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Craft Show: Sasha Cagen

Well, welcome back what I love about this live format here is that you can start to understand how so many of the strategies and tactics that we apply or that were applied to online marketing and online sales also apply to the live format as well interacting with customers face to face is really difficult for a lot of people but if you kind of ground into those prompts the question that customer's perspective that I was talking that I've been talking about for the last few days you can create really natural customer conversations that allow you to talk about your work talk about your passion and talk about the value that you're delivering to customers with a lot of e's and so that's what we're going to do here today we're going to see some real life customer interaction we're going to get to talk to the artist even more you're going to get to see even more of their work and so we're going to start off with sasha kegan and sasha is an author a coach you've got to see her a little bit so...

far already and you know this is not a probably a very natural setting for you here in an indie craft show but it's extremely applicable to the work that you do on a regular basis you're out you're speaking, you're doing workshops you are involved with, you know, in live settings all the time so instead of an indie craft show for you, it might be a book signing table, it might be that book table after you speak a lot of times authors or selling books on the fly as soon as they get off the stage, and every single one of those issues that crafters and makers and artists have in the craft show booth are probably issues you've run into in the past again. So I'd love to start off by just getting you to talk a little bit about some of the questions that we asked this morning, some of those prompts that gets you start thinking from that customer's perspective, and then we'll see what it's really like to work with a customer in this set it so I'd love to know specifically about your book, quirkyalone, because I think that's what we you talked about the most, and I think it's really resonating with people out there in internet land as well, what does this book mean? Teo? You? Mmm. Well, for me, it's a gift that I gave the world, basically where it's something I had personally been obsessed with for a long time that I had felt like there was something wrong with me because I hadn't always been in a relationship in my life and, you know, from junior high on and there was a certain time in my life when I saw that reflected back and pop culture and advertising, and I put everything together and created this manifesto that really puts a positive spin on being single and people who enjoy being single want to be in a relationship, but it really has to be a great one. Awesome, great. Can you tell me about a story, perhaps that that a reader has sent you back based on their experience with working through the book and understanding themselves this turkey alone? So it has a lot of learning about corky alone has a lot of benefits that you wouldn't expect so basically it's about freedom and confidence and self respect so it's for people to really enjoy themselves. And one story that always really touched me was a di it's not only for women but it's for men to who had never danced in his life and has been very constrained. And then he found himself at a wedding dancing alone all night barefoot, and he just felt such a sense of personal freedom from the self respect that he got from reading my book fantastic and what air? Just tell us about some of the other products that you've got here and tell me what val personal values core values thes products represent to you. So to do list it's also about quirkiness but it's not obvious at first because it's a study of handwritten and to do lift and the stories behind them and I'm a big proponent of individuality and quirkiness so each list instead of following a system like getting things done it's like look into a person's hopes and dreams in their unique way of making that happen in their life and that's the value that I really bring forward in my classes that are about celebrating the quirky and you are about corky alone is that we all have our own way and when we get more comfortable with that and learn howto lovett that's when things really open up for us that's what I do in my classes and in my coaching fantastic um tell me what um kind of what kind of community has built up around the working alone brandon what direction do you see that going in the future so it's really a word where you can connect with other people and say, oh, I'm quirkyalone I'm quirky together I'm a quirky slut I mean, you know, I like wherever you are on the spectrum there's a place for you and there have been internet communities people have actually become friends all around the world that even traveled to meet each other and now I'm gonna I'm doing these online classes where basically if you're looking from our stimulating conversation and so I sort of understand yourself and others in a deeper way than the other corky people, and I'm thinking about creating a quirky, alone and quirky movie and discussion notebook discussion group monthly fantastic on dino. So this is kind of an unusual idea, I think teo especially, you know, in a world where we see very have set images of what it means to be in a relationship, what it means to be a man, a woman gaze straight, and I think quirkyalone is almost set up in opposition to a lot of those things. What do you see? Quirky, quirky, alone of being in opposition? Tio what? What conversations are there out there? That quirkyalone is almost an answer? Teo so there's, the anti korcula movement and the poor get lonely, and I talked about it in the book. Actually. So basically the anti quirkyalone movement, or all those books and movies that make you feel bad and make you feel like you have an expiration date like that. There's something wrong with you? If you've gotten to thirty, forty, fifty and having achieved certain milestones, and that could be marriage, or that could be having children, and that could be home ownership, but really it's it's a celebration of doing it your own way, and there are married corky alone's, there are conventional looking, quirky alone's but it's really respect for everyone. Fantastic. S o if you know where the customer was coming up to you if someone was coming up to your book signing table, maybe or, you know, maybe your book table after you were speaking and they weren't ready to buy the book today. What would still be the one takeaway you would give them from from your talk from a from interaction with you. What do you want people to really walk away from? In terms of the overall message of quirkyalone, you need to join my mailing list right now. What would I get if I don't? Really, um, soon if you join my mailing list, you're going to get recommendations for inspiration of books and movies. And then every week you're going to get a tip or a story to inspire you of howto walk the quirky path in your own life and feel good. Fantastic. Where do we want to go from here? Thanks. Next student. Fantastic. Thank you so much. Session again. Tell us where we can find you online. You can find me at king and not yes, very nice. Thanks, sasha.

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