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The Art & Business of High-End Retouching

Lesson 13 of 32

Photoshop Workflow Continued


The Art & Business of High-End Retouching

Lesson 13 of 32

Photoshop Workflow Continued


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Photoshop Workflow Continued

The first thing that I wanna do is talk about my brush pressure now this is a big topic because blackham sells tablets that enabled brush pressure but I don't use fresh pressure at all I'll tell you why and I want to say that your servant could freak out first get out of system so I want to turn off pressure first know there's two things that were going to do number one under system preferences and your tablets um there's gonna be this tip feel and I just installed this driver which is why it's still by default but with tip feel under your grip pen when I said too soft okay, so when every time push it's almost full in regards to my pressure um aside from that under settings and again if you don't see these settings if you have a tablet means you've not insult your driver please it's all your driver logs times I figure out that people told us all drivers they plug it in and it works but it doesn't work how it should work. Okay, while I'm here, I wanna show you something about mapping, y...

ou'll notice that the amount of surface air that I use is really tiny do you know? Do you know why that is this hand movement? So when I'm working for eight hours a day I don't be I don't want to be working out right, I'm pretty lazy I don't be working, I'll be relax I just want to sit here and do my thing and not really think about it so every time that my hand moved from a corner to corner it can be accessible without my wrist doing acrobatics, right? Like I don't have to you see people doing that thing that just like going crazy with the tablets I can't do that for that long avoids my hands off I think um on also for the sake of having clean strokes, I tend to find that the shore of the stroke distance with your hand the cleaner the strokes are like a blade, right? So it's almost ah good analogy is the sharpness of blade in the shop it is the queen to the lines the dollar it is the worse it gets with cirie. Cirie cirie did cut so that's basically what I do the way to do that is under your tablet area you see a portion or full when you click on portion, you can adjust the size of the active area and I did this just because my hand is always placed here and I don't have to move very far now people asking isn't this too small? Well, think about this whenever using your mouth are you moving your mouse across the whole desk access to your whole computer? No right so the active area that I used my mouth typical active area of my hand because only difference is instead of going like this it sideways and it's going like this so it becomes easier to transition into using a tablet this that's what I think and again people have to have preferences for example you may want is a full portion if you have a drawing style that's using your whole arm which is fine I don't I don't mind doing everyone however this why like this because it's easier for me strain wise and results wise what you just use a smaller tablet because I saw the map it out anyway and also this gives an option well first of all I didn't have a choice when I got this but if I face a small tablet I probably would is well because the one I have from traveling the one at home is also small talk when it first started and funny enough even with that I packed it down so the size that I have hate besides that I have here is actually a micro uh do you also for I usually have mined with one on one screen and one of the other do you make it even smaller then or do and change your proportions or proportions would change because if you having dual screens then we are obviously based on the ratio of your screen and things like that and make sure you have this force proportions checked because sometimes you made to a screen out active air that's like a square or something and your screens, you know, not a scar, obviously so force proportions will make sure that it's taking care for you you were all that nonsense. Uh um, I don't typically have much plugged in here. I'm going to be talking about what I have here later because he's, this detail here isn't as significant yet because I don't use it very often. However, um, a good option for using the scroll wheel is being able to zoom, for example, I say use it before resume or to go through active layers and things like that. Um, but it's, good to play around. I think that's what makes everyone unique is the ability to not just listen to somebody and say, I'm going to just that let's say we were taking the green assault and then apply whatever it is that I like to this formula and then grow that formula because that's what I do, I take people's opinions, they say, you know what? That's actually a really good idea. I'm going to do that, and then just try that out, let's, see? The other really good thing about tablets with the new ones is a lot of have touch functionality now so you don't even need a separate track pat just by a tablet and just use your finger to move around like I'm doing right now you could turn that on and off any time you like he always asked me what happened tablets you get to begin with I say that get the one and you can afford because they start really cheap like a soldier yesterday starts at like seven nine dollars and it's called the intercourse just interest regular and they don't have any buttons they have four buttons or so I believe, but they have the same technology in terms of your pen and how it works the difference between thiss one which is the next level up into his pro for example has for those you can't see home this's the interest pro which basically has more buttons has this touching which is very useful sometimes for recycling through layers and things of that nature and eyes a bit more story designed for example, things like that but again, you know anyone does I have this old graff fire tablet was ten years old, which still works surprisingly, I would have brought that to the show today I forgot I should show you this blue square square without any buttons and it still performs flawlessly but they improve their design their pens have gotten much better now before they used to be you know they weren't as comfortable to hold and so they made a lot of improvements for just feeling comfortable through the years so now I'm going back to what we were talking about is our brush settings so without brush settings and I'll show you why that I have my pressure off and we're going to take off pressure now for good and the way that we do this is underbrush you have to make sure your brushes active goingto window and brush simple enough right now here under shaped dynamics I make sure that unchecked what happens is when it's checked it enables pen pressure just by default you didn't turn off or un check it either one or both doesn't matter with your brush panel still open click on your clone brush and make sure it's off as well because it has a different setting even though it looks the same the panel looks exactly the same but all unique settings people like that what do you do? Could you be again? No make sure that do you have both of these selected before you access to men you because they will have individual settings ok so I was like why did you turn that off or you ridiculous I'll show you why I wish one's back on again and turn everything back to standard increase in fact, I'm going to go above standard on to pressure okay then to dock this on the side for now and remember, these little palates can dock anywhere you like so you can pull apart like legos and just stack them together they even compressed into the same category sometimes like rushes in action in the same tile. So if you wanna keep things really organized and I like having his organized then I recommend adjusting all that. All right? So I'm gonna put this back on the side and it won't stick new thinking that's the beauty of life. Okay, it's fun seeing those lives you can see all the mistake happened. It's great. Okay, so I'm gonna set a new canvas command end or file knew I'll set. Um thing that should be fine to five thousand by five thousand and I'll set my back on contents let's see? Let's keep a background color. Hmm? Let's set it to white. I'd command I or shift elite and what happens? It turns candice black the reason I'm doing this let's. See what version can you had command plus, like it, one hundred percent or lazy clique, which also zoom in so many ways to do it for shop that's one of the things that there's almost infinite amount of weight is um um I have my brush, I'm going to set it to black and white hit deaky it goes to black and white as your brush colors by default where d means default? Okay, keep that in mind very useful. Um, ex will invert as I mentioned, I I would have done that without speaking, but everyone would have asked, what did you just do? But now that I already talked about that, I'm not going to keep repeating that, so I hope you watch the morning uh, my flow is going to be a one hundred percent okay, now what's gonna happen is I'm going to start brushing, and what happens is, as I brush the brush size will change based on how hard I push and the stroke that I use. Secondly, what will happen is as I'm brushing, you'll notice that the tip itself is much sharper, thinner when you start, the pressure enables you to change as it goes off their ways to control that her by default. Most people do not know how to do that. Secondly, it's advised that this is probably not a good way to retouch, and I'll tell you why, as each drove builds on itself, and as you're working in a very invisible fashion in micro detail, you don't notice how these strokes looked, especially when you're dodging burning very minute lee what happens is you think you're in control because you have control enabled and its very ah human thing to say, well, you know, I know, but do you really do you really know? I don't know what I'm brushing, I don't know what my strokes looked like because I'm working in one percent two percent so I can see my each brush as I'm lightning years darkening areas, and what typically happens is even if I do see it, my brush stroke will change just based on my input first, my output is they go from going in, stroking out and and I like pressure, I like pressure when I'm drawing or writing, right? It makes things very beautiful, I like I can write my name is awesome, but is this the best thing for retouching? I don't think so. I think of retouching like surgery, each stroke has to be precise, and you must know how big each stroke is precisely even even if it's in increments because you don't want to go to a surgeon that has a scalpel that's going to keep changing sizes right that's kind of scary and again, like I mentioned, this is something that I use it doesn't mean that you you should not do this, I'm just showing you the benefits life thing, it's useful um secondly, when strokes build on each other you don't really know and the strokes can change within each drug so it changes the width and length of each stroke as you working sometimes and that's very inconsistent and again I mentioned retouching is a stack of multiple strokes on dh let's see so I honestly think pressure is great if you're drawing or painting and you want this painterly strokes, which is why pressures there is like when people take paintbrushes and paintings it's very hard to make it look extremely realistic sometimes because each stroke has a painterly quality that's that's translating each person's individual character to each stroke retouching is a hyper riel form of art it's not something we're trying make look artistic and so what happens is you want your strokes were precise and very even throughout that's why I changed my breast pressure toe off and I'll show you now a shift back space or shift delete fills my contents of black or andi I hit enter and get multiple ways to do that as well. So let's go back in going to go to my system preferences my tablet joints feel soft since we have our brush pressure off this tip field will not work on brush the regular brush in the clone it will only be africa will to things like cleaning brush, which doesn't have brush pressure um enabled because you can't just brush pressure on human brush so tip you're soft, my brush is going to be set to unchecked on shape dynamics same thing my clone brush. So now what happens every time I stroke, no matter how light or heavy my strokes are accurate and precise and I know what they are just because, um when you hit all delete, it feels from your foregone call, I believe um command invert goes to black this is me speaking aloud, excited to make you forget people are watching me so again, you know we set a new blank we're seconds too quick. Each stroke is accurate now, as I just I brush size, they can change just based on my breast side so I can go from area to area quickly and adjust on the fly. I don't have to guess and say, let me expand my brush and get it just right just kun don't mindlessly and get going I want to draw a straight line, but I don't want it to be one of the standard ninety forty five zero and so you can touch down and then you're gonna live and hit the shift button touchdown again, it'll draw a straight line, but I frequently find that you could still see the remnants of the first press down uh that's right you do and there's no trick that, you know I don't ok, thank you, but also I don't I also don't use that very often because I find a lot of work that I do is very non linear based and so I'm never working straight line, so that brings a good point like, you see, when I'm holding shifted when I hold, let me repeat this again so everyone at home can fall along when I have a blank clear now have my brush said to white, I'm going to click on the canvas here, a whole shift and then drag across, and so at the moment, everything looks pretty much in line. I think this happened because the second I turn off my brush pressure, everything was identical throughout each truck, and so I never had to have that I never had that problem happened previously, so I had think it has something to do with the flow and probably pressing holding momentarily, whether I flow like airbrush enable there's something like that. Yeah, I used to think I have that office will for theme for that reason because sometimes I don't want to build as I'm just holding down very much like um drawing because when you're trying what happens when you hold down, it doesn't build it only billed as you, so I kept those characteristics into the british upside and for this purpose it also help because it didn't have that effect when I was going across so again, if you're wondering how I did this line when you click on the canvas once you lift up your pen, go to another point before you hit the canvas again whole shift and click again and it'll make straight lines for you so in case you want to do a quick cut out or something allows you to do so fantastic now let me make sure I have what I wanted to show you before we go on to the next step do you guys have any questions? Anytime people love this segment there's so many people who just I didn't know that my god that's going to save me so much time this is amazing that s a photo yes just give me a way to save a whole lot of time eleven what you're doing that's a good point because when I started I think what happened wass I was kind of haphazard and I was like man, this program socks it takes forever just to get anywhere and do anything and I said happy easier way so I was just so hungry to find out what that easier way wass it just felt like it took forever to find it but when I found it also happy but it took a lot of years to find that formula of having efficiency and I learned that whenever I thought of the years, there wasn't any source of information that I could access that could tell me everything one go, which is also why I am here because I wanted to collect usually pack has the best stuff that I know in the time frame that I have demonstrate what I wish I could have learned when I started so just one thing that you didn't really touch on I don't think at all yesterday and not so far this morning newbie seventy three uh you're using a laptop right now? Yes do you want to talk about retouching on a laptop? Is that okay? Is that not ok? And he was specifically saying you have any thoughts on the macbook air versus the pro have fantastic question yeah let's talk about it so people are going to figure out this again, but at home I work on a pc on the road I saw those eyes don't judge don't judge okay at home, how are you? And neither would I work in a mac why no one has to know both systems I can be that person says mac, is better pieces better have to like all right, they're both awesome all right let's get out the way they both run for shop they both have you filed management systems that you can both operate very similarly you know, however, the differences the screen I don't care about offering system I don't care about anything else because I'm in for a show almost the time as long as I can save my file somewhere I know what that folder is I can transfer funds with each other totally fine, you know, the difference is my screen my screen's imperative we well, we talked about yesterday having a good screen now most pc screens by default very bad I mentioned yesterday we had tea and panel screens which don't reflect color very well they don't encompass most of colors that we see and pardon me for being very in layman terms about this because it's a very touchy topic and it can go very in depth but I want everyone to understand mean, principal point is that having a better screen is more important to your workflow than whatever our system you're using for myself bye system I don't mean systems specs I mean, you know, macro pc whatever windows um on the laptop side I have found no better screen the moment than the new macbook pros apple better give me a cut for this. Ah and I I do know what pieces have had few screens have been really good I think we'll there is why this back book pros quite expensive all the boxes because it has a really nice ipo's panel screen it covers a large amount of the dhobi rgb spectrum, which is what most report ipic operating at the moment now apple doesn't release how much of it it covers. I think third party tests have shown it does about rule on each percent and I compared compared this screen that I have at home, which is an n e c color critical lines screen and what that color could a color critical line screen is a mouthful by the way uh means is that it covers ninety nine percent of the dhobi rgb spectrum costs a grand or so however there was a knife, but when I compared this screen to screen I have at home, the only difference and aside from numbers is that sometimes you wouldn't see oversaturated reds on your screen or you may not see the extent of the of each color, for example, but you will still see a wide array of them and it's good enough for what I'm traveling. So, um screen wise, I think it is very important and that's the primary difference from what I believe I love it thank you for addressing that really appreciate it that's a great question kim treff is wondering, isn't it easier to create a custom retouch brush with the consistency attributes rather than make global settings changes? No because I think that the principles that are applied through the brush are applied every other tool which is then the reason why switch over however, if you're an artist that likes to use multiple brushes, then yes, they're to brush preset, for example, and then say, hey, we use this fresh for this setting, this pressure for this study and so forth, but because with my retouching workflow, my brush will stay about the same, and I never change it, even if he's a clone brush or regular brush, whatever it is I'm doing on thing that will change now, essentially my size, even my hardness is not going to change and you'll see why. But that is a good question, because if you're a type artist who likes to change brushes consistently, that's better to have a brush preset. Okay, now talking about something's opened up a little bit of a box, a couple coming in you might take him to just really quick light at the end of time testimony. Do you recommend matt screens or the regular glasses? Fantastic apple, I hope you listen to me now because now up retina displays don't have matt screens anymore. They have new finishes that say, less glare actually it's true, I actually put one side by side, so I didn't believe them I said, let me see what you're talking about they did have less clear, however you hate looking at my reflection holding so she right now and you look at yourself as you're working, not fun on and if you ever working outside or if you're in a coffee shop or wherever right, like a lot of people working coffee shops in the airport, I know I do you know I'm waiting for my next flight or something I employ a lot talk get a few things done aside from the regular people who are bypassed looking at me and judge me of what I do it's still, aside from that alone, the screen himself is a huge issue. I do recommend matt screens if you can, I have maybe it's not a theory, but any time have any interference of light in color with reflection on the screen, it interferes with how you perceive the image. You may not even see dust because it could be in the air that's being reflected on and so forth. What I do recommend it if you do have a glossy screen at home, use the hood, you can get hoods online, multiple sources. You know, I used to be really ghetto and custom cut when I have cardboard because I was too lazy to buy one uh, spend some money on it, so take our board and just, you know, it was a beautiful crazy it's like they say when you travel with the camera somewhere put duct tape on it and stuff make it look really over so no one steals your camera you got that from zacharias or something but he you out there uh this just made me think about like you're outside environment like you're lighting and stuff I know when you calibrate a monitor you you know wanna have the same lady you're going to be working in stuff is their preferred environment of all your fast friends of re toucher that have leg decided the best thing in your yeah in fact I think we're talking about this yesterday and we mentioned how you know in a perfect environment you should have neutral color lighting, you know, ninety, sixty five lighting and perfect indoor conditions where people would re touch in the dark you know, in the basics now is getting dog they're gonna hate me for saying that but ideally either you have good lighting inside which neutral it's not like, you know, um office lighting or warm lighting or candlelight or whatever you retouch romantically anything you laugh, but I see that happened people like return to the candles and stuff they're bizarre and with their cats and everything we're getting on another topic but yes either have good lighting or retouch where you have control of your lighting um I personally have neutral lighting but I can read touch in the dark I'll have a hood or atleast something where it's covering even though I have a mat screen so my screen is a twenty seven inch matte screen and because I have a hood or things that deflect like from coming in, I see no reflections or anything that's interviewing so definitely to preferences either work very didn't lighter in the dark or either have really nice intra lighting maybe like one more very quick when hopefully jen vasquez photography can you talk about screen size and screen resolution now with resolution? I don't think there's an optimal resolution it should be at least hd at least just because you have to define a today like ten adp essentially like nine twenty by ten I think I wish had grew with a fat check myself you're gonna be a fact checker from now on you guys in the back with your phones looking up this's the fun part body because you know everyone online talks like they know everything right then realize every googling stuff. Ah, but I'm funny enough I recently bought a projector I thought all projectors always ht ht my cable it turned out that the resolution was eight hundred by six hundred projector by plugging flower shop there isn't completely pixelated and it's funny because we still call standard definition on our tv screens things that air company outdated like when you when you used to hd and you go back to standard definition doesn't look so standard anywhere does it he's dating a sea should be called standard definition but screen size I think having a twenty seven inches something that recommended just because you, uh, space to play around you could open a panels like this and just put them somewhere else you know, um I do recommend even having dual screens so you have dual screens and your graphics card can support splitting it and you can have multiple inputs it's easy to really manage yourself because there are times when I'm watching creative life like right now like I have a feeling some people watching create light right now and they're watching it while they're working and because they don't have a dual screen they're flipping back and forth and they're going to make what did you say? I missed it for that alone you should get a real screen or at least a laptop like I know a few friends of mine they have one screen and then separate they have a laptop and so that they can do whatever it is on the side you know, send emails and do client work tax invoices and things like that and then work so they can multi task as well yeah screen and at least hd would be recommended and then a final one and just to be very quick pink portico screen brightness uh this's why calibration is more important than manual adjusting screen brightness because you're not at the mercy of guesswork with calibration it makes it easy for you I'm going to show you guys the extra product that you brought lube it later just doing what it looks like and stuff but the eye one very easy to use you there you plug it in and even your cat can operate it might go to lunch until you have to play around with your back book and then you will be back to perfect calibrate screen give you treats and stuff and any ways you can plug it in and when it tells you what to do, it tells you to put it over your screen it tells you what your brightness level should be one twenty over him to a very technical thing by default you can adjust it if your prince should be another level of brightness it adjust your screen you have to guess um so again dancer calibrate your screen on the mac I typically will if I don't have an option people lies in what years max greene brightness it'll be about three notches below the highest level essentially what this that's no reason except for it felt like it matched my straight home as well now lastly, aside from my brush pressure I want to also talk about my flow capacity, and we're going to end on this topic now, there's two types of people, those who don't know what it is and those who don't know how to use it. And then the third person gets a plus today is that if they know the difference and they know how to use it, so that being said, um, this may sound very elementary, but it's not because this is the dna of retouching for me. I consider this the blueprint of everything I'm going to do going forward, so pay attention very quick. I'm not repeating again, so with my brush, said white, I have my capacity at one hundred and flow at hundred, okay, this is my default. This is the default setting is not what I'm gonna use, but this long damn straight with first, what this means is that, um, whenever I take my brush and draw one straight line, it paints white immediately it's not transparent, and it doesn't build on each other because it is hundred percent white there's no transparency value on that brush, however let's say that my opacity is fifty so had five on mikey, that keypad, which adjust my pass ity or you can hover over a pass ity and slide it back and forth. Or you can use drop down menus and do whatever you like but I think the number keep has easiest five when I brush now what happens is it's fifty percent clear so now when I build on each other it builds gets two hundred percent in theory actually doesn't completely for some reason I don't know maybe in the coding adobe figured it out but aside from that it should directly build by the numbers now similarly, if I went down to twenty percent it would take much longer to build and stack as I go for it right? So that's rapacity however then was flow so saqib capacity a hundred and florida hundred and again this just means solid white line nothing special about it with my flow, what happens is I'm going to set it to say five percent close all had shift and the number if you hit shift and five it goes to fifty percent shift six goes to sixty percent you have to shift zero five because this started zero digit first and then the number okay, so a passive one hundred on floor five percent so it's going to happen now is as I draw the line it's very faint right and it looks like its flow but the main difference is that when I go when it goes over each other it builds without picking up my pen tablet opacity will not do that so if I have my capacity at, say, ten percent and flow at one hundred as I pushed my pen down without lifting it up I'm going to go back and forth and what happens is it does not build on each other it sticks to ten percent and the only way to build a city is yet to pick up your pen and activated or use the airbrush feature which is up top here. However, the setting that I like to use is a complete inverse and saw someone passing back two hundred and say flow at two percent okay but I'm going to do now is I'm going to hold my tablet down and I'm going to start brushing what's going to happen is going to become very smooth and gentle in a very gradual way I use white and black because it demonstrates the most contrast of an image and it allows his showcase the most control if you could do it on this and everything else feels like butter now when you go to one percent it's even slower because this building multiples each stroke is one percent so one, two, three, two, four, six you can see each percent doubles it's not necessarily that you know between one into it doubles between two and three doesn't double but it multiplies um so that being said, when I do it like this, what happens is it's very gradually very smooth and also giving the benefit of drink other way riken to each individual stroke and it still has the same value as a passivity where each drug can be the capacity as well so it's like the best of both worlds for me now you're asking yourself why don't you just use the other way round capacity instead of flow? Well that's basically simple if I have my flow said two hundred percent and my capacity said to say four percent what's gonna happen is every tough to build out to pick up my pen as you pick up your pen each time you have to replace it to the exact position you're less likely to do so each time make up your pen when you're building as you go back and forth it's much more precise secondly as I'm building and picking up my pen what happens is you may not see this so perfectly but it creates really disgusting effects and you won't see this unless you're on black or white the only way to circumvent this is if you work in sixteen sixteen of a bit however even in sixteen bit of terms and conditions still apply would become very difficult to actually control as your building that is why my control is always flow or passes and be set to one hundred percent all time that makes sense and I think that's really beneficial because as you notice right now um there's a lot of streaking going on with the image and sometimes clients want me to work in a bit so I don't have an option always sustained sixteen bit and so and you know, for the reason I mentioned earlier it just makes sense to stay with flo because if flo what happens I can get really beautiful transitions and I don't have to necessarily worry about building because the flow is so gentle I can see as the bills on each other and I can control the amount of pain that's being dispersed and it's extremely beautiful because then I can make beautiful transitions between shadows and highlights do you see this is where it all happens this is where it matters because if you don't have your settings right everything I assure you today would have been mute you're gonna meet point because you would have been able to fall on exactly and precisely you can see here I can easily fill my canvas and do it to the exact specification like it's actually very soothing thing to do paint when you can use a little light in a very low flow it's like you go for the eyes and the best part about it is if it's too slow you get adjusted accordingly I recommend that if you're using a mouse I'm just kidding unions mouse little side story I used tio start with ice are of the mouse in fact, I used the mouse for quite a while and the only reason I put away the mouse was because I was forced to I have bought a tablet I used it I put it away I hated it for the first time I used it which is a common story for many people they don't like using tablets and what I found was that a tablet is something that people are so different about either you buy a tablet and you just don't like it some people buy its habit and they pick it up right away I thought to myself what's the difference between these people so I started me being very inquisitive ask my mother she knows is when effort whenever asked his people they said that the people that didn't like using tabei so why don't you like you see, it just doesn't feel natural and they didn't want to give it a chance it's true because what happens is you have to coordinate your eyesight your hand that is something that either takes time to develop or can come teo immediately can I ask you guys how do you guys use tablets? Okay. And how long do you take for you guys get used to it oh my god, this is amazing you guys a line one of these like good um I recommend for the people who just can't get used to it give it more of a chance it took me a week to get used to it but it is it was worth it right? Like some people do that even in even athletes will change if their whole game just so that they can get that one percent better sometimes e think tiger woods that he's thought he cheese hole golf stroke is because you know it's catty gives some type of precognition or something like that and he came back and he was really bad for a while but he got apparently even better from his skull struck so it's definitely worth the time to invest in actually using a tablet um it will make a difference I think especially because you will be able to get the strokes that I do going for with a mouse there were a couple of people who are earlier when you were talking about setting it up. All right, I guess I have to pull out my tablets. Yeah, a lot of people do that by it they hear how great it is they try once and it just doesn't work. I do just get it for sure. I do recommend though that for the sake of following along even if you can follow with salad, do whatever it takes just learn the basic principles of this whole course that's more important yeah um yeah e I learned about the flow as a control mechanism from rene robin and that just completely changed my whole entire like retouching experience and how much it just gave me so much more control that wasn't like using my capacity in the layers it was all about what I was doing in the moment rather than but so pay attention way have a live testimonial today fantastic irony yeah so but yeah, I think that's pretty much all I had to cover for this segment divan any other questions from the audience? So when you're traveling with your laptop and you saying you editing in the airport and stuff so you do you pick things that you think it doesn't be are not affected by the lighting buddy airport like for example, for picking the small blemish is that you need or something like that it is a mundane stuff tha data on that section I don't do stuff like color tony or even dodging burning sometimes maybe even for big areas but I will do the mundane stuff in public places although they do have to caution you about these people approaching you judging you literally tell you your monster that I made a joke but I put his facebook status about this and people are tiny and two things happened either people would come to them and say you're the reason why society's messed up we're number two they got photography jobs from it like oh your photographer I need teo. You know, I need to have a cousin who's getting wedding. And so if you want a marketing tape, just started touching it, airports and you said.

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One of the biggest challenges a photographer faces is the amount of time spent on retouching images. Creating a beautiful high-end finished photo requires the right tools and techniques — but the process doesn’t need to dominate your workflow.

Join international retoucher Pratik Naik, owner of Solstice Retouch, as he shares his secrets for creating beautiful photos in less time. You will also learn the business and marketing side of retouching — everything from working with clients to creative branding opportunities.

During a live photo shoot, Pratik works with photographer Felix Kunze, demonstrating how photographers and retouchers can work together to craft a final product that exceeds the expectations of both parties. You’ll learn every single step of the retouching process by watching as Pratik turns Felix’s raw photos into high-quality images.

Whether you’re a photographer who wants to present high-end final images to your clients, or you want to break into the world of retouching, Pratik will provide you with the skills necessary to be the best at your craft.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2, Adobe Lightroom 5



Really wonderful course, thanks. May I suggest a fantastic idea for maybe those who purchase the course? It would be extremely useful to be provided with a summary of the content of each video segment, perhaps a 30-60 second video with written 'dot-point' sheet at the end of each segment, to be reviewed at a later time. It just takes too long to replay each video to get the important messages. The notes provided by Pratik were a step in the right direction but they need more detail of what was presented, including tips and tricks, in each segment. In this way, once having watched the entire course, you could go back and review the nitty-gritty aspects of each segment quickly and efficiently. These quick 'summary' clips could make up a separate 15 minute video, recapping in detail the hard-core content of the course, without interruptions from questions. This would be extremely useful and hopefully not take the presenter too long to film. I feel this would be a wonderful 'added value' aspect of buying the course, as it would not be available for for free viewing. It would certainly encourage me to buy more of the available courses. Keep up the great work at Creative Live! I have stopped my Kelby subscription and just watch you guys now!! Well done!! Peter Bourne Australia


Pratik has been a revelation and a revolution at the same time, even kinda a benediction because of its huge generosity to show us such an efficient and powerful workflow. His genial approach turns impossible things into possible. What amazed me most, was Pratik ability to see further the shot and take the best of it to reach the perfection. The original photo is still there, very recognizable, but through a precise and meaningful workflow, it becomes eye-catching, high quality, high impact. Pratik is a wonderful person, very genuine, high talented, with a sophisticated sense of the aesthetics and arts. This course changed drastically my way to look at photoshop and at the retouching techniques. Thank you!!

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I have been a retoucher since 1992 and a commercial photographer and I am amazed at the wealth of information Pratik is teaching us. Love his great sense of humor. Yes, retouching takes me way into the early part of the morning...up to 4 am. I've learned to listen to Books on DVD from the library which help my attitude much better. Several degrees behind me and I know I was meant to make a difference with portrait photography. NO ONE wants reality, especially at elder ages. So I continue to learn to retouch professionally and not use a quick retouch filter which renders a fake look. I may incorporate a light retouching filter, but I find I must always do some manual retouching first, in order to have the appearance look real. Which is the old first rule to retouching itself. In the film days, I use to make my own texture screens in order to create more beautiful faces. My photographer friends would ask for my help in using them, when they had blurred an important celebrity shot. The texture screen would help spread the dots and give the appearance of your digital noise now. The results were the image looked more focused Thank you Pratik Naik, for being so generous with your techniques. I am interested in how to price out retouching jobs, as I have been told I give my retouching away with my photography. Thanks,, Jeri Goodwin-Akari cherished moments photography in walla walla, WA