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Using Animoto Slideshow Videos to Grow Your Business

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Animoto for Sales and Marketing with Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Kelly Brown, Jared Platt

Using Animoto Slideshow Videos to Grow Your Business

Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Kelly Brown, Jared Platt

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1. Animoto for Sales and Marketing with Vanessa Joy


Lesson Info

Animoto for Sales and Marketing with Vanessa Joy

first up, we have wedding photographer Vanessa Joy, who's here all the way from New Jersey, and she has been using an emoto for over seven years and can truly tell you how it has helped her through sales and marketing to go her business. So please help me welcome Vanessa Joy back to Creativelive over to you. Vanessa, thank you guys so much and thank you for being here. I'm excited to teach this class. Like Kenna said, I've been using an EMOTO for as long as I can remember. Actually, when we had to come up with that little line, I had to think, When did I start? Because it's always just been such a staple in my business and something that has helped me. But what we're going to talk to you about today is video marketing in general for your business to help your overall business to bring in new clients. And then, once you have the clients here, how to use an emoto to evoke emotion and to get you more money cause we are all in business, you know, typically to make money, not as a charity, ...

So I do want to start off with just giving you a statistic that the guys over an Emoto health us, you know, pulled together. One in four marketers and small to medium business owners feel behind on video marketing. And I wanted to start there because I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. You're not alone When it comes to the daunting task of figuring out the newest social medium platform when it comes to just creating media for your business in general, you know most of us air photographers. But when you transfer that into now that there's video, we all of a sudden have to learn this new skill, and it can be very overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be for you guys, so that's what I'm here for. I will let you know a little bit about me because I always tell people to never take advice from anyone who has no idea what they're talking about. So in my experience, when it comes to video and running a business as a whole, this is a little bit what it looks like. I am a wedding photographer from New Jersey. I've been doing that for about years, or so I've managed five businesses simultaneously, so I can tell you more about just marketing in general, even if you're not a photographer. So always learning, always trying to find the new thing a new social media. And then when it comes to video, I am married to a very amazing filmmaker. So a few things have rubbed off on me a little bit, and I do know a thing or two about video having, you know, shot side by side with him before. But I've been using video my business for the past five and actually now seven years. So I'm going to show you guys really quick one of the first ways that I use an emoto to bring in new clients way. So that is one of the ways that I used an emoto in order to bring in new clients. If you look on my instagram, you look on my face book, you will see a whole ton of different videos kind of scattered about through there, where I use it for marketing purposes just for giving people that are coming to my page an overall big picture of what it is that I do video is a very powerful way to explain to your clientele to your prospective clients what it is that you dio. So we're gonna look at the big picture here and why video? Why do you need to put effort into this and figure out a new medium that you're not familiar with? First of all, you have social media. I'm not gonna harp on that. We all know how important that is. Take Facebook, for example. Facebook knows exactly how important that is. It has a new medium. Facebook live for video. If you guys haven't tried out Facebook, live on your on your feeds there. Give it a try. Ah, emotional engagement, emotional engagement. This never gets old. Where humans were all humans. And especially if you're a photographer, wedding photographer, specifically like I am your at the height of the motion of the lives of your clients. So we need to find ways to take advantage of it in a bad way. But to take advantage of that and engage our clients on a whole nother level other than visually and then finally, higher sales. These are the three different things we're gonna look out when it comes to creating video. So social media being the 1st 1 here? This is a quote by Jeff Ostrow. The play button is the most compelling action on the Web Now, if you look at this slide, don't you all just want to click on it? It's intuitive when you see a play, but you have to click on it. I have bad news for you. That play button does nothing, and you feel a little bit unsatisfied about that, don't you? Really? You want to click on that? It's instinctive, and we can use that for businesses. So let's get the facts when we talk about different parts of social media. Facebook. For 1 September eight billion videos were being played back on Facebook every single day. Eight billion. We are in huge, huge numbers here, and that was in September. I wouldn't be surprised if that number has doubled by this point, with all the new video capabilities that Facebook is integrating, so we know it's absolutely huge on Facebook. We need to be a part of it. YouTube, still the second largest search engine on the Web, ironically owned by the first largest search engine on the Web when you're using YouTube, you want to make sure are you want to make sure that you are using YouTube? So, for example, that video that I just showed you, I haven't done it yet. But I need to put it on my YouTube channel because then, as long as I'm key, wording it correctly when someone searches my business. Now video is gonna pop up in the search results as well. It's not just going to different pages. YouTube results will pop up as well. It's going to just show all of my prospective clients how much more diverse I am and show them different ways they can see me. You know, I used to be a Spanish teacher, ironically, in my former life, but I learned in education that people learned different ways. Some people were in visually. Some people learn through auditory. Some people weren't the reading, and there's all different ways that people learn. And if you can use that in your business and add another level of being able to teach other people about you, it's only gonna benefit you on your website. You obviously want to use video if you go to my website you will find a section on there. I have nine different videos on there. There's infinite branding and marketing opportunities when you're using video on your own website. And then finally, Instagram Instagram is It's one of the best things. I think that happened to photographers because it's it's a whole new portfolio that you can build. It's another way to share video, and now it no longer has to be 15 seconds, either, which is really exciting to me because trying to crop, we're trying to trim and shop video into just 15 seconds on the experiments. Really frustrating. But you don't have to do that anymore. If you look on my instagram feed, my name is just a message, or you'll see me putting videos in their constantly. The latest one that I really like actually was one to promote this class. And if you look at my instagram feed, the picture I chose to be the one that you know is static until it plays is actually white. It's completely white, so it's interesting when you scroll through, it almost looks like a mistake like, Oh, there's no oh, it's a video, but little things like that little abnormalities, essentially an instagram like video because most of it is photo. When you have a video, it makes people who are viewing stop for a second because it's something that's different. And that's what you want. So video doesn't have to be difficult. You know, I keep saying the word video. We are here to show you a little bit about an Emoto because an emoto is how I use video. So when I keep using the word video, I know I see a lot of photographers just kind of tune out. But in reality, as photographers, you know more about video than you think you do. And then when you have tools like an emotive that just make it super, super easy, you are well on your way to creating video and doing all those things on social media that you need to dio. I have a funny story, actually, So I mentioned my husband Does. He does video always been around me all the time, and a couple of weeks ago I went to Washington and I had to film something on my own. My husband couldn't come. He had to say their home with the baby and I had to just film what I thought was a simple interview. So one camera, three people and we had to be miked up. So, like, OK, this sounds really simple. I mean, how hard could be. I could have Facebook live this for a minute and gotten all the audio and video there. But I'm sitting there and I'm setting everything up. And then I'm realizing, OK, three people. That means I need to have three mikes that all need to have a transmitter and a receiver and come into my HC Exume. That has to go into the separate memory card that has to sync up later. And all of a sudden, what I thought would be just a really quick interview became a nightmare. Like, Where's my husband? I remember having this moment where I was like, I'm remembering all those times where you know, he was graciously filming me doing something, and I'm just sitting there tapping my foot like, Why is taking so long? And now, Now I know. But video doesn't actually have to be that difficult. We're going to talk more about that later on ways to make it much, much easier. So when we are talking about social media, we have to talk about ways that you can share social media because that's what it's about. It's about sharing. It's about getting people to interact with whatever it is that you're posting. So I look at kind of the three step process for sharing. First of all, you can share it. You know, get whatever you have created media wise out there any way that you can. If you're putting it on Snapchat or Facebook instagram Twitter, wherever it is, you can share it, but it doesn't have to stop there. I see a lot of photographers. You will share their beautiful stuff, but it doesn't necessarily go anywhere because your audience a lot of time times isn't really connected with. I don't know this particular wedding, But if your client takes that animal to slide, show that you've given them the length for and then they share it, all of their friends are going to engage with it heavily because they know that couple they've known them for years. Perhaps they were at that wedding. Perhaps, you know, if you're doing families, you know, they recently just saw that new baby or, you know, they've been looking forward to seeing with the new baby look like, if you're sharing newborns like Kelly Brown is gonna talk about, if you can get your clients to share, that just brings it to a whole new level. This is something admittedly I've been lacking in, but I'm really excited to start picking that up again. I think all of us as business owners, kind of go through these ebbs and flows of the things we're like good at. And then we get not so good at them, and then we have to pick them up again. I'll show you the three different ways I encourage my clients to share an emotive videos in a minute, but it's so much more powerful if they can share them instead of you and then finally repeat. So we're talking about an Emoto. If you're not familiar with an Emoto, it's a subscription service. It's 259 ish, $64 per year around that price range. And a lot of times what I see people do is they just make one sideshow for their clients, just one. But if you decide to make more for me and make three. Now you're getting more out of that subscription. They're not charging you per video that you're making. It's just ah, flat fee for the year. So when I talk about what I do for my clients and I do the math, I mean, I'm paying like four bucks purse light show for videos alleged that I'm making not including the marketing ones that I do for myself and that is just coming back to me, you know, not even tenfold. More like when that was unfolds when I'm using it for sales. So repeat it. Don't just do one video per job. Don't just think, OK, I'm going to stop together, you know, slideshow real quick cause it's part of my work flow, and then you just sit there with it. There's a lot more that you can dio, and I'll show you what I do in a minute. We're going to talk about the emotional engagement. Next, I have this quote that I really, really love from a book I'm reading called Scale by Jeff Haas Kaufman and which is a really good explanation of what a brand is, and it says your brand is the emotional associations on the gut level sense of how your company product or service is intuitively perceived by your market. And that right there is why you have to connect with your clients emotionally because, however, they emotionally associate and not even necessarily having to do with logic at all. But that gut level sense that just that, just feeling that they get about you, that's how they're going to judge you and your brand and what you do it could be not based in logic at all. You could be the best photographer in the world, but if for some reason they get that that feeling, that gut level sense that it's something else, then that's how they're going to judge you. So this is one of the reasons why we have to appeal emotionally to our clients other than all the other reasons, like your photographer. And that's part of what photography is getting an emotional reaction out of your clients when they see those images. But as far as the brand as a whole, we need to make sure that we emotionally connect. I actually talk a lot about branding, by the way, So I do give away free e book on this. If you guys want Ah Hole e book on branding. It is available at breather passion dot com. Sorry, skip through that real quick, but you can grab that. Be emotional. Emotional is one of the ways that you can that you can connect with them. So, like I said, I like to do this three different ways. But other than just thinking about your overall brand also ties in to sales. So why do people buy? This is one My favorite graphics Use this all the time to talk about pricing, and I tell people how toe price themselves. 80% of the decisions that we make as a whole purchasing decisions are based on feeling. That's why Starbucks even hold their coffee is three times as expensive. Is wildly successful over Dunkin Donuts. You know why pay more for coffee? It's the feeling the loyalty, convenience, experience, prestige And if you don't believe me and by the way, I'm not saying that Onley decisions are made with that 80% feeling there is 20% of thinking the logic that goes into play. But if you don't believe me just look at the American debt ceiling. We as people, especially as Americans. It's not quite as much in other countries, but especially as Americans. Even if we don't have the money and we want we think we need. We feel that we need something. We're gonna purchase it and again not to manipulate your clients in any way, but these air the ways that you make connections with them in order to provoke them, to purchase, to fall in love with your photography, which leads to purchasing. So before I do any of my viewings, the first time my client see their pictures there is being engaged in pictures. Typically, I have them either come into my studio or I Skype with, um, a do this over video, too, and the first thing I let them see, I don't just post pictures on an online gallery anymore for their engagement session. I have them sit down and watch an animal video just like this thing. Hold your hands for the rest because you no, it's funny. I make these pledges for marketing and for invoking emotion out of my clients. But every time I watch them, I feel like I fall in love with my clients all over again. That's Becky, Rebecca, um, Piper, and she's gonna marry this year, and I'm watching this video, and it just reminds me of her. And she's just a super cute bride. They can't wait to see her on her wedding day, but that emotion you can't help but to feel that, especially if that's you in those photos. How much more powerful is that to start off your sale session rather than just okay, here's some pictures that you're gonna look at one by one completely different experience. So these are the three ways that I use an emoto for every single client that comes through my door. First, it's the engagement video. That's what you just saw. I play that during a sale session when they see their pictures for the first time. After that short, they look at an online gallery. We talk about, you know, their album designed to get a guestbook. We talk about different things that can print, but I'm starting off by showing them their images and starting off with an emotional high. Secondly, the night of a wedding, we create an and motive slideshow. If you've ever heard me talk before, You know about this crazy psycho thing that I do The tay of weddings, where I edit about 60 to 80 photos the night of the wedding, I created an emotive slideshow. I get them ready for social media, for example. You guys don't believe we have a wedding on Saturday. Look at my Facebook. Saturday night you will see 60 80 pictures from that wedding. Watch something horrible happen. It doesn't pop up, but it will, because every single wedding I do that. So I create the animal to slide show. I get my blawg. Mostly done, I submit for, ah, publication to online getting to online blog's and magazines. But I am showing them that an Emoto slide show right when I come home from their honeymoon, they do see their pictures beforehand because of the same day album that I do a swell. They do see them, but it's a nice reminder when they come back, getting them to re engage in the wedding process, because after the wedding they've gone on their honeymoon. They disconnected that's way that I pull them back in, and then finally, I'll show you guys this in a little bit? I do an album pre design. So I used to let my clients pick all of their pictures for their wedding album. And this sounded like a really good idea. Of course. Why wouldn't I give my clients the freedom to have the pictures that they wanted their wedding album and what ended up happening to things tended of happening? One that's completely daunting task for somebody who's never designed a wedding album. I'm telling them to Hey, you go pick out 60 to pictures that of the 1000 pictures that I gave you, You're gonna pick out the best ones to make a wedding album? No, they were completely overwhelmed. Albums got done so much later than necessary, and they looked like crap. They really did. And it wasn't anyone's fault except for my own, because I should have known that. Hey, this bride and groom just got married for the first time. They've never created a wedding album, so now what I do for them is I do a pre design. We create a wedding album for them, and then I show it to them in an emotive slide show. And then when they finally finished their albums, they do let them make changes to it. I then make actually 1/4 an emotive sideshow, with their final album design in it that they then get to share digitally. So now they get to share their wedding album digitally with all their friends and family online. So you don't have to actually be there in person. So if you do want to hear more about that same day at a process, you can go to breathe your passion dot com forward slash ste. I've written down all of the things that you need from, you know, the way that I call my images with photo mechanic, you know, use Blawg stumped my logo on them and a moto to make the slide show all of the tools. The whole checklist is right there for that. If for some reason you've never heard me talk about that before in your leg Wait, What is she talking about? You give them an album The night of the wedding curry the crazy. But then fun thing about this is when I started to do this whole process, I had an assistant. I was using on the wedding, and she was great. I love her to death. She's actually in fashion now, and she's kind of doing a photo shoot styling, very fun. But she's not a photographer and she would assist me throughout the day, you know, helping me with bags and lights and things like that. And then the reception come and she would just sit there. And, you know, I'm paying her to sit there for four hours and like, what can I make her dio? And that's where they started to come from. And again, she's not a photographer, but she's the one who made all the an emotive side shows so and photo so easy, not even if attire for needs to do it. So she was the one actually sitting there and doing and making those videos for me. Andi, Even now, my graphic designer does a lot of the videos for me in my office manager, not necessarily anyone that is picking up the camera the day of the wedding. So super super easy. But Jared Platt will talk to you more about the how to later going into higher sales. Why do people buy this is what we already talked about when it came to the graph. And I just want to show you this a little bit before remembering this room before when you have people by and they're basing it on feeling you're talking about those four things on the bottom. The loyalty, convenience, the experience and the prestige. The one I want to focus on here is the experience. So if you are a photographer, particularly a wedding photographer, there are so many of us. There's so many of us. I live in New Jersey and it's really the new New Jersey New York Philadelphia area, and it is the wedding mecca of the entire world. But there are so many photographers, and I have clients call me. I usually know if they're calling me. It's probably not going to be a good lead because they haven't gone to my website where I say what my average pricing is to give you guys an idea. I charge roughly double what everybody else charges in my area, so it's more of a a luxury item. If we're going to use photography, you're going to go with photography with me. So when somebody calls and they're asking me questions about a wedding and they start asking. Obviously, pricing can give your pricing, and I'll happily give it to over the phone or over email. A lot of times I get that that shock and they're like, weak. You charge what? But you know, photographer X Y Z that I just call before you is telling me that they only charge, you know, $4000 not eat. And I always explain it. Some like this. You know what? You obviously love my photography. That's why you looked at my would say, That's why you called my gonna tell you that the difference when you're going with me has to do with the experience more than anything else. Because when you walk into a Porsche dealership, yes, the Porsche dealership is going to have an amazing car. It's beautiful, it's gorgeous. But the experience when you step into that dealership is extremely different from me stepping into the dealership of a Kia, and by the way, I only kissed somehow had to talk about it. But when I go to that Kia dealership, it's completely different from you know, the chair that I sit in when I'm waiting for my car to get service to how all of the the employees are making me feel when I'm in there. It's night and day, and that's part of how I create an experience for my clients. And I actually say that to them for the phone, like, yeah, you know what I do charge about double? I'm really proud of that because not only am I giving you a great product, but the experience overall is amazing. So the experience while I don't like to tell them a lot about it, because it's more about how I show it to them, that's how you're going to differentiate yourself. That's how you're going to tell them that you know your worth, booking your worth, potentially looking even more than other photographers granted again. Do people do make logical decisions? But this not Onley using this for when they book with you. But I'm talking about using this for when you're having sale sessions as well. So about three years ago, I wasn't doing after sale session so I would shoot, engage in session, and I would just happily give them their only gallery and say, Hey, if you want anything, you can just click buy and and, you know, every once in a while they will buy something. And then I realized, I think I'm doing this wrong, and now I meet with all of my clients to give them more oven experience, starting off of the and Motive slideshow. But now I meet with them in person for their wedding as well. So engagement sessions, sales I do with them and wedding session sales not only when they come in for the wedding and my you know, having to pick out their album cover and they like to do that person if they can. But I show them another and move by Joe to start that off. So the album pre design is what I'm gonna talk to you about. Now what I'll show you in the next slide show on. This is how I start off all of my on and hey, Scream Nations days. You like changing by right way. So that's the slide show that all of my clients see when we're talking about their album sales sessions. Since I started doing album and engagement sale sessions like this after the wedding after the engagement sale session. I raised my yearly income by more than $20, a year that first of all, I was happy. Obviously after that first year when I'm making so much more. But I'd already have been in business, I think, for five years at the time. And I'm like, I just lost $100,000 not doing this What was I doing? And it's something that it's so simple. It's really just to baby baby baby steps. When you're doing this, you create your emotional engagement with their clients. You engage with them emotionally through the animados, spied showed through the video, and then you just offer whatever it is that you have for me personally, sales is a little bit of an icky thing. I am from New Jersey and we do not like salespeople. We do not. We just see them coming from a mile away. You just you just have this picture of, you know, the grungy used car salesman in her head whenever you have somebody trying to pressure you into a sale. So that's how I grew up, and that's why it took me so long to start doing these to start doing these animals light shows and having these sales sessions. But I can't believe I left that much money on the table. So please, please start doing them. Don't leave that much money on the table. And then to top it off, it was a hole in my experience. The experience I was giving my clients had had something missing because I wasn't hand holding them through each and every part of the process. I was almost expecting them to know. Yeah, of course you want to buy an engagement picture, but they didn't know that. Even now I have the educate my clients and say won't. Typically people wanna have one wall piece from their engagement session and something that will go nicely on the lamp or coffee table. I have to tell them that because they don't know that and then five years down the line or even a year later, once there, when it comes around all, they have hung around their house, her wedding pictures and how quickly did those date because you can tell Hey, that's not normal clothes. That's their wedding day. That was 3.5 years ago and have the educate them and tell them you know you want to balance that out. You want to decorate the reception venue with your pictures, you want to use them for save the dates, things like that. It was such a hole when it was a disservice that I was given my clients not hand holding them through all these things. I had a client. It was probably only like six months ago, but it was a client that I had shot their wedding interrogation session before it started doing this and he called me and it was their anniversary. And he's super, super sweet, like I want to do this for my wife. I want to get her this. I want to do that. And I'm thinking to myself, He's telling me he wants, like, a beautiful wall PC huge canvas. And I'm thinking myself, I can't believe that 3.5 years later, this groom still is feeling the whole I left in the process with them. He should have had that canvas a long time ago. I should have told them, Hey, you're gonna want this beautiful heirloom piece that you know your Children are kind of fight over one day on didn't It was such a huge, huge gap in the process. So I now have filled that gap. I hand hold them. Not all of my clients, by the way, are close enough to come into my studio. I have a client that I just photographed their wedding about three weeks ago and they moved to L. A. Literally like the next day. So there across the country, you can do this stuff via Skype, especially, by the way, do this via Skype because it helps you avoid your groom's looking a little like this. You know, grooms are a little bit word difficult to engage. Then then your client, your bride. I remember I was on a Skype call and I wish I had screamed Shot this one and I was on a Skype call. And I dearly love both the bride and the groom in this in this couple. But I have the bride and she's sitting like at the desk, the computers. Here she is like eagerly watching and looking and super excited about the pictures. And then, like this little dot kind of part over here, there's a couch and the groom literally just doing that. And I'm like, Oh, man, that's just the worth. I don't want them to do that because that that guy's not engaging in anything. That guy's not buying anything except for a nap. That's all he's doing. I want my clients toe look, a little something like this. This is Caitlin and Steve. You can actually see. I had just shown them This is their engagement session. But I had just shown them their engagement album as part of the first thing that I showed them. And then this is a screenshot. I did ask their permission. Teoh Hughes. This But this is a screenshot of us chatting about this. You know, they live, I believe in the New York City area, which I'm only really an hour away from. But that's kind of a height. So a lot of my clients, most of my clients meet with me via via Skype or some sort of video chat, and this is what I did. I sent him the link to the an emotive slide show. By the way, the way that I send them the length I do take the logo off. Sorry. Sorry. And motive. But I do want to make them think that I spent hours creating this beautiful slideshow for them. But that's all I do. I send them the link in the chat, and then I let um, with them watch it, and I just watched their faces light up there is cute as buttons. Look at them and then you see me, of course, in my T shirt. That's how the time meet with clients on my T shirt, T shirt and jeans. But that is so much more engaging. These guys are definitely going to be more engaged. And it's not even just about how much more money necessarily they're going to spend. But it's the experience that you're giving them. It's them being attached to you and your pictures. And once you've done that, now they're going to brag about to everyone because you've helped them fall in love with you a little bit, especially if you're a wedding photographer. You know, we have this relationship with our clients for two years. I always tell my clients, if you book with me were gonna kind of date for two years, you're Bergen that if we're gonna be close because you're gonna book with the year before your wedding. 18 months of for your wedding me to your gator in session. We meet for your engagement photos. You know, we talk about your wedding day timing that we shoot your wedding, and then I'm the only other vendor that you talk to afterwards. So if you're making sure that you're taking these steps to be emotionally engaging with their clients, you're gonna have happier clients And what happier clients means, Yes. Have your client spent more money, But have your clients just make your life easier, don't they? When you have happy clients, you know, they're ranting and raving about you, but they make your life easier. These are the people that end up supporting you to my happiest clients. Now, some of them are probably watching this because they became lifelong supporters of what I do. And they love what I dio. So the emotional connection. I can't state it enough. I'm gonna leave you guys with three tips when it comes to shooting videos. So shooting videos As a photographer, you can do this so many different ways. If we're gonna talk about just the basic stuff that you've seen of what I've showed you right now. That's just, you know, using an Emoto and putting in your pictures. That's as simple as it gets. That's really, really simple. You want to start there because that's what you already know. However, if you have a DSLR camera, which I assume most of you dio, most of them have video function to them and you might want to play with it a little bit. It's pretty easy. My husband and I used to teach video for photographers essentially fusion, which is something that's really, really easily infused in an emoto. And some of the tips that we gave they're gonna apply here a swell. So if you are going to try to shoot video itself, one of the first things that you want to do is you want to just keep your camera study So this is hard for me because when I shoot, I'm handheld and I'm constantly moving up, down, all around. I shoot extremely fast. Um, and I hated the idea of being study when I was shooting video, having a mono pod and having to hold it still or even worse, being a tripod And then every time I wanted to move his like click, click, click up, up, up, move down, Click. And it was horrible. Not good for my a D D. At all, but you do want to keep it steady. You don't have to necessarily put it on a tripod or mono pod, but you can get stick it on the table. You can just stick it on the floor. It doesn't have to be super complicated that way. So making sure that you keep it steady, Um, and then when you are talking about video, forget the audio. Remember I said when we were filming in Washington, D. C. That was the thing that was the hardest part because we're visual creators. As it is, we're visual artists. We know how to create the visuals. We know what looks aesthetically pleasing but audio. That's a whole different beast. They have whole conferences on audio itself, a bazillion, different microphones that works 100 different ways and reasons why and trying to come in and learn audio. Just forget it. It's actually funny. Right before we came on air, one of the girls here came up to me and said way looked just like when we saw the 1st 1 of the first tips that you have was to forget the audio. Are you sure you want to dio like Oh, yeah, Treasury. I want to forget the audio because you don't need it. All the slide shows that I showed you, none of them had audio to it, right, But they were still emotionally engaging, and they're emotionally engaging because of the song that was there in the movement. But you don't have to do what I did. And you know where this might great here and understand that there is, You know, a receiver, our transmitter on the back and in the booth, they have the receiver. It's a little bit complicated, so just forget that. And Moto does make it easy to turn audio off. If you are uploading video and there just happens to be audio, just turn it off. Just don't even start their, um, going on to the next one. Keep it simple. You know, you don't have tohave this over the top video when you're producing something like this. It's actually better to keep things simple when it comes to video and social media because our attention spans, they're practically non existent, and we're talking about this yesterday. I I think most people tune off after 20 seconds, and the ones that are still there at the 22nd mark of a video are done by about 45 seconds. So that's really what you have. And that's why, in the beginning, Instagram elated 15 seconds and vine, when it came out, was what was 10 seconds. Maybe that's why, because we do have short attention spans, so you want to keep it simple. Now that doesn't mean that you don't want to engage the senses when you're uploading your videos on your photos to an Emoto, there's a little trick that you want to do to keep your your viewers visually engaged, and you want to essentially make their eyes bounce. So if you look at the very first video that I showed you, that's the one where I'm picking all the pictures and I have control over it. It's not the engagement session, and it's not the wedding where I'm kind of telling a story chronologically, it's one or I got to just pick my favorites, and if we go back and watch that you're going to notice that your eye bounces first. My subjects are on the right, then there on the left and there up top. Then they're down than their left and right in there up and your eye bounces around. So when you're creating a video and you want to keep people there longer, keep it simple, keep it clean, but have their I bounce around, so just a little a little trick there, and that works out nicely because we are, we know to use the rule third, so most of our pictures will be leaning towards one side or the other, potentially to the top of the bottom. Vary, it don't put all three pictures in a row, and the subjects on the right side make their eyes bounce. That keeps them there longer, and it keeps them more visually interested and then finally, share share share. So like I mentioned before, this is something where I was having having trouble. It was where I was getting a little bit lazy, and I think we do that in our businesses where we know that there are things that we have to do. But then we don't do them. We don't follow through. And sharing is the biggest, biggest part. So what you want to do is just make it apart of your workflow. So for me now I know the engagement session. The first thing that I do is I showed them that slide show. But after we're done with that sale session with the engagement session, I have a template email that I use that has a little spot in there to remind me to send them a link to that side show. And then they share it online that email it to their mom and dad. They put it on Facebook, They put it on instagram, so make sure you share it and just put it into your workflow. So I do that, by the way, I use a program called Text Expander. If you guys were not familiar with text expander, this is gonna be the best thing you get out of this. If you just Google text expander, it's a program that you can try out for free for a little while. Um, I think the demo last probably good 30 days or so, but you essentially put all of your email temples in there. And instead of having to go back and copy, you know your email template and paste it into your email when you're replying to a client, all you have to do is type in the abbreviation that you associate it with that template. So, for example, after I'm done with my engagement session, all I do is I open up a new email and I type post E sales for post engagement sales. It's just how I'm going to remember it, and I type that in an all caps and automatically it pops in my template. That reminds me to email them. I tell them the next steps. I give them the animal video in the link to their online gallery, Super Super Fast. If you know I get an inquiry that comes in, all I have to do is type in capital I capital, a inquiry available, and it it populates that email will want to follow up with somebody, and I want to get back to him because they haven't written a bag. I just taking capital F capital you and it will follow post my follow up email in there, so just put it in your workflow. Just make sure that you're sharing it and you're encouraging clients to share it. Their wedding email. I'm sorry. Their wedding slideshow, which is the last lecture, will show you that I make with them that one. I make sure I give to them in an email when I'm talking to them about setting up their album consultation appointment. So have an email. But when the proofs already about 34 weeks after their wedding, they get an email. All I type in is capital, all capitals, the word proofs and I'm pops it in. And so when here is a link to your and one aside just so you can share your wedding day story with your friends, then they come in. I showed in the video that I just showed you the album pre designed. They make their changes to the album, and now I'm making them 1/4 and a motive video. That's that Final product is really the album. That's the final thing. We give them the whole experience. We've given them all the pictures we've taken all the time that we spend with, um, what's left is that physical album that we give them, which I hope you're all giving to your clients. But even if you're not giving that album to your clients, I know a lot of people are into, you know, just sharing digitally. You can still create a digital album for them, something else for them to share. And for me it is part of their final products. And now, when they approve the album designed to say Great, it's going to take, I don't know 68 weeks for printing, depending on album company that they use while you wait. Here's the digital version of your album that you can share with family and friends, and it's constant, constant sharing and reinforcement. And then, of course, I'm sharing those things on my social media as well. So I will leave you guys with a slideshow from a recent wedding that you can take a look at. This was made the night of the wedding, just like I promised. We do these the night of the wedding and then email them out the next day. So I will leave you guys Teoh Perfect. So there is a perfect example of what I show my clients afterwards and just having that emotional engagement. It's funny, I must. I'm glad the cameras aren't on while these videos airplanes. I'm just sitting there smiling like a goofball looking at the slide shows so perfect. So I know we have some questions in there, and, um, I'll try to defer any. Anyone else is going to talk about them. And I want to steal anyone else's thunder. But what do we have? Canon. All right, well, thank you so much, Vanessa. It really is magical to see it all come together, and you feel like you know these people, even though you don't because of that emotional quality. Want to let people know You guys know that there are an emotive fans joining us from all over the world. Some quick shoutouts we have. We have Latvia, We have Sweden. We have Nicaragua, Panama City, Vancouver, the French Riviera. How cool is that? Let's come there exactly. Exactly. All right. So we have people turned again who aren't just wedding photographers. So I would love to hear a little bit about how important video might be for family photographers, Children's portrait's events. And then we even had a specific question about using various. I chose to market to the parents of high school seniors. I know that's a lot. Is there much fun? So obviously I can only talk from personal experience, So I have a 1.5 year old daughter at home. And when it if you are a Children's photographer, family photographer, put your camera on the ground press record and just let the kids play in front of it because there there's endless possibility. When it comes to kids, you can you can definitely use this whether you're in a studio or on location with family photography, Children, things like that. And then if you are gonna add that audio element and you capture a baby's laugh Oh my goodness, I would just melt into a puddle on the floor and to, you know, break into 1000 pieces just being able to hear my child that I mean, there are so many applications for this. I know one of the biggest things I've seen kind growing when it comes to uses for an Emoto is for corporate eso, corporate headshots, corporate, really just corporate reels like the first thing I showed you is essentially a corporate video for my photography business. There's so many applications that you can use this, and I know we're going to talk about newborns with Kelly on, That's just she'll blow your mind as she tends to dio. And then what was the last thing about using it for a while, using it to reach the parents of high school seniors who is really who your marketing to write any thoughts around how to do that? Well, absolutely. So when you're trying to market to parents of high school seniors, where can you find parents of high school seniors? They're on Facebook. They're all on Facebook. That's a demographic that's there right now. If you're trying to reach a seniors themselves, you know, go on Twitter, instagram or Snapchat but trying to reach the parents. If you're gonna post these videos on Facebook and you can post these videos on Facebook and through a few marketing dollars towards them as well and specifically engaged, you know, parents of high school students in your area that make a certain income so you know that your services are gonna fit into their budget. So don't also don't just think that you can use. You know, these slide shows for typical speed stuff that you put onto your on to your social media use for paid advertising as well. You know, that's one of the powers of Facebook marketing. Oh, my goodness, we could just go on forever about that. Absolutely. And of course, Facebook loves video. They dio, as we've been talking all about so very, very great place to be utilizing video for marketing. So a question had come in about people watching one of your videos where actually looked like a wedding album. Yes. Is that a an an emoto template? And can you talk a little bit too? Templates. Yeah, sure. So any of the an emotive videos that you see that I use? I use their templates there, the more simple one. So it's documentary or paper array. I think it's one of the other ones. Page Turner is another one. I like the ones that are more simple. The wedding album one. All that is those Air, the J pegs of the wedding albums that I have already designed. I use a program called Smart Albums designed the Wedding Albums, and I just take the J pegs and apple The J pegs to an Emoto and that makes us like show. But and Moto could start s Oh, yes, the temple It said use them or more simple ones because I want the highlight to be the photography. Don't want it to be everything else around it. All right, so, Well, we are up for time for this segment of the class. Any final words from you both? How people could find you. But also just again how easy it is to create the's slideshow videos. Because again, I think people really fear, as you talked about you say the word video and eyes glaze. Yeah. So just another note about encouraging people. Yeah, absolutely. You can find me If you look at the slide here, you can find me on facebook dot com for it slash b Joy Instagram, Vanessa Torrey and really again. When it comes to video itself, you don't know what you can do until you try. And if you haven't given an emoto a try, you're going to do it and you'll be so pleasantly surprised. Not just how easy it is. Easy is one thing. There's no learning curve, really. When you start it. But fast is the other thing. And, you know, I have people ask me about using different slideshow programs and things like that, and I you couldn't pry an emotive from my cold dead fingers because it's so easy that, like I mentioned my non photographer, assistance can do it. So you will. You will have no problem. Just give it a try, pick some favorite pictures and make something for yourself.

Class Description

For anyone scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, it’s hard to ignore that video is everywhere. Photographers trying to market their photos are taking advantage of this trend by making slideshow videos of their work - with no prior editing experience. Animoto Professional makes it easy to combine photos with video clips, text, and licensed music to create seamless HD slideshow videos.

Animoto brings together the talent and knowledge of Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Jared Platt and Kelly Brown. They’ll share their methods for making an emotional impact on their clients, standing out on social media and increasing their sales using Animoto. In this class:

  • Vanessa Joy will use slideshows as a powerful sales tool for wedding and portrait sales. She will go through the 3 steps that will get you started using Animoto. 
  • Roy Ashen, Founder of Triple Scoop Music, knows how to compliment story with sound. He’ll help you choose the right music, and evoke an emotional experience for your clients.
  • Kelly Brown will drive home the importance of creating videos to educate and entice your customer. She’ll speak to the power of sharing slideshow videos on social media, and how it has helped her business.
  • Jared Platt will show you how easy it is to use Animoto. He’ll also reveal a few hidden gems that will make your Animoto workflow even smoother.
Photographers today are looking for effective marketing and sales solutions, with minimal input of time and money. Video is one of the most powerful ways to get yourself noticed and Animoto slideshows are increasingly becoming the way to reach people. With Animoto, you can upload your slideshow videos to social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. You can use it in the sales room to evoke an emotional connection with your customers. You can also download the HD-quality MP4 file, and deliver this to your client as an upsell incentive or a thank you gift.


Patty Hallman

Wow! Only 25 minutes into this program and I'm getting soooo many great ideas from Vanessa Joy about using Animoto to better build my business, as well getting inspiration from seeing Vanessa's incredibly beautiful work. Time well spent for me today, for sure!!


I became passionate about photography in the 1970s. I can still feel myself gently pulling the film leader over the sprockets in the camera back. I went kicking and screaming into the digital age. Didn't want to learn new tricks. But if you don't stop and listen; grow and change, you may as well dig a hole and jump in. Changes happen and customers move quickly so we all have to keep up. Animoto will keep customers calling, not running. For as much as I have learned and do, there is still much I still need to know. Yes, I need to know Animoto and I am grateful to this class for opening my eyes. Bravo! Great job! Great inspiration! I'm psyched!

Lianne Kruger

Excellent class. So excited to get it. I will use it to expand my business. A great introduction to Animoto and ideas with practical uses. So glad I have it so I can go over it again and again to practice and review their ideas and tips.