort of reflects around. So this is yeah, we just got it at home depot, we got about ten rolls of this and so what it needs to be though it needs to be crunched up, crunched up really good news have folds in it, it needs to be all smushed up in stuff so we're gonna have you guys doing this because we don't want a pristine we want it to be all smash smooshed because we want lots of different areas and techniques are different areas for the spectator highlights to fall off and so the more crunched up and ruined it is, the more wrinkly it is, the better it's going to shoot so we're gonna do is we're going to build a background out of this stuff on screens so that background gonna be hanging on some very high stands and so on those high stands, this is from top down, we're going to have this screen, uh, sort of loosely folded between that and then on each side what we'll do is we're gonna put some some lights with some five degree grids on there, maybe ten degree grids that shoot crossways so this is from top down, so we're gonna change the perspective instead of going from top down, I'm going to make this so it's a front view. So now here's a stand here to stand here's the screens going across we're going to take this on a stand have another light down here on a stand, probably with a ten degree grid. Another one down here that's got it degree grid so these are just standard heads pra photo heads with ten degree grids. This one is going to be shooting up this way. This will be shooting down this way, shooting down this way, shooting up this way you will be directly at the screens and then this will have a pack here this'll have impact here we're gonna put both of these in the b channel so we can reduce the power as much as possible and then that way we have the option of eliminating one of these if we need to and we want to shoot this around f twenty two because we want to have everything in focus so we can see exactly all the details in the screens this over here we don't we want to make sure we have nice shot soft images so we're going to shoot this around f or so one remained a ring we know sort of where we want to be for these things all right for michelle though this is just the background we're gonna do is we're gonna have her in front of the screen and we're going to use a beauty dish and we're gonna put a grid on the top of that beauty dish all right javier are using mike you have a question yes sir you're shooting perpendicular to the screen right yes screen will be like this camera will be coming straight in on it's pretty cool so people at home you can sort of see what this is going to look like if you go to mark wallace photography dot com the very first image you see is a girl in a screen you see how it d saturates and looks really really nice so the planning for all of this happened in arizona so we did do cem cem tests and these air lighting setups that we have used in the past that we know that we construct from, we know that there's some things that we have tried and so on that fail harder area the's are these air in the we know they will succeed area, but we're trying them live with the studio audience in a studio we've never been in, and so this is, uh, would be unknown, so we're definitely in the unknown fail harder area of expertise right here. So there are things that we know we've done in the past, but we're not sure we can be consistent here, and we're going to do tuning alive with everybody as well. All right, so at any moment, if you're lost on what we're doing there's a big, huge, um wall right here in this wall has our plan, so now we can just come here and look at the plan and know exactly what we're doing and we'll be dialed in. So right now we're going to start setting the lights students, we're gonna get you to start crunching the screens, carly is going to go to hair and makeup and we're going to start getting on so let's go check in really fast with hair and makeup so we can see what's going on here and then um kelsey if you can start getting those the white board down and then students kelsey is going to get you some screens to start crunching we're gonna go over here and chat with diane really fast on what we're doing with carly so what's what's what's the plan here you hear me? Hi um right now I'm just doing her basic makeup we've already covered her tattoos too fit with the style so there used to be a tattoo right there still is but just hidden I didn't do any laser surgery on her this morning and we're just doing sort of a basic makeup very balanced um so a little bit stronger than what a commercial look would look like um just so that we can really see her she will be out of focus and because of what she's wearing so working with erin she has a highly texture dress that we're putting on her and I want to make sure that for balance she's not completely washed out are completely monochromatic in the face and then she's got this giant dress she'll look like she has no head so we want to make sure that she looks balanced and clean um but at the same time has some strong features so um not quite super editorial, you know could tour but not commercial either somewhere in the middle for guys that don't have any idea what you're talking about yes. What does that mean? Dark eyes lashes you're going to put leiner around the lips or you gonna what are you doing exactly? Yeah, I mean she'll have we're gonna bring out all of her features s so we're not doing something that's a more of a period piece like a sixties would be very dark eyes and very pale lips you know, you've seen that in magazines it's going to be very balanced. So bold blips fold eyes, bold cheek bones in a very balanced fashion. We're not focusing on one piece or the other because the focus is really the dress. So it's not a beauty shot and it's not a sixties mod piece it's not something like that, so everything will be fully balanced. Okay? And then, um let's look at the dress. I don't know if it's here there's this is the top dress right here. Yeah, aaron has it, but I think the bottom of it may be in the other room because it's really large. You, uh, come talk to us about this dress. All right? So this is a dress. This is the top. Yes, and this was handmade? Yes. Um and then the bottom of everything bring that in any time we can see that I'm gonna bring it in during the break, so it's not in the way for when we bring in before sure we can ok let's bring it in so people can see what we know it is just a huge hoop skirt yeah so go get that they're going to come back here we'll check back in with uh more drove so you can actually see exactly we're talking about it's a giant dress but it's hard to describe it you have to see it but this is made out of air conditioning duct tape and custom made little squirrely things that karen put together and so this is totally constructed by hand and then inside of this is of course it that she based this on so this took a long time to make and when we shipped this actually because this is very fragile stuff it can actually tear off in crunch we put this in a pelican case so there's a packing video that we had that we showed how we put this in there but we had to make sure we protected this in the shipment and so sometimes you have to consider that stuff during shipment all right I'm gonna go check in with what's going on with the set but before we deal me introducing michelle I'm sure this is michelle she's our new model for today and uh you're ready to rock and roll yes totally ready to rock n roll and so we met her when we were up about three weeks ago something like that I think that's right we did a casting call and there was not anywhere near as many people in here then and so so we brought her in and she did a wonderful job so she's going to be doing some things so actually the dresses here so let's take a look now at this dress can we lift this up if possible you can see this is big large large dress and not having is it heavy? I really like this it's not I thought you're being mean to me so there's under ever strong actually we're going to using um how long did this I know my sister actually helped yes, she did actually linda did to dan and help their group and so you just constructed this over I don't know if this thing is called hoops who's scared hoop skirt and there is no way we're going to be able to travel and or ship this so it had to be made here the day before so I'm just taking an entire day thought no longer pretty much no just today just today. Okay, there it is if you put it on the stove and shake it popcorn yes looks like that was the surprise is gonna leave later sorry, thanks for ruining it. Okay, so you see we have lots of silver tones can we see the uh uh thistle branch thinking yes my highly technical terms this is a branch I don't really have a name for me there so it's also custom made yes a lot of my pieces are because I like to do that this is just going to go around one of our models next piece and you could see that the color tones it's all monochromatic everything that monochromatic and we're going to do everything pretty much monochromatic that's what we're looking for silver now we are adding a little bit of color yes on a little dazzle through some of these things we see those we have cem big jewelry pieces yeah and so what this does is this gives us the option tio tohave gonna wear this all day but it gives us the option to to have everything monochromatic with just a few pieces really pop out because the things that are monochromatic we're not doing that in post we're doing it real time so we have a very monochromatic background we have monochromatic makeup, we have monochromatic outfits and then we have color and jewelry right this nice cold jewelry so on and then if we don't like that way can always go into post in pull that out so that's that's very, very nice all right lets go and look at the students crunching stuff and so can I see this all right, check this out this is the screen, you crunch this already, man, you're doing a good job of crunching. Yeah, so, uh, these screens here crunch him up, stretch him out and just sort of, you know, watch the edges, though, guys, because these edges will, but you have been bitten. Ok, watch those, um, don't bite. I want to see something. Uh, no, see that ceo also about your clothes, but that's, what they're doing, then we're gonna be using these as a background on these air, what, six feet tall? Some like that, six or eight. How long are they? Well, these are for the ground. Ok, yeah, we have different links for different things. Um, so they're just crunching away.

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