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Reprogram The Art School Mentality

Lesson 2 from: Art School Rehab: Finding Success Without Selling Out

Megan Auman

Reprogram The Art School Mentality

Lesson 2 from: Art School Rehab: Finding Success Without Selling Out

Megan Auman

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2. Reprogram The Art School Mentality


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Class Introduction


Reprogram The Art School Mentality


Roadblock 1: Art School Makes You Feel Guily about Making Money


Exercise: Get Comfortable Charging More


Q&A: Pricing


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Roadblock 2: Art School Gives You the Luxury of Working Slowly


Exercise: Develop a Process for Getting Past Decision Paralysis


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Reprogram The Art School Mentality

so I identified six major roadblocks and if you didn't go to art school, you can just substitute the culture of art and it will still apply the same. So these roadblocks are first. That art school makes you feel guilty about making money. And guess what? If you feel guilty about making money, it is really hard to make money, right? The 2nd 1 is that art school gives you the luxury of working slowly. And you might not even realize this one year in art school, cause I know when I was in art school, I felt really stressed out all the time like I have all these deadlines. And now I look back and I laugh at like how little I got done and how stressed I waas compared to what I have to get done now. So then the third roadblock is that art school discourages you from reacting to the marketplace. This sort of a twist on Roadblock one, right? Is this idea that, like if you react to the marketplace, you're selling out money corrupts art. All of that good stuff. So then the fourth roadblock and th...

is is the one that for me was really the biggest hurdle to get over. And I think this is one that really holds a lot of people back, and they don't even realize it is that art school develops criticism, not confidence So the hallmark of art school. If the critique right, you go in, you present your work. You might get a couple compliments, but usually you get told why. It's terrible and you hear that every day in all the time. But then you go out into the marketplace and you have to talk about your work like it is the best thing in the world. That's how you sell. So this is a huge roadblock, and we're gonna spend a lot of a time addressing that because it's a really important one. The Fifth Roadblock. And this is definitely not specific to art school. I think it's something that's just really natural for artists. That art school teaches you how to talk to your peers and not your customers. I get it. I'm a maker. I'm an artist. Talking about process is really fun, right? We all geek out over the processes, the tools the materials and art school encourages you to do that what it doesn't do is teach you how to talk to your customers in a way that they understand how your art, how your products fit into their lives. So we're gonna address that and the last roadblock. And I do not blame art school for this in the least. But for the most part it's true. Art school does not teach you how to run a business now. It's not our school's fault. It's not their job, but it's my job. So we're gonna work on that today as well. So what are you going to learn in this class today? So really, the goal of this class is to re program the art school mindset to set your business up for success. So we're really focusing on that Because and I know from experience that if you don't have this mindset right, even if your business is going well, at some point you're gonna run headlong into one of these roadblocks, and it could derail you. So we want to really shift this mindset, and I know that you've got some practical questions to I know that one year either coming out of art school or you're trying to make the next step of your business. You might have some really, really practical questions, and we can talk about some of those if need be and when you talk about where they make sense. But here's the thing. None of these practical concerns matter if you don't start with the right mindset. And so we're going to do some things today that are really going to set your business up for success moving forward. So by the end of this class, you will. We're gonna get a lot done here in one day so you will face the starving artist Smith and get comfortable charging what your work is worth. If you're not totally comfortable, we're at least gonna put you on the right path, right? I know that's a challenging one for people. You're going to learn to create work decisively so you can finish more art. Making more art means you have more to sell, which means you make more money really simple. There were going to identify ways to create work that the marketplace wants, and we're gonna do it without feeling like you're selling out. There's a reason that most people think that reacting to the marketplaces selling out. It's because you're reacting to the marketplace in the wrong way. I'm sure you guys the right way to react to the marketplace. Then you're going to develop the ability to speak and write about your art with confidence, right? That's really key, and you're gonna learn how to talk about your in a way that makes customers want to buy it. That makes them say, I need that in my life. Here's my credit card. That's really the goal, right? And that's the goal so that you could make more work and you're gonna learn how to think about your business as a business. And we're going to figure out what skills are missing so that you can learn them. Because guess what? Business is a learn herbal skill, and it's actually I shouldn't say this. It's actually not a hard skill. I feel like everyone's like I've been watching all your classes all this time, Meghan, if you're telling me it's not hard, it's not hard. It's just overwhelming. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna look at what it is that you need to learn so that you can focus on getting the right information for your business without feeling like you have to learn everything

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This class was so good - it's not just for people who went to art school, but anyone who has (or wants to have) a creative-based business. Megan's lessons break down the overwhelmingness of roadblocks and gives you tangible tools to get past them, shift your mindset, and shows you how to focus. There were so many elements to this class that were helpful, but overall I think if you feel like you're stuck, you overanalyze every decision, and feel like you want to move forward but don't know how, this class is for you. Thanks Megan, for helping me work on a plan to move me past my hurdles.

Kiki B

What a great class! Megan has helped me to really understand what my business goals are and how to achieve them, and has given me heaps of confidence to boot. This is going to be a great year for my creative business!

Kim S. Joy

I have owned this class for awhile and just decided to start it.... well I should have watched/taken this class years ago! I did not go to art school but follow that mindset. This was amazing. So much to learn and unlearn. The pricing and raising your prices what just what I needed. Thank you Megan for another wonderful class.

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