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The Art of Maternity Photography


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Bonus Video: Beyond the Belly

So today I showed you how to pose the mom, but in every session it's important to know that I encouraged that the dads come whenever possible and the children as well, the idea is not only get mom alone, but you want to get mom with the dad and it could not be the husband, it could be a partner, but to get mom with the partner and get the interaction between mom and the partner and then bring the child in, I'll do the child's with dad to get family it's really important, and then I'll have dad step away and I'll do child in mom and get the interaction between child and mom, and I'll do that in every clothing set so let's say you do two or three clothing sense in each set, I will either have dad change clothes or the child to change clothes and try to do the same thing, and then the idea between that the idea behind that you do behind that would be so that if you're selling books or canvasses or something, you can have the relationship between dad and the child. I have a whole collage i...

n a little story so many times, dad say that they don't want to be in the photo. The mom says the kids were napping or whatever and I really encourage them to bring everybody and especially if it's a toddler and I'm not one hundred percent sure that I can even get the title earned you're the belly we have a player in my studio for on location will bring little toys and I'll just say let's just get him here, it's just a short period of time it's a one photo opportunity during this pregnancy and if everyone could be there and let's, just try it and I'll tell them that the husband's just gonna be in the pictures for a couple of seconds and then the child's just gonna be in for a couple of seconds and we use cheerios and stickers and lollipops and all kind of sweet treats and we just I want to tell the child just come up and maybe give mommy a hug or give the belly a kiss, and even though the husbands don't want to do and the kids off and run out of the room, they're usually the best photos that they like. So whenever possible, I just say just just come and let's just see what we can do, so I try to keep an assistant on hand whenever possible I rarely will do a photo shoot with the child without an assistant, and so we have all kinds of tricks up our sleeves like we've hidden cheerios in the belly button before we even, then they go to get it, and they're touching the belly. We've put stickers on the belly before that we've retouched later, we do bubbles, accessory for family photos will bring a bubble in, have the child pop the bubble, then we'll pull back out, child smiling and happy. And we also have a very long, tickle monster. Very, very important. You've to be ableto will know how to work with children, and so I love children. I'm a mom, I know how to work with children, and I just do everything in my power to be silly and goofy and trying to get the mental picture. We're gonna maybe shoot a lot of pictures and just edit it down with the best ones, and this is anna brandt, and this was beyond the valley.

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Capturing the beauty of expectant motherhood is a delicate art. Learn how to delight your pregnant clients with luminous photographs in this 90-minute workshop with maternity photographer Ana Brandt. Ana will cover everything from lighting and posing basics to the intricacies of working with a fan and fabric in order to master the art of maternity photography


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Love the way through class is delivered. Great content.


Ana is amazing! Definitely would recommend this class especially for those who is entering in maternity photography