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Art School Rehab: Finding Success Without Selling Out

Lesson 16 of 26

Exercise: The Anti-Critique

Megan Auman

Art School Rehab: Finding Success Without Selling Out

Megan Auman

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16. Exercise: The Anti-Critique


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1 Class Introduction 02:48 2 Reprogram The Art School Mentality 05:35 3 Roadblock 1: Art School Makes You Feel Guily about Making Money 09:22 4 Exercise: Get Comfortable Charging More 18:41 5 Q&A: Pricing 13:42 6 Student Examples: Pricing 23:33 7 Roadblock 2: Art School Gives You the Luxury of Working Slowly 12:34 8 Exercise: Develop a Process for Getting Past Decision Paralysis 15:08

Lesson Info

Exercise: The Anti-Critique

even the word pretty good brings up fear. But this is an anti critique, so we're doing things a little bit differently. So I'm gonna set some ground rules for our anti critique, and I'm gonna make you guys do it. Um, So the first rule for the anti critique is that you're gonna focus on one piece of the time. We're not gonna talk about a whole body of work. We're just gonna talk about one thing, and we're gonna be a specific. It's possible. So we're gonna actually look for things that we like. Rule number three This is the big one. Positive Onley. So the whole point of this exercise that you were only allowed to say nice things about your own work and there cannot be any qualifying statements. So you cannot say I really love this, but I wish this part was better. Nope. Onley, positives. And here's where it gets even trickier. No outside help or opinions. Not at this stage. I'm gonna make you sit there and come up with things that you love about your work. Kayla's already looking for all...

right. And then roll number five is to record your responses I don't like this is a written exercise because then you're like sitting there thinking about it. So if you're doing this at home, our group here has the advantage of being recorded by lots and lots of video cameras. Not to make you nervous. If you're doing this at home, open up a recorder app on your smartphone or on your computer and just hit record and talk it out, and then you can go back to write them down later and then repeat. This process is often as necessary. So the first couple times you do it might feel really uncomfortable. But you want to keep doing this so that it gets really easy. And because I thought it was only fair, I decided I would go first. So this is one specific piece, and so I will talk about some of the things that I like about it. So I really love how I was able to create the sense of balance. Even though I was working with asymmetrical stones. I really love how the simple setting that I'm using pops against the white, but it actually really let's as much of the stone show through as possible, and one of the other things I love about it is that it's actually comfortable to wear. The balance of it is really great. So it sits on your neck and kind of sits on your collarbone and so you can wear and it feels really comfortable. And also I just like that The Stones were really, really pretty, right? So that's really the gist of what we're doing here is we're just looking for those positive.

Class Description

So you went to art school and still dream about sharing your creativity with the world – but making money has proven to be quite difficult. Craft expert Megan Auman is here to help. She'll help you shift your mindset and empower you with the necessary skills so you can make a living from selling your art – without feeling like you’re selling out. 

Megan is a designer, metalsmith, educator, and entrepreneur who has built a multi-faceted business. Her designs have been featured in Design Sponge, Better Homes and Gardens, Cooking Light, and more.

In this class, she will teach you: 
  • How to talk about your work in a way that makes customers care enough to buy it
  • Tips for turning your conceptual art into a sellable product 
  • How to shift your vocabulary from academic to accessible 
  • How to remain true to your original creative voice while creating something that is viable
Watch and learn from Megan, who has successfully helped hundreds of students turn their creative passion into a full-time business. 



This class was so good - it's not just for people who went to art school, but anyone who has (or wants to have) a creative-based business. Megan's lessons break down the overwhelmingness of roadblocks and gives you tangible tools to get past them, shift your mindset, and shows you how to focus. There were so many elements to this class that were helpful, but overall I think if you feel like you're stuck, you overanalyze every decision, and feel like you want to move forward but don't know how, this class is for you. Thanks Megan, for helping me work on a plan to move me past my hurdles.

Kiki B

What a great class! Megan has helped me to really understand what my business goals are and how to achieve them, and has given me heaps of confidence to boot. This is going to be a great year for my creative business!

Kim S. Joy

I have owned this class for awhile and just decided to start it.... well I should have watched/taken this class years ago! I did not go to art school but follow that mindset. This was amazing. So much to learn and unlearn. The pricing and raising your prices what just what I needed. Thank you Megan for another wonderful class.